Lose Your Fear...
Sing With Confidence...
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Dear Soon-To-Be Awesome Singer,

  • Do you want to learn to sing all your favorite songs like a pro, almost overnight?
  • Would you love to change your voice and vocal sound from "amateur" to pro INSTANTLY?
  • Are you interesting in become a well-respected, rock-solid vocalist that everyone wants to play with? And everyone enjoys listening to?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, you're in the right place motherfucker.

Maybe those sound like wild claims, but if you take just 5 minutes to read this letter, I'll show you how you can do it with an easy easy 1-2-3 formula.

And I intend to prove it. You might be thinking "How is this possible?"

Who Is Tony Lindsay?

Tony Lindsay, who was born in Kingston, New York, now calls San Francisco his home, is back in the SANTANA lineup. He first toured with SANTANA in 1991 and can be heard on the 1992 release, Milagro. When not touring with SANTANA, he sings for Spang-a-Lang, a local R&B/Jazz/Pop group he founded that has opened for several well-known acts, including Curtis Mayfield, Jr. Walker, Tower of Power, and Average White Band, to name a few.

As an individual, Tony has recorded or performed with several artists, including Tevin Campbell, O'Jays, Al Jarreau, Steve Winwood, Johnny Gill, Teddy Pendergrass, Aretha Franklin, and Lou Rawls.

His full-bodied tenor voice and unique style have paved the way for his participation in a variety of musical projects, including a 1993 duet performance with Angela Bofill and the New York Philharmonic Orchestra at Avery Fischer Hall in NY. (The song was written by Narada Michael Walden, and entitled "Enough for Everyone.")

Tony's voice can also be heard on Mazda, Hotwheels, Dreyer's Ice Cream and Wendy's commercials as well as on the "Adventures of Kanga Roddy." Tony is also a talented song writer, and sings with the Dancing with the Stars Road Tour.

It's simple...

I've produced what's possibly...

The Quickest, Easiest Step-By-Step Instructional
Course Ever For Singers and Vocalists...

I know that's a big claim, especially with the hundreds of books, videos and instructors already out there. So, I'll explain why this package is so special

In all my 15 years of producing some of the best selling instructional music lesson courses in the world, I've never been more excited. Why?

Tony in one of his tours with Santana.

Because we've just produced the greatest singing course ever with none other than Tony Lindsay, an 11-time Grammy winner who's well known for being the lead singer of Carlos Santana's band.

The course is called Pro Singing Made Simple and it's the best singing course ever assembled for amateur, up-and-coming and pro singers who want to take their skills to the next level.

Tony has recorded, performed and toured with the cream of the crop, including O'Jays, Al Jarreau, Steve Winwood, Aretha Franklin, and Lou Rawls.

His full-bodied tenor voice and unique style have paved the way for working with the best in the business, including the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. He stays busy these days touring with guitar legend Carlos Santana and the Dancing with the Stars road tour.

Inside this course, he shares his four decades of hard-earned singing secrets that have made him one of the most well respected singers in the business. This is truly a rare treat and an incredible opportunity for any singer who wants to become all they can be behind the mic.

And the only two reasons we were able to get him to create this legendary training course for us was because:

  1. Jimmy Dillon (one of our best-selling guitar teachers) is his close friend and twisted his arm (nicely), and...
  2. he's at the point in his career where he truly wants to help up-and-coming singers achieve their true potential.

Showing Jimmy how to breathe when singing.

What's The Best Way For A Beginner To Transform Into A Rock Solid Singer?

The answer is: A sequential step-by-step learning system.

Unfortunately, most lesson books, videos and even personal instructors fail to understand this secret. They either overload the student with too much information... or even worse, they teach you a jumbled mess of ideas that leaves you dazed and confused.

Pro Singing Made Simple has 6 simple, powerful, jam-packed courses and it's going to inspire and motivate you... and transform your singing on every level.

Here's Tony's 3 Step System:

1. Build Your Voice
2. Lose Your Fear
3. Sing From The Heart
Step 1
Tony shows you how to BUILD YOUR VOICE.

What's the fastest shortcut to success?
Hint: "emulate and create".


We use a proven method called "The Instant Contrast" technique. My business partner actually became fluent in Spanish in 90 days using this method. People in Panama are shocked at how GOOD HE SOUNDS. He sounds like a native speaker. He doesn't sound like an American trying to speak spanish. It's THAT effective.

