Forget Complicated Guitar Methods.
New Super Simple Blues System Guarantees
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As Fast as Humanly Possible.

Dear Soon-To-Be Epic Blues Guitarist,

Let me ask you...

  • Are you frustrated because you feel the blues in your soul, but when you play your guitar, it just doesn't come out the way you hear it in your head?
  • Get pissed off when you miss notes, screw up transitions and it sounds sloppy?
  • Would you love to play classic blues songs and smokin solos, but you're not sure where to get started?

Picture yourself sounding like a seasoned blues veteran from Texas... and blowing crowds, musicians, friends, and family away with wicked blues jams and smooth riffs.

Read On To Discover How You Can Become
a Respectable Bluesman Faster Than
You Thought Possible...

If you ever had that spark of inspiration when you listened to Stevie Ray Vaughan, B.B. King, or Clapton and you wanted to play like them... then this is what you've been looking for.

I'll never forget the summer of 1990.

I had just bought my first instrument -- a white B.C Rich (not a great axe, but I was a happy clam because I had a guitar!)

One sunny day, I was driving my grey, beat-up, 1980 Chevy, (which didn't even have a cassette deck). LOL...

And then...

My step-by-step blues guitar system
makes it simple, easy, and fun.

"The Thrill is Gone" by B.B. King started playing on the radio.

I'll never forget the feeling. I thought "man this is cool sh*t"...

I squinted my eyes and started shaking my head, and absorbed what B.B. was sharing with me.

I probably looked like a weirdo driving around town, but I didn't care. This felt like the music my soul had been looking for it's entirely life.

So I had a new mission... a new obsession... to become a "blues man". I did everything I was "supposed" to do: I took lessons, and I faithfully practiced every day.

I was also spending $50 a week with guitar teachers,
and they were doing their best to help me, but I was
only getting little bits of pieces of the puzzle.

I had a subscription to Guitar Player magazine. I read all the articles and followed all the lessons (especially the blues lessons), but something was still missing.

Although the passion never faded, it just felt like my improvements were slower than a drunk turtle.

If you're not sure where to get
started, I'll have you playing
smokin' blues in record time.

Fast forward a few years. I was now in college.

I was talking to another guitarist. When he asked me what style I played, I hesitantly said "blues".

I worried he'd ask me to play something.

Even though I desperately wanted to be playing the blues, I really wasn't that good and hardly knew any blues songs.

I just didn't know how to get better.
And I didn't know where to get the
answers I was looking for.

The reality is that none of the things I was learning from: the teachers, the guitar articles, etc... gave me a complete system.

Fortunately, because I have a very obsessive personality, I didn't give up. I just kept learning and learning and practicing, year after year.

Eventually all of that learning and experience ripened and you know what?

It turns out the blues is actually simple!

It just took a long time to weed through all of the extraneous information and distractions and get to the heart of the matter.

I started putting together the puzzle pieces. Brick by brick it came together.

The blues is simple if you put
together the right key ingredients.

The beautiful thing is, there's only a handful of KEYS you need to have.

And it's my life's mission to share these keys with guitarists like you.

That's why I created "How To Play Smokin' Blues".
It's a step-by-step blues guitar system that
takes all the pain out of the journey and
makes it simple, easy and fun.

Boy, I wish I had something like "How to Play Smokin Blues" when I was first was getting started.

It probably would have saved me about 10 years of doing the dance of delusion in the land of confusion.

My goal when I created this course is simple: create the most complete zero to hero blues course of all time.

These courses give you everything
you need to start playing
smokin' blues guitar.

So I spent months planning it. Went into the studios with my pro filming crew and we filmed a new instructional video series called "How to Play Smokin' Blues".

It's a 3 Digital Course of no-fluff stuff that's going to give you EVERY critical guitar technique a bluesman will ever need.

You'll quickly start playing smokin' blues guitar in just a few days. Most importantly...

I'm going to show you
simple versions of legendary blues songs.

