Dear Guitarist,

  • Would you like to be able to pick up your guitar and automatically play whatever you feel without even thinking about it?
  • Are you ready for your NEXT BIG BREAKTHROUGH on the guitar?
  • Are you sick and tired of overcomplicated theories, boring guitar drills and soulless solos?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then you're gonna love what I'm about to share with you.

I'm super excited to share my latest,
greatest guitar secrets with you.

Let's Take A Wild Ride In
My Time Machine.

If you had a time-machine and set the dial back to, oh .. say'd see me as a college freshman, having only played guitar for about a year. One fine evening, I asked another kid in my dorm hall if he wanted to jam.

His fingers were "fluent" on the guitar.

This other dude happened to be playing a lot longer than me (by about 5 years). His fingers just seemed to be on auto-pilot and they knew what to do without much effort.

It really made an impact on me because even though he seemed to be playing with a lot less effort and intention that I was, he was still way better.

It's been my goal and dream to play with total fluency ever since this life-changing moment.

Now fast-forward 20 years. I had gotten pretty good on the guitar, played in bands, recorded in studios, and taught hundreds of thousands of students... I kept improving, but then I found myself stuck in a rut.

I Hit The Wall.

Ready for the next big batch
of killer guitar lessons?

Maybe you've experienced a "guitar rut" or two yourself. Heck, I'm pretty sure we've all had them from time to time.

So if you're feeling stuck, bored, uninspired, jaded, not getting better (even though you've been practicing), or just not improving as fast as you want -- don't worry. It's not your fault.

Getting stuck is actually part of the growing process. However, how fast you can get un-stuck depends on putting the right new knowledge into your brain. Let me give you that knowledge right now...

I Got Sick And Tired Of "Mindless Chop-Building".

You see, having conquered the first mountain of learning to play with feel, I then thought to myself: "Claude, now all you have to do is get faster and you'll be awesome".

Well, it didn't exactly turn out that way. Yes, I got a lot faster, however...

"I Thought That Playing
300 Beats Per Minute Was
The Answer To All My Problems".

Unfortunately, when I tried to play fast in the middle of a solo, it just sounded like I was reverting back to an exercise... because I was. I was actually starting to "lose my soul" guitar playing-wise. (Don't worry I didn't make any deals with the Devil).

Eventually I discovered that even when I wanted to play something "fast", it had to be comfortable. It had to have soul and fall under the fingers naturally, or else it wasn't of much value. The bottom line is:

It Doesn't Have To Be Hard To Play
To Sound Great.

I realized that even if you want to shred, it's NOT about how fast you can play. I speak from my own experience, having drilled myself up to some pretty crazy tempos: Speed is just one aspect, one ingredient, one dimension of killer playing.

In fact, you can play some incredibly advanced and musical leads at a tempo of just 120-140 bpm... and actually sound faster and more impressive than playing some crazy lick twice as fast.

So it's really not about speed as much as it's about your fingers' ability to "speak the language of the fretboard".

Building chops takes work. But here's the good news:

Believe it or not, playing better
isn't just about building chops.

Getting Better On The Guitar Isn't
Necessarily About Building Chops.
It's About Using The Chops You Already Have.

Don't get me wrong compadre -- I'm not saying that chops are bad, or you shouldn't practice scales. All that stuff can help you. However, that route can take a long time... It can be quite boring, and frankly, I've heard a lot of guitar players with "chops" that sound awful.

And here's the kicker: Most guitarists don't know how to really use the chops they already have.

Ahh... the beauty of music.

For example, I would find myself playing some really kick-ass solo, but then second-guessing myself because it almost seemed too easy. I thought "Am I cheating?"

And then I realized: "Maybe this simple way is what I've been searching for." Yes, it doesn't have to be brutally demanding on your fingers to sound good! You know what I mean, jellybean?

In Supercharged Soloing Made Simple, I'll share with you the freshest shortcuts I've found to help you unlock your own hidden guitar powers.

Maybe You're Thinking
"Why Should I Listen To You?
Where's The Proof Punk?"