Here's how it works: Tony sings, you sing and then you both sing.

That's right -- Tony sings a part of a classic track... and then you're going to sing right after him, and your brain gets instant feedback by comparing your voice to Tony's.

Your brain naturally starts picking up: how Tony sings... the vibrato in his voice... the nuances in his delivery... the perfect pitch... the resonance... and much more. It works incredibly well for singing (and for learning languages).

When Tony speaks about singing, performing and recording like a pro -- every word he says is pure gold. You're getting four decades of proven methods distilled into these courses.

Step 2
Tony reveals how to LOSE YOUR FEAR.


By helping you embrace your voice. He shows you how to LOVE your voice.

What I was surprised to discover when I watched these video, is that singing like a pro is mostly psychological. Don't get me wrong -- it's not like there's no techniques involved, but your attitude and relationship with yourself as a singer has a HUGE effect in how you feel... how you sound... how you project yourself... and how you come across to your audience.

It's a much, much bigger factor than most amateur singers realize or give credit to. Imagine that you could let go of being afraid you're going to sound bad... and just start singing with total confidence and authority.

Master moving your voice in the
4 vocal regions and he's sure you're
gonna get one of these too.

I know it sounds like a big promise, but when I watched these lessons, Tony showed me to surrender my fear and I absorbed Tony's calm and fearless power as a musician by osmosis. And you will experience this too.

Step 3
Tony coaches you how to SING FROM THE HEART.

There's something really magical inside these courses. It might seem a bit "out there", however Tony and Jimmy really transmit their passion. By watching and absorbing these teachings, you're going to unlock your capacity to sing from the heart.

Now let's get into the details of what you're going to discover inside of these courses:

  • Discover the 3 keys to singing. What's amazing is that singing well is at least 50% mental. That means you dramatically improve your skills without training for years.
  • How to tap into the freedom that's always been inside you and start singing with confidence.

Tap into the natural inspiration around you
and you'll discover your own style.

  • Maybe the coolest thing about these lessons is that they don't feel like lessons. It's fun and there's no boring scales. You just jump right in and start singing with Tony.
  • The fastest path to success is by copying the best. Tony gives you the fastest shortcuts to becoming better by having you "emulate and create".
  • Tony smashes one of the big misconceptions: that you need to "breathe differently" when you're singing. Discover how the pros do it effortlessly and naturally.
  • How to master moving your voice into the 4 vocal regions Diaphragm, Chest voice and Head voice using the Law Of Least Effort. Too many new singers waste too much energy and it wrecks the sound of their voice because it sounds "forced".
  • A pro singer always "serves the song" by using the right part of their bodies to push the sound. Tony will show how to move your voice around from your belly to your nose.
  • Don't worry if your voice doesn't have a huge range. Most singers have a 2 octave range. This course is about unleashing the power that's in your sweet spot and helping you find your comfort zone.
  • Struggle with high notes? How to use the natural adrenaline of a live concert to improve your range and performance. This is the hallmark of every pro.
  • How to "sell people on the song"... The storyteller's guide to mind blowing performances. This isn't a boring instructional Vocal lessons. You'll get electrifying live clips of incredible performances.
  • Understanding the chest voice vs head voice vs falsetto... This is critical because when you can command how your body is producing tones, you will hear and feel a big difference immediately.
  • There's a right way and a wrong way to do falsetto. This can make all the difference in the world between sounding epic vs squealing like Mickey Mouse.

Find out the storyteller's guide to
mind blowing performances.

  • How to let go of your fear once and for all and expand your vocal range. Your vocal cords become constricted when you're afraid or feel anxiety.
  • How to tap into the natural inspiration around you and use it to forge your style and passion. Every legend you admire today has done this.
  • Discover the critical difference between singing at home and live performance.
  • How to practice so you're constantly improving week after week -- GUARANTEED.
  • How to create the "perfect blend" and merge your voice with the band. Plus discover how to build a repertoire that flawlessly matches your singing voice and style.
  • A key signal that tells you "you're doing it wrong". Watch for this and save years of frustration.
  • You're gonna love Tony's patented "visualization method". It's a great way to help you relax into the song. If you're stiff, you won't sound your best.