The best part is that everything is tabbed out for you so it's very easy to follow along and play all these cool licks and riffs on your guitar. The easy explanations on the lessons plus the tabs make it simple.

Become a Rock-Solid Blues Guitarist By
Playing These 10 Classic Tunes:

Blues Classic #1

"Yonder Wall"

Written in 1945 by James Clark, this absolute classic was covered by everyone from Elmore James, to Freddie King, to Joe Bonamassa.

I'll give you a super-simple arrangement in the key of E using a shuffle pattern and a soulful turnaround.

Blues Classic #2:

"The Thrill is Gone"

Perhaps B.B. King's most famous cover. It's an awesome minor blues anthem that everyone can sing along to.

Discover some groovin chord-compin rhythms and create that pulsing blues vibe... You'll be squinting your eyes and bobbing your head in soulful delight.

Play B.B. King's
"The Thrill is Gone".
Blues Classic #3:

"Dust My Broom"

This one goes all the way back to 1936, from the godfather of blues, Robert Johnson.

You'll be playing some tasty intros, riffs, turnarounds, and even rhythm-lead solos on this one. Don't worry, I make it easy for you.

Blues Classic #4:

"Key to the Highway"

Freddie King rocked this tune, along with Little Walter, Big Bill Broonzy, and many others.

It's a sweet tune that's easy to play and it's also an "8 bar blues", so it's a nice change from the normal 12-bar songs.

Blues Classic #5:

"They Call it Stormy Monday"

T-bone Walker created this choice blues tune in 1947 as a tight I-IV-V jam... and the Allman brothers took it to a new level in 1971 with some really slick, jazzy chord changes.

An exquisite song, especially if you want to spice up the ordinary blues chord changes.

Blues Classic #6:

"Five Long Years"

Made famous by B.B. King and Eric Clapton, blues songs don't get much more smokin' than this.

I'll give you a distinctive rhythm you can play to capture the essence of this song with just you and your guitar -- you won't find this anywhere else.

Play Eric Clapton's
"Five Long Years".
Blues Classic #7:

"Reconsider Baby"

From 1954, this Lowell Fulson blues is considered a must-know standard, that you can really belt out.

It's been covered by the likes of Freddie King, and Eric Clapton... and you know the best part is?

It couldn't be easier to play. Even a raw beginner can start rocking this one.

Blues Classic #8:

"I Done Somebody Wrong"

A stomping Elmore James "stop-time" blues that really wails. With just a few basic blues chords and the right rhythm, you can recreate this vintage blues jam.

Blues Classic #9:


This is the Cream anthem, adopted from the original Robert Johnson Crossroad Blues.

It's an uptempo rocker you can play in any jam session, and get the crowd hootin' and hollerin.

I'll also teach you how to play a solo version with just you and your axe.

Blues Classic #10:

"Pride and Joy"

A Stevie Ray Vaughan original.

I'll show you exactly how to pick, drag, strum, and really make your blues playing swing with secrets from the foremost Texas bluesman.

Play Stevie Ray Vaughan's
"Pride and Joy".

Now, let me share with you some of the
awesome tricks, techniques and shortcuts you're
going to download into your fingers on Course 1:

  • Evolve into a wise blues master (without suffering decades playing in dank smoky clubs). Do these 2 simple things to master the fretboard and get there.
  • Forget complicated music theory that takes years of study to figure out. I'll give you all the shortcuts you need to know in just a few minutes. I'll put the blues puzzle pieces together For you and you'll walk away with rock solid understanding of how it all fits together.
  • How to build impressive blues progressions in any key on the fly. Even pro musicians will be impressed when they see you can cover any song in any key.
  • Confused about the "12 bar blues"? Don't worry. It's as easy as drinking a bottle of beer on a hot summer day. Even a raw beginner can start using this formula on day 1.
  • Who knew the blues was this easy? Get the triplet shuffle feel into your fingers in 3 seconds flat. There's 2 secrets to making it come alive: The picking and the pulse.
Play shuffle patterns and turnarounds
like the Godfather of blues,
Robert Johnson.
  • Sidestep this easily avoidable mistake and watch your playing transform from stiff and clunky to smooth buttery blues (quickly upgrades both strumming and plucking).
  • Save yourself years of bedroom practice with my "blues chords and arpeggios 101". Everything you want and none of the crap you hate... so you can start playing soulful, smokin' blues.

