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  • Would you love to be able to jam with anyone, improvise in the moment, and play some awesome lead guitar?
  • Want some fun, new exciting ways to take your playing to the next level?
  • Ready to get inspired by beautiful sounds, tones, and guitar licks?

Dear Guitarist,

I can still remember the exact day, over 20 years ago, that my life was changed forever, after hearing Jimi Hendrix's live Woodstock performance, and deciding that I wanted to learn and play the guitar.

Nothing else mattered. Nothing else seemed interesting compared to the passion, inspiration, and pure spiritual energy that radiated from the music.

Not only the music, but there was something special and very attractive about the guitar in particular. The tone… The sensual feel of it, the versatility... Just about every aspect of guitar seemed amazing to me.

A lot has happened in my life since then, but my love of guitar is one thing that has not changed. I'm just as excited today to keep learning and playing as I was all those years ago.

For me, it was always about "playing from the heart", and I hope you're vibing on the same wavelength too...

Jon's experience in top Hollywood
studios shines through in these courses

That's one reason that our latest Digital Course here at Guitar Control is so perfect: it's all about improvising and playing from the heart. In fact, that is the title of this series: Play from the Heart.

The other reason is that it's from Jon Maclennan. He's not only an amazing studio musician who's played with Steven Tyler, Julian Lennon, and other legends, but he's also one of the best teachers and all-around likeable guys in the music industry.

Here's what you're about to discover:

Go Beyond Learning Scales, Licks & Phrases,
And Get Into The Creativity Zone.

  • Start spinning soulful, smooth leads very easily by using short, simple melodies and re-arranging them into endless musical stories. 02:12
  • Discover the best way to practice so it never feels like drudgery. Jon reveals how you can learn, have fun, get inspired, work on your improvising, and master the fretboard shapes, all at the same time. 06:35
  • How to have a conversation on the guitar using the question and answer method. You might think you know this already, but Jon gives 2 powerful ways to make this technique come to life. 10:21

How To Make Your Playing
Sound Professional
Using Step-By-Step Methods.

  • From beginners to advanced, everyone will benefit from these hot hollywood-proven tips. 14:42
  • Its never been to easier to memorize all the critical scale shapes. 18:21
  • Enter the "magic ping". How to find the optimal finger position to give your notes a beautiful ringing tone. 21:34
  • The secret to playing clean and playing fast is synchronization. This is how the pros practice. Watch for these 2 small details you need to master at 25:51
Jon knows how to play
from the heart and capture
the crowd's attention on stage.
  • 3 golden nuggets to make your playing sound clean and professional. Integrating these will make you instantly sound better and tighter. You can't afford to miss this. 29:01
  • Smash the guitar mysteries to smithereens...they'll be no unknown areas of the neck once you learn the "mini guitar method". 33:27

Smooth Out Your Sound And
Teach Your Fingers To Rule The Neck.

  • The secret "mirror trick" that can even bump up an advanced guitarist to the next level within a few short weeks. 35:05
There's nothing more thrilling than
being able to pick up your guitar
and playing whatever you feel.
  • The #1 key to getting better every single time you practice. 38:56
  • Feeling stuck? What to do to never get into a rut again. 41:32
  • Effortless magic...How to flow from one neck pattern to the next without thinking, and really "open up" your playing. 43:29
  • Double your mastery FAST by inventing and unleashing your own fretboard patterns. 47:53
  • You'll never become a great guitarist if your hands are tensed up tighter than a scared squirrel fighting for his last nut. Try the ______ exercise. You'll be super relaxed, confident and in control. 52:25

And that's just on the first course. On course 2 there's another fresh batch of guitar goodies waiting.

Bored Of The Same Old Licks And Tired Tricks?
Jon Helps You Bust Out Of That Rut.

  • Wanna be a great improviser and flow like the wind? Then you have to learn how this red-hot trick. 02:06
  • Create a sonic cocktail of epicness by mixing the the 3 prime tonalities: Major, Minor, and Dominant. 05:25
  • Bust your heart chakra wide open with some great major key licks that explores the full range of the guitar using wide intervals and arpeggios. 08:54
It's all about the simple little tricks that
make the difference for a sweet sound.

An Abundance Of Heart Warming Licks
Served Hot And Fresh On A Golden Platter.

  • Beautiful melodic flow with the "energy ramping" technique. 12:07
  • Create some expressive wildness and learn some of the coolest ways to write your own licks. You'll love it. 15:45
Yes, Jon is that cool.
  • Learn how "cells" or mini-phrases are super powerful for boosting your improvisational skills. 19:06
  • How to maneuver through scale patterns to create real melodies that sound great in a solo. 22:47
  • Forget boring exercises. Try Jon's propitiatory "etude" method. 26:36

Double Your Fun,
Double Your Results.

  • Flush the robotic scale patterns down the drain. Instead, you can unleash the emotions in your fingers with an easy way to break up a pattern so it doesn't sound like scale. 30:24
  • How to combine Chuck Berry, Jimmy Page, and Eric Johnson into epic licks, bends, and phrases. 34:52
  • Want to sound boring? Then always start on the first beat...OR, you can mix it up using the technique Jon shows at 37:38.
  • Sophisticated licks that all the hip cats are grooving to. These will please even the snobby advanced players. 39:03
You'll never be bored again once you
discover how to play from the heart.
  • Make your guitar cry with a killer combination of sweet and bluesy. 42:46
  • Fresh guitar tips to bring you into the pro-zone as fast as freakin possible. 47:29
  • The "Play and Rest" technique helps you use empty space as part of your playing. Miles Davis is a master of this. He plays less notes than anybody and is considered one of the greatest jazz improvisers of all time. 56:36

The Keys To Improvisation Are Revealed.

  • Learn several different "play and rest" exercises that force your improvisation chops to expand and grow. 58:17
  • Make your playing sound twice as expressive with this simple method to improve your chops and dynamics. 1:01:20

Let's move onto course 3:

Keep Surprising And Delighting The Crowds.

  • Constantly surprise the listener with the "second impulse" technique. 01:29
  • Develop maturity as a soloist by learning the elements of motion, tension, and release. It's how you create a tsunami of emotion and build-up in your solos. 04:15
  • The "constant flow" method is an awesome way to develop slick, jazzy sounding leads. 07:25
  • You don't want to be tense and tight when you're playing...How to play really relaxed and comfortable, which is where all the magic happens. 10:11
Jon has become Guitar Control's #1
YouTube teacher for a reason. He's amazing.

Want All To Fly All Over The Fretboard
With Heart-Centered Energy?

  • The stupid simple secret to playing fast is to "stay light with your pick". Jon makes it easier than rocking on the front porch with your grandma. 13:34
  • The shocking truth of how the greatest guitar players (Stevie Ray and Hendrix) create a signature sound. 16:24
This is one of these instructional series
that you can learn from just sitting
on the couch, relaxing and enjoying.
  • The magic of Martino -- why Pat Martino is so epic and how to capture that majestic sound. 19:54
  • Master tremelo and vibrato and watch your playing become more expressive and beautiful. 22:46
  • The "high-low" method is another great way to improve your improvised leads. 26:12
  • How to experiment with phrase lengths to create exciting contrast in your solos. 29:47

Love Soul-Gripping Blues?

  • The Texas triplet shuffle is an incredible way to riff and solo at the same time. 34:53
  • Combine monster blues bends with chunky riffs for a perfect rockin' vibe, every single time. 37:26
  • How to make your guitar "talk", whisper, and scream. 39:12
  • Learn a killer lick that's been on tons of legendary blues records. Steal it , use it in your next jam session, and blow away your bandmates. 43:16
  • How to stuff the melodic turkey full of rich character and juicy flavor. 45:54
Jon simplifies the blues
and makes it super easy.

Learn Some Killer Blues Turnarounds In
The Style Of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric
Clapton, Freddie King, And More...

And there's a lot more stuff I don't have time to get into... There's a whole section on killer blues patterns and riffs.

You can use these to create rhythm/lead riffs that sound amazing. They're great for writing your own tunes, or jamming out some old favorites.

Jon reveals a ton of great stuff here -- from blues, to jazzy licks, to rock... Just very cool, simple ways to improve your playing, help you improvise, and express the music in your heart and soul.

Play from the Heart really is a whole new bag of guitar tricks and powerful concepts that's designed to help you develop your own style as you become a better guitarist and musician.

I've Yet To Meet The Guitar Enthusiast
Who Could Resist Learning
These Powerful Guitar Secrets.

You don't need monster chops. You don't need to practice for hours. All you need to do to make progress, is watch these courses and spend 10 to 15 minutes a day going over the tabs.

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I'm passionate about helping guitarists like you have as much as fun as possible and I'd really love to see you playing all your favorite songs on the guitar.

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