Create the "perfect blend" and merge
your voice with the band.

  • Fear is the most difficult obstacle, but when you can overcome it, you'll be able to channel your true power and emotions. Tony reveals the ONE THING you must do in order to let go of your fear.
  • How to make your singing muscles stronger so you can belt out notes like a powerhouse.
  • How to warm up and "tune" your voice. This is critical since your voice is a muscle. Tony gives you 3 ways including the "trill" (which is a bizarre technique that Tony loves to use), the relax jaw (gives you instant gains) and the "relax your face" method.
  • How to get clarity and annunciation. The last thing you want is "mumble mouth".
  • Tony shares the most valuable advice ever on how to prepare yourself before a gig. Avoid the most critical mistake that almost everyone makes before a show. This really helps protect your vocal cords.
  • The #1 way to ensure progress is also one of the biggest ways to lose your fear. If you're not doing this, you're missing out.
  • The key psychological secrets needed to build confidence from the ground up.
  • What you absolutely have to know about microphone techniques. Tony shares his hard earned mic moves that he's used in countless world tours to dazzle crowds globally. Where to place the mic...when to be close and when to be farther away and much more.
  • Pro recording secrets: When to use reverb and when not to use it in the studio. A lot of singers make the mistake of adding reverb and delay too early and they'll never know how good or bad they are.

Course 1

On course 1, Tony guides you with the "Instant Feedback System" on the following legendary tracks:

  • "One Love" Bob Marley
  • "I Wanna Know What Love Is" Foreigner
  • "Purple Rain", Prince
  • "Brown Eyed Girl", Van Morrison
  • "Georgia on My Mind", Ray Charles

Things heat up and get even deeper on course 2:

Tony shares his hard earned mic moves
to dazzle crowds globally.

Course 2

In course 2, we start tapping into DYNAMICS. This is what creates the "WOW FACTOR" in any well respected singer.

  • Want to cut through years of trial and error? This is THE ONE can't-fail secret if you just wanna sound good fast. This alone is worth the price of the course.
  • The key is to know WHEN to push it and when to lay back. That's what creates that ear candy that captivates even the toughest crowds. If you want to be a pro, you must avoid oversinging. It will make you sound pretentious and turn off the listeners.
  • What truly creates a world-class singer is that they TELL A STORY. Tony reveals exactly how he does it and more importantly how YOU CAN DO IT.
  • The secrets that made the Beatles great is decoded. You can use these techniques to propel your own career into the spotlight.
  • What you should ALWAYS do with your mouth to make your words come out clearly and powerfully.
  • Afraid you'll screw up the song? Try the "nice and easy" approach and you'll never go wrong.
  • How to tap into the magic of spontaneity to improve your live performances. A lot of good singers "dull themselves" doing the opposite.

You'll never go wrong with this
"nice and easy" approach.

  • This entire series is designed to help you FIND YOUR VOICE. You've already got a great voice. You just need a few keys to unlock its magic. Tony is here to inspire you, guide you and coach you to the next level.
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake younger singers make. The great news is, it's one of those things you can INSTANTLY fix.
  • The #1 thing every singer should do when you're NOT singing. If you don't do this, you won't be able to keep up with pro musicians.
  • What to do if someone asks you to read sheet music and you can't. How to fake it and still get by.
  • Tony shares his hard-earned road tips and hacks that has allowed him to enjoy a world-class career for over 4 decades. There's no way you can do that if you're not doing the right things.
  • How to make sure your voice and body is in great shape. How to take care of yourself and your voice and your vocal chords so you enjoy a long fruitful career.
  • Develop your own killer unique sound by mixing a variety of styles. Plus why singing in a few different styles is much better for your voice than limiting yourself. (Otherwise your voice will become one dimensional.)
  • Have you ever heard of relaxing into the high notes? It's a psychological trick that works wonders to expand your range by a few notes.

Here's some of the iconic songs that are covered in this course:

  • "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers
  • "Stand by Me" by Ben E. King
  • "The Thrill Is Gone" by B.B. King
  • "Smooth" by Santana
  • "Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple

Singing isn't just about voice --
your body should be in great shape too.

The gems and golden nuggets just keep coming on course 3:

Course 3

In this third course, Tony shows you how to sing with other singers and nail incredible harmonies. Including the Eagles "harmony formula". Use this with your band and dazzle any crowd.