Bypass Basic Beginner Barre Chords
With Pro Chord Voicings that
Are Actually Easier on Your Fingers.

  • Jazzify and electrify your blues playing with "fat chords". Freddie Green made these chords famous among guitarists when he played with the Count Bassie orchestra.
  • PUT A GUN TO MY HEAD... Ask me for my BEST blues secret, and I'll show you a quintessential blues riff. More importantly, I'll give you the secret for making it more comfortable for your fingers... which means you'll play it 3x faster.
  • Guitar mastery is all about FUN and having tons of cool options at your fingertips. You'll get fresh ways to play the traditional shuffle pattern so you can play what you feel.
  • The "quick 4" is a critical concept for the blues. This is what adds that secret sauce to so many classic blues songs.
  • How to play a SLICK TURNAROUND. This is one of the most vital elements you need to play some hot blues.
  • Funk up your blues BIG TIME with Freddie King's hot swingin rhythms.
  • How to tell your story by adding your own lyrics to the blues... This is how everything comes together. The magic of the blues is you can use almost any lyrics with any riff in any key and it still works.
You'll be having as much fun
playing the blues as the
'Texas Titan', Freddie King.
  • Two ways to sound good when you sing the blues... even if you scare dogs when you sing.

You'll Also Get my 3 Step No-Brainer Process
To Sing Any Tune and Play Guitar
At the Same Time.

  • POW!!!! How to kick off any blues song in style.
  • Give your playing that deep jazzy (but very bluesy) flavor with the gorgeous "9th" chord.
  • Tickle the listener's ears and sound like a master with the mother of all blues chords.
  • Make every jam and practice session a peak experience with endless creative possibilities.
You'll be sounding like a wise
blues master with all of the
techniques you're about to discover.
  • Add rich dimensions to your guitar playing with badass harmonizations in different positions.
  • Use this "pick and pluck technique" to automatically create that pro sound. It's so easy my grandma could do it (even after she drank 4 shots of brandy).

That's just some of the nuggets you're gonna get on course 1.

The insights, fun, and tricks keep flowing on Course 2:

  • If you struggle with Barre chords, you'll dig this: I'll show you the easiest barre chord in the world. It'll give you an impressive weapon that you can wield all over the fretboard.
  • MAJOR SHORTCUT ALERT: All these cool sounding moveable blues shapes are one of the fastest timesavers... because you can learn them once, you can play them all over the fretboard in any key.
  • Harness the power of the minor blues to make your guitar weep.
  • You're gonna love this wicked rock-driven strum pattern.
  • Another super simple trick any beginner can use to make their chords have a nice smooth feel.
  • CREATIVE BLUES MOJO POWERS: Embellish your chords with melody notes. This can make your rhythm playing tastier than a tropical smoothie.
  • How to use the "Jimi Hendrix" chord in your blues progressions. (One of my personal favs!)
  • COOL TIP: You don't even need barre chords -- how to play the minor 7 blues chord with one finger.
These courses will shave years
off your learning curve.

Double your confidence in your rhythm chops
almost overnight.

  • I'll arm you with a potent arsenal of killer rhythms that go beyond the ordinary blues shuffle pattern. Don't worry, they're really easy to play.
  • The #1 key to become a solid rhythm player. Practice this one thing and you'll become a rhythm monster in just a few sessions.
  • How to play a killer classic blues turnaround in the style of Robert Johnson. I make it a lot easier than you might think.
  • KICK EM IN THE TEETH... with the half time "speed up" technique. It's a great way to kick off a blues song in style.
  • The exact beat on where to transition from a chordal shuffle patterns to a biting guitar riff. This is how you can play exciting and authentic blues guitar.
  • Forget wimpy, noodly leads... I'll reveal how you can create a MONSTER solo by infusing your solos with Dom7 inversion chords.
  • Turnarounds 101: the chromatic walkdown and the key variations. I'll show you how to master it faster than my son can wolf down a bowl of his favorite cereal.

Advanced twists on the basic turnaround that make
you sound like a freakin JAZZ-BLUES wizard.

Discover a lifetime of enjoyment
from the blues and your guitar.
  • MEET THE 8 BAR BLUES -- the cousin of Mr. twelve bar. I'll teach you everything you need to know so you'll have new options for improvising on a tune or writing your own blues songs.
  • They'll think you're SRV's long lost son when you start playing these monster chordal variations that make your playing POP.
  • Save decades of trial and error by ignoring useless chord shapes that you'll never play. Instead, I'll show you the a few blues bombs that you can use in any song.
  • ONE OF THE HOTTEST SIMPLE MOVES: Shift a chord by a single fret to create some sweet "I-IV" ear candy. This move is used by all the blues masters.
  • NO MORE PENTATONIC B.S. I'll decode and simplify the pentatonic scale for you once for all. This is your ticket to playing all the soulful blues licks your heart desires.
  • Quickly master the pentatonic "boxes" and never be loss on the fretboard again.
  • How to easily fix the #1 problem lead guitarists have: their lead playing just sounds like "scale exercises". This is how you go from a "bedroom guitarist" to a real guitar player.
  • Understanding how the entire neck connects together is exactly what you need to be able to to become a fretboard master. This cool hack makes it crystal clear.
  • A mental trick that helps you instantly create hot licks from any scale shape.

The lazy man's way to building fretboard fluency.
This alone is worth the price of the course.

  • Use these proven plug and play licks to upgrade your blues tool box: 'in between licks', chordal stabs, alternate melodies, and a lot more.
  • Every bluesman's dream is to be able to fluidly combine rhythm guitar and lead guitar into one seamless stream of sound. I'll show you how it's easily possible with some basic pentatonic riffs and shuffle patterns.
Playing hot blues licks can be
as easy as plugging in your guitar.
  • How to throw in those little 'mini bends' that give your guitar playing that B.B. King blues vibe.
  • The Z.Z. Top method to playing killer crunchy blues riffs that rock.
  • Give your playing the cool-as-ice Chicago blues feel with spicy little 9 chords".
  • End any blues progression with this kickass move: The augmented chord. It's used in Stormy Monday and you can hear it used by Duane Allman, Gary Moore, and other legends.
  • The quintessential blues formula = The major third + minor pentatonic.
Let me help you instantly upgrade
your personal blues repertoire.

Plus I share dozens of face-melting blues riffs you can instantly upgrade your repertoire with.

I always love to over deliver in spades when I create an instructional guitar package.

That's why I keep bringing the heat on Course 3.

Here's a small sample of what you're going get:

  • An INSTANTLY recognizable riff every blues guitarist must know. Don't leave home without this one.
  • What is "stop time" in blues? It's a very powerful way to add dynamics to a song, like Sweet Home Chicago.
  • Create ear-gasms that will keep you inspired with your guitar for a lifetime.
  • The secret of the Mixolydian mode in blues, (and I'm not talking about soloing).
  • How to play a lead intro to a song + the one thing you need to do to make it work.
  • Master the slow blues genre with a punchy triplet-based rhythm that really grooves.
  • I open the vault and share with you one of my favorite tricks: a super slick harmonized walk up to the four chord.
  • Whip your guitar into a red hot blues frenzy with some trademark Elmore James "sliding triads" licks.
Get ready to create your own
epic blues jams and riffs.

Learn the exact licks Clapