Kiss "Boring Guitar Practice" Goodbye...

Forget Hungover Bandmates Just Push The "Play" Button Have Fun, Play Smokin' Blues Solos Instantly!

Let's call a spade a spade: practicing by yourself is as much fun as counting how many cars drove by. IT SUCKS!

The ultimate FUN vibe is to jam out with other musicians. That's what it's all about.

And let's be straight up about those realities -- getting a group of dudes together to jam isn't that easy. You have to find a space (often pay for it), co-ordinate everybody's schedule and then you hope that everyone shows up.

And the truth is, a lot of guys roll into the jam room hungover from a party binge and their timing is as "on" as a drunk monkey. NOT GOOD.


So that's why I personally LOVE to practice with jam tracks. Jam tracks are FUN. They're a blast and they are the ultimate "practice boredom killer".

And I think you'll feel the same way. Fresh out of the recording studio is an amazing batch of hot tracks that will make you feel like you're playing on stage with a bunch of seasoned blues pros.

Just Push Play and You'll Enjoy
The Tightest Backup Band Ever.

This isn't a bunch of random crap. It's all TOP QUALITY BLUES TRACKS. Here's a quick rundown of just some of the killer blues guitar jams you'll be getting.

An old school blues in A major with some sweet church-organ comping. This track also features an interesting harmonized break section.

A funky guitar driven blues in E. This one has a shuffle rhythm but uses block chords.

A deep, soulful minor blues in C with a straightforward 4/4 feel.

One of my favorites - a funky uptown power trio blues in A with some killer drum beats.

The "rainy day" major blues in B with a cool vibe, and a Hammond sounding rhythm guitar.

This one sounds similar to "crossroads" as played by Cream. You'll be wailing hard in the key of A.

A fast, funky blues that makes everyone want to get up and boogie. It's in Ab.

Classic shuffle blues in Bb. This one's perfect for beginners.

A slow driving type rhythm with some classic "Thrill is Gone" blues chords. (In Bb minor)

James Brown would approve this funk blues in A.

This one is an A minor blues with a 4/4 rock feel. The rhythm guitar and bass play a crunchy riff that outlines the chords. Think Albert King.

This one is a B minor blues with a 6/8 funky/rock feel. There's a neat rhythm guitar with wah that should get you into the vibe.

A hard rock kinda vibe in E, outlining a blues progression. It's just asking for some hi-gain shredding on top of it!

Another favorite of mine: A lively track with killer drumming that you'll want to wail over all day long. It's in A.

A Gary Moore inspired ballad blues in A minor with in 6/8 time.

A killer Chuck Berry style blues that begs for your screaming, wailing guitar licks.

This one is an E minor blues with a shuffle rock feel. Any classic rock hipster would approve.

A standard blues progression, medium tempo Bb blues, with a sorta disco groove to it.

A shuffle rock/blues in A, inspired by ZZ Top. Rock on!

Here's a Stevie Ray Vaughan type blues in 4/4. Nuff said.

A 4/4 Blues in Ab inspired by Johnny Winter, one of the all time Texas blues greats.

Time to slow it down with a 12/8 major blues ballad. You'll get tons of variety in this package!

This blues in Eb has vintage rock feel rock feel you'll dig.

Another classic 4/4 shuffle rock/blues progression you might recognize.

Many blues players often have tunes like this one in their repertoire. It�s a cool track to play over and develop a solo from quiet to full gain.

Next, we have a 4/4 straight forward rock groove. The guitar and bass riff outlines a common blues progression.

A straight 4/4 forward rock groove in Bb that's a common style among some blues players.

This one is an A minor chord vamp with a straight rock feel.

A blues shuffle in G that features a vibing Hammond organ, electric bass and drums.

This one is a straight 4/4 rock vibe. Cool for blending in some high gain sounds in there.

But hold up, that's not all you get. Each of these unique tracks was also re-recorded (with live instruments mind you) in a different key, tempo, and vibe... so you have twice as many tracks to choose from.

So You're Getting 60 Killer Blues Tracks
That You Can Jam Over Anytime You Want!

These are some of the baddest, coolest jam tracks anywhere.

Literally thousands of dollars and countless hours were spent creating this awesome collection of tracks, just for your jamming pleasure. However, thanks to the 'net, I can offer them to many guitarists and slash your investment to a rock bottom completely affordable price.

I can't think of a single reason why you shouldn't be enjoying these killer tracks right now!


All You Have To Do Is
Push The Play Button
And You'll Instantly Rock
Like a Smokin' Blues Legend

These tracks were painstakingly created for maximum variety and fun, while staying within the blues genre. Once again, there's 60 total Blues Guitar Jams for you to enjoy over and over.

So listen, I'm going to make this a no-brainer decision for you:

My Promise and Guarantee

If for some strange reason, you're not completely satisfied with your new collection of blues guitar jam tracks, I INSIST you ask for a quick no-hassle refund within 365 days. Seriously... If these blues tracks aren't helping your guitar practicing, or if you're not loving them, then I don't want your money. It's that simple.

Order now and get ready to take your blues guitar enjoyment to the next dimension.

Just click on the link below which will take you to the "order page". Then just choose which blues package is best for you, fill out your details, and within minutes you'll have a rockin new collection of some of the coolest blues guitar jams packages you'll ever find.

You won't be dissapointed. And with my 365-day no hassle guarantee, you can't lose. So, get these amazing blues tracks now while the deal is hot.

Keep on Jammin',

Claude Johnson