Believe it or not, I'm actually one of the best selling guitar teachers of all time in terms of gross sales and units sold. I can barely believe that myself, but the numbers don't lie – I've helped hundreds of thousands of people learn to be a better guitarist. The other thing too, is that my progress has been documented online. You can look at my videos over time and see massive improvements.

Now, I'm not saying I'm the greatest guitarist in the world. However even legends like Greg Howe recently told me: "You're already advanced and playing with a lot of speed and skill."

Fluency Is The Key To Your Guitar Dreams.

I've been obsessed since 1990 to achieve "guitar fluency" and I've finally figured it out. And I want to give you the shortcuts to the kingdom in 3 magical Guitar Courses.

This course is going to put your fingers on auto pilot and empower you to play cool licks without even thinking about it.

We're talking about "effortless killer chops." Your fingers will automatically know where to go to create great sounding leads, riffs and licks... so you can pick up the guitar and play automatically.

And the best part is that I've created a complete SYSTEM for you that's really EASY TO USE.

Learn To Speak Fluent Guitar
In 3 Fun Hours.

When you're fluent in a language, you don't have to think about it. You can just speak it naturally. You might already know the basic "survival language" for lead guitar. Kind of like being in a foreign country and being able to say "Two beers, please." :)

But if you want to have a more meaningful conversation with other musicians, rock the crowds and burn up the songs... then you need to take your fluency to the next level and that's what this is all about.

I created Super Charged Soloing Made Simple because I want to share with you my greatest integrations and revelations EVER.

I guarantee this system will elevate your lead guitar playing to the next dimension. And I want to give you the same thing that I was looking for, which is the ability to play awesome solos with great melody and feel, PLUS flair, excitement, and flash. The best of all worlds.

Yep, you'll learn a whole new approach to playing guitar and you'll take your mastery up several notches just by watching this entertaining video series.

Wailing on the guitar should be
fun, natural, and effortless.

Here's some of the cool new stuff you're about to learn:

In Less Than 4 Minutes, I'll Give You
The Knowledge And Confidence To
Break Down The Fretboard
Into Easy-To-Eat, Bite-Sized Pieces.

  • How to master the entire fretboard...This is how masters like Satriani dominate the neck. 08:00
  • A new vibrato secret I stole from Kenny Wayne Shepherd...who stole it from Stevie Ray Vaughan... People told me my vibrato was good before, but this wicked technique took it to a whole new level. 11:22
  • Overhaul your chops in 5 minutes with a whole slew of killer techniques including: tap-harmonics, exotic bends, harmonics squeals and more.

You're about to discover
new possibilities on the guitar.
  • Discover the easiest way to create simple powerful melodies. You might be surprised that the important note in any phrase is the note that _________.
  • Dive deep into the musical rabbit hole with the "finger exploration method" to create endless possibilities, combinations, and melodies. 17:26
  • Instantly morph the feel of your solos by "changing the gear". It's a really simple technique that every top pro loves to use. 18:11

Speak Guitar Like A Legend In Record Time.

  • How to use temporary tonal centers to tie different licks together and create flowing fluency. 19:30
  • How to create POWERFUL MELODIC's a critical concept that you can fuse with slow, soulful melodies for the ultimate lead guitar sound. Every great lead guitarist has used this concept. This is the essence of super-charged soloing...

Play from the heart without thinking -- I'll show you how to embellish your own ideas and create sweet sounds in your own style...

  • You're gonna love the "cool 5 descents" -- its a 5 note pattern that sounds absolutely amazing (think Eric Johnson) yet its super simple to do. 30:14
  • BIG SECRET ALERT: The key is to use these neat little box shapes that sound epic... Best of all it's brain-dead simple. However it makes you sound like a genius when you speed it up a little. 33:28
  • The "new sweep" is an unusual way to combine a sweeping pattern with the friendly old pentatonic scale... This gives you a wild, fresh new sound. Don't be fooled by the word "sweep" -- this one is incredibly EASY. 35:10

Want To Be A Guitar Wizard?

  • OH YEAH... The "double pivot" is one of my favorite Clapton-inspired flashy licks that sounds totally boss. Use it to create bounties of amazing leads. 37:46
  • Clapton meets Vai? Check out this powerful shifting lick that combines Clapton's classic blues feel with one of Steve Vai's trademark moves. This is the kind of stuff that blows minds. 39:49
  • Discover one of my favorite licks... I'm kind of shocked I haven't heard more players use this because it sounds bluesy and shreddy at the time. You'll go bonkers for it. Pay attention at 42:04.
  • Are you bored on the guitar? Then you need to infuse the "bouncy rhythm" in your riffs and licks. 47:21
  • AC/DC would be proud and delighted with these incredibly thick, crunchy, double stops... 48:30
  • Start to shred instantly with simple 3-note-per-string patterns. The key to sounding good is in the timing -- Let me show you what I mean. 50:23
Slip into the eye of your mind.
You might find a better place to play.
  • Can you really shred without spending years developing chops? This is one of the keys to supercharging your soloing: playing fast, impressive sh*t thats actually easy. 53:20

Call the Cops!

Cause I just shamelessly stole a killer lick from Hendrix, but it sounds too amazing not to give you the loot.

  • Hendrix meets Chicken Picken? Oh yes... it's another wild move revealed at 56:39.
  • "Tap the home base" -- this lets you play AROUND your root position instead of inside of it, with some well placed finger tapping, combined with tasty vibrato. 58:40
  • Want to create something strange, beautiful, and unusual? Then watch this next lick: 1:02:44
  • "Magic Motiff" is one of those licks that makes you marvel at the beauty of the possibilities. This alone is worth the price of this package. 1:04:20
  • Discover "the asymmetrical method" -- if you ever play in the studio, pull this one out of your bag cause it really sounds "zamner" over a backing track... you'll be hitting sweet notes all over the place. 1:06:12

And that's just the first course...

We really start smoking hard and heavy on course 2.

I'll show you how to take flashy licks
and make them a natural part of your style.
  • The "wide interval alien" lets you create some out-of-this-world sounds...You'll be discovering brand new vibes that will revive your passion for the guitar. 3:34
  • Another fancy, flashy blues lick that you can easily incorporate into your solos instantly. 08:29

I'm empowering you on multiple levels: Some of these lessons are going to give you fresh melodic ideas, some will give you new ways to see the fretboard, and some of these powerful principles help you unlock your own brand of lead guitar magic.

For example:

  • The "Lots-o-slides" lick that gets you moving all over the fretboard like a hotshot pro from Nashville...9:45
  • How to use modern tapping to extend proven patterns into new shapes and sounds. Create epicness easily. 11:01

Can You Ever Have
Too Many Kick-Ass Blues Licks?

  • I don't think so. Throw another beautiful gem in your guitar bag at 12:44
  • 2 note mind-melting MADNESS... Watch as I show you how to create killer textures and melodies from even the simplest ideas, using 3 or sometimes even just 2 notes! 14:49
  • RRRRAAAAARRRR... The "Dinosaur baseline" is another interesting pattern that makes your sound large and in charge. 16:20
  • Learn a ripping lick inspired by the masters that you can own in 5 minutes flat and create some supercharged sonic beauty. 18:12
  • Combine these 2 monster techniques to create a pattern that will impress even the most snobbish critic of guitar technique. 22:30
  • Discover a series of new incredible exercises to download fretboard sounds into your hands...Your fingers have no choice but to improve after you practice this way. 25:51
  • Master the fretboard FAST with the "wandering" method that connects the patterns so your brain sees the entire neck together. 28:49
Yeah baby, yeah!! Life's a party
when you're rocking out on the guitar.

Try This Mindblowing Exercise That
Gives "Matrix Level Mastery".

You'll know where all the notes are in relationship to the root. This takes your fretboard familiarity beyond the beyond, so you can totally let go of thinking about anything when you're killing it on stage.