How to master "scat singing" -- this is gonna open up new worlds of possibilities for you.

How to blend various blues styles to add some heart and soul into your bag of tricks. Even just a pinch of this potent spice goes a long way.

Tony reveals the #1 ingredient that will make you a great singer. If you don't have this, forget about it.

Why practicing scales is mostly a waste of time.

You're going to get "Instant Feedback" on several killer tracks including:

  • "Oye Como Va" by Carlos Santana
  • "Hey Jude" by the Beatles

Course 4

It's about having fun and enjoying
your time on the spotlight.

In course 4, Tony will give you some killer tips on how to warm up using actual songs, instead of boring vocal exercises. Aso you will learn how to pick up songs in your setlist and how to find your vocal range.

Tony will also tell you how to lose your fear and tell a story when you sing.

Also he will give you some inputs on how to put your own personality into the songs.

Another interesting feature are some performances from Tony, Jimmy and a bass player while they warm up and rehearse in the backstage before a gig. Classic tunes like light my fire, little thing called love, etc.

Here’s a resume of what you will learn:

  • Learn to tell a story by keeping vocal lines clear.
  • Learn how to do key modulations.
  • Learn to use dynamics to create movement emotion in your singing.
  • Learn to make your own style by combining your influences. (learn all you can from your faves artists and try to build a personal style)
  • Train your ear balance the volumes of your voice and surounding instruments.
  • Learn to warm up your voice by the contents of a setlist.
  • Overcome your fear and sing on a pro-level.
  • Learn to change melodies to make a song your own.

In this course, Tony and Jimmy play a good bunch of classic songs, such as:

  • "What a wonderful world" by Louis Armstrong
  • You Are the Sunshine of My Life - Stevie Wonder
  • Steely Dan - Peg
  • Georgia on my mind - Ray Charles
  • Lean On Me - Bill Withers

Doesn't matter who you sing with:
family, friends -- reignite that passion
and become the best!

Course 5

In course 5, Tony will give you some cool tips on how to take care of your voice, lose your fear and how to sing as relaxed as you can.

Tony will also give you tips on being a band leader and how to work in a band.

You will listen some interesting stories about Carlos Santana and how Tony had a great success singing with him.

Learn how to modulate in all keys and identify pitch from the root note while singing your favourite songs.

Also you will enjoy some live footage from a recent concert in Hawaii.

Here's a resume of what you will learn:

  • Learn what to avoid to save your voice.
  • Learn what to use to enhance your voice.
  • Learn to be an effective band leader.
  • How to Modulate in all keys.
  • How to identify pitch from root note.

In this course, Tony and Jimmy play more classic songs, such as:

Lose your fear and sing as
relaxed as you can.

  • Satisfaction - The Rolling Stones
  • Superstitious - Stevie Wonder
  • Blackbird - The Beatles
  • Rt 66 - Chuck Berry
  • Evil Ways - Clarence "Sonny" Henry
  • Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison
  • Smooth - (LIVE CONCERT w/ Santana Band in Hawaii)
  • Sympathy for the Devil - (LIVE CONCERT w/ Santana Band in Hawaii)

Course 6

In the last course, Tony will give you useful tips on how to use different kind of singing techniques, like singing from the diaphragm, chest, falsetto and head voice.

You will learn to sing using the law of least effort.

Tony also talks about how he got inspired by church music. Also about finding your vocal range and using different workout techniques, like the "trill" and the "mumms" exercises.

Learn how to emulate other artists to create your own style.

Here's a resume of what you will learn:

  • Learn to sing from your diaphragm.
  • Learn the law of least effort.
  • Learn to use your chest voice.
  • Learn to use your head voice.
  • Learn to use your falsetto voice.
  • Learn to emulate and then recreate.
  • Learn to identify your vocal range.
  • Learn to visualize your voice coming from deep in your body.
  • Learn to sing scales to warm up.
  • Learn the "trill" exercise.
  • Learn the "mumms" exercise.
  • Learn to sing with confidence.

Enjoy more songs with Tony and Jimmy:

  • One Love - Bob Marley
  • Georgia on my mind - Ray Charles
  • Oye Como Va - Tito Puente
  • Stand By Me - Ben E. King

Not to mention you are backed by the
craziest guarantee in the world!