  • Beautiful, steady streams of notes will flow from your amp when you use the powerfully effective "sonic pivoting" technique to create melodic delight. 33:37
  • Invoke classic sounds a la Steve Miller band and Lynyrd Skynyrd with these fun, easy-to-play riffs. 36:19
  • Want even more exotic musical combos? Take these babies for a test-drive: "reverse + regular pivot", or the reversal double-barre pivot... These really give your playing an interesting new feel. 40:15

Master The Guitar To New Heights As You Learn
THe Core Principles Of "Supercharged Soloing".

Add a fresh burst of color to your
playing with these new licks & tricks.
  • Move all over the neck like fireworks once you learn the art of the position shift. This flurry of powerful exercises will boost your "shifting" powers dramatically. 44:56
  • Can you be in two places in one time? Yes you can. Discover the cutting edge principle of sonic bilocation. Watch 51:24.
  • Make crowds go NUTS with my brand new "call and response" exercise that you've never heard before. 53:31
  • Cascading unison slides... another kick-butt trick that delights the ears. 55:02
  • 1-string noodling... might seem stupid-simple but i'll show you how to make it sound sweet and sexy. Plus it automatically increases your fretboard knowledge. 56:08

Become A Monster Guitarist
From Rhythm To Lead.

The best lead players (my favorites are Hendrix and SRV) are also incredible rhythm players. That was a big part of their secret sauce. Infuse your leads with rock solid pulsing rhythm...

  • The "heartbreaker exercise" is a fun, easy way to practice lead and it will help give you an awesome rhythmic edge. 59:18
  • The straight-8 exercise is another chop-building romp that makes you better -- FAST. 1:01:33

Believe it or not -- these smokin' guitar lessons keep on coming on course 3.

  • How to "take control of the beat" and spin up your own licks. 6:40
  • "Modern patterns" vs. "Classic patterns"? What's the best? Learn them both for synergistic mastery over your fretboard. 13:16

Claim The Magic Compass
That Never Fails.

  • You'll never get lost on the neck again. In fact, you'll know it backwards and forwards, inside out and even in your sleep. 16:30
  • Combine ordinary pentatonic licks with 3-note-per-string pyrotechnics. I'll show you 4 or 5 ways you can do it smoothly and naturally, so you can really expand your style with ease. 21:27
  • Want to play lightning fast licks? I'll teach you the patterns snail-pace slow so you can learn them in no time. 24:49
Get ready for a major upgrade
with your guitar skills and fluency.
  • Develop a new kind of fluency and what I call "finger mastery" as you learn to fly all over the neck, playing different shapes and using all your fingers to play wild patterns. The most fun part is learning to do your own "research" and finding how all these things connect. Watch 28:39
  • The paradox of playing patterns backwards. You can invent all kinds of unique licks but you must understand backwards vs. mirror image licks or you'll end up hitting your head against the wall in confusion. 33:50
  • Freak yourself out by discovering things you never knew even existed on the neck. This is great if you want to burn some incense and stay up late at night experimenting. 48:45

This is course is definitely going to improve your guitar playing. At the very minimum, you'll learn a new batch of plug-and-play licks that you can use immediately to add to your style. But even beyond that...

You're Getting A Whole New
Paradigm For Lead Guitar Playing.

Express yourself and
make your guitar scream.

I know that's a bold statement, but you really are going to get a whole new system and a new way to approach guitar playing. You'll discover new ways to practice. You'll bust out of any rut you might be in...

You'll have an absolute blast discovering new things and learning a whole bunch of fresh techniques that you can apply to your playing right now.

And by the time you go through this course, you're going to understand the guitar better, you'll possess a new-found ability to express yourself...and most importantly, you'll be able to pick up a guitar any time you want and play some killer riffs, licks and leads.

How Long Does It Take To Learn This Stuff?

You can start improving your playing from the very first day you get the Supercharged Soloing Made Simple Guitar Courses.

I don't consider this a "chop building" course. I don't want you to think there's going to be a lot of drilling or boring practice routines. And I definitely don't want you to get bogged down for weeks, months, or even years trying to brainwash your fingers.

What I teach is designed to be practical, and its stuff you can learn quickly and incorporate into your own style immediately. The last thing you want to do is practice for years and still not be able to play anything cool.

Forget Guitar Frustration.

I know what its like to be frustrated on the guitar. I've started new practice routines and was all excited in the beginning, but then after a short time, I would hit another wall. I seemed to end up back in the same place, never really breaking through to where I wanted to be.

That's why I wanted to create this course for you -- so that I can show you how I overcame the "lead guitarists" frustration and how you can too with these powerful ideas and techniques.

Skip the frustration and go
right to your next guitar evolution.

I've Yet To Meet The Guitarist Who Can Resist
Learning These Powerful Guitar Secrets.

Any guitarist who wants to play lead or improve their soloing needs to get this course.

You might just triple or quadruple your lead guitar knowledge in 3 fun hours. You're gonna be a totally new beast on the guitar.

In addition to the courses, you're getting tabs of all the examples to make learning a breeze. You'll also get the tabs in powertab format so you can play them on your computer and hear the notes while you watch them go by on your screen. It's another "learning accelerator" that you'll appreciate.

The Dream Vs. The Nightmare...
Choose Your Destiny.

You're at a crossroad right now... It's time to choose your destiny.

So what if you don't buy? What's the worst that could happen?

Maybe you'll just remain stuck in a guitar rut. Or worse, you might get progressively bored and jaded with the guitar. That could lead to you putting your guitar in the case for years. You might even give up.

And then 10 years later... You feel the deep stinging pain of regret as you watch a great lead guitarist playing what you always wanted to play yourself. You'll wish you could turn back time. But there's nothing you can do to get back those lost years.

What could happen once you discover these Supercharged Guitar Secrets?

I'm here to help you make
your guitar dreams come true.

First of all, any musician that listens to you is going think: "WOW, I want to play with that guy".

The most powerful position you can be in as a musician is to be the go-to guy (or gal) in your city. I personally know go-to musicians in different cities: San Francisco, Philadelphia, you name it. They get all the best gigs and they make six figures a year playing fun shows. They cherry-pick which gigs they want to do. They get invited to play with legends like Sting or BB King (Might sound unbelievable but that's for real).

All these things can happen when you really put this information to use. And of course, I can't guarantee this will happen, but maybe you'll become the next superstar or great guitar player.

And maybe your dream is just to play everything that just comes through your head and through your heart. You want to pick up the guitar and just stream... pick it up and just go, go go. And you're definitely going to be able to do that. I can guarantee that with 100% certainty.

You're Protected By Our Famous
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Guitar Control offers a generous 60-day guarantee on all Guitar courses. We want to make ordering from us an exciting and no-risk experience.

If for some strange reason, my course isn't helping your guitar playing, if it's not everything I say it is and more, if it's not what you expected, or you're not delighted for any reason, then I insist you to send us an email for a no-hassle refund.

No B.S, no run-around, and no hard feelings.

Heck, I'll even go one step further. If there's even a single lesson that doesn't impress you, I'll give you 100% of your money back and you can still keep the courses you love.

Now that's a bold guarantee.

I'm confident making that promise to you because I've poured my heart and soul into this course and truly believe it's going to be an amazing learning experience for you.

So please, go ahead... Tap into this treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom, and guitar secrets. You'll be hard pressed to find anything close to it anywhere.

I never knock one-on-one instruction, but there's no question that Digital Courses offer FAR more value for your dollar, as you can see in this chart:

Even by Guitar Course standards, this 3 course set is easily worth $150 ($50 each).

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You won't even pay $100.

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If you love guitar then owning
Supercharged Soloing Made Simple
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Don't forget you're getting 3 jam-packed Guitar courses and 35 pages of tabs.

It's a no-brainer decision, so please click on the link below, fill out your information, and you'll soon be the proud owner of this Supercharged Soloing Made Simple course that will reward you for a lifetime.

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Rock on,

Claude Johnson

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