  • And I Love Her - The Beatles (LIVE CONCERT w/ Santana Band in Hawaii)
  • Amazing Grace - John Newton
  • Let The Good Times Roll - Louis Jordan
  • Georgia On My Mind (with strings) - (LIVE CONCERT w/ Santana Band in Hawaii)
  • Satisfaction Finale Full Jam Section - (LIVE CONCERT w/ Santana Band in Hawaii)
  • (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay - Otis Redding

It's Time To Reignite Your Passion For Singing
And Have Fun With It.

Life is short. Too short not to "go for it". Singing feeds your heart and soul. It doesn't matter if you're singing at a bonfire, a wedding, a concert or America's Got Talent... GO FOR IT.

You'll surprise your friends... your family... even seasoned musicians when you start singing with skill and confidence and let your voice SHINE THROUGH.

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In fact, you're protected by insanely generous 60-Day money-back guarantee.

You have 60 days to watch the courses and put this system to the test.

Here's where it gets crazy: If there's even a single lesson that you don't like, send us an email, keep the ones you love, and you'll get ALL of your money back immediately.

Yes you heard that correctly... you can send us back just a single course that doesn't impress you, keep the rest and still get a full refund.

No B.S. No hassles. No "fine print".

I'm the one putting my neck on the line with these mindblowing guarantees and there might be a few people who try to take advantage of me... But frankly I don't care because I'm absolutely confident that you're going to love this package.

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I can afford to be this generous... because I know the exciting TRUTH: this system really does work. It's amazing, it's almost like magic because it shouldn't be THIS easy and simple... but it is.

These Digital courses are the closest thing to Tony coming over to your house, having dinner and personally showing you all his best tricks and secrets.

In fact, in some ways it's even better, just watch it as many times as you want.

It's a big bundle of fun and wisdom for a tiny price.

It's priced cheap enough that practically anyone can afford it. Certainly it's much cheaper than taking private lessons... the course is less money than 1 hour with Tony. It's even cheaper than trying to learn from "free videos" when you factor in how many hours you save.

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You're at a crossroad.
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Option One

Do nothing. Maybe tell yourself that you were never meant to sing. Abandon the dream. Live a life regret.

Option Two

Keep searching the internet trying to find some other shortcut or some other teacher to help you out. Start researching vocal techniques, body mechanics, and performance psychology. Go on the road for a couple of decades and "earn your chops".

Option Three

Get everything handed to you on a gold platter including Tony's complete 1-2-3 system.

Develop your own singing style, and become another success story.

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And within minutes from now, you can be having fun... No piano, no guitar needed...nothing. Just you and your voice.You'll be amazed at how easy it was to launch your singing right into overdrive.

Get ready to rock, Claude Johnson

Here's some frequently asked questions
about the course

Q: What skill level is this for? Is it for beginners, intermediate or advanced musicians?

Pro Singing Made Simple is perfect for beginners, but will even have huge benefits for the experienced musicians.

Q: What's unique about Pro Singing Made Simple that makes it different from everything else?

This course doesn't get bogged down in boring vocal scale exercises or mind-numbing theory. There's plenty of courses out there like that already. This course is more like the Matrix... Tony is your Morpheus and you are "The One". Tony will unlock the vocal powers you already have.

Q: How long does the course take to see results?

Many of the methods in these courses will start improving your singing the very time you try them. Some of them, believe it or not, will help your singing just by watching these courses because they will create profound changes in your mindset, emotions and performance.

Q: Do I need to know music theory or how to read music?

You do NOT need to know any music theory OR how to read music. This isn't about getting caught up in academics or the intellect. This is about singing from the heart.

Q: What styles will this course help me with?

Pro Singing Made Simple will help you with any creative style where you're improvising or writing. It's perfect for blues, jazz, R & B, rock, reggae, country... you name it.

Q: How easy is it to get my money back if I don't like the course?

If you don't like the course, just send us an email letting us know and we'll take care of it. No run-arounds and no hassles... If for some reason this course isn't helping you or it's not what you expected, don't worry...we'll be happy to issue a prompt, courteous refund.

Go ahead, give these Digital course a shot... I promise, they're going to do wonders for your singing and they'll make all the difference in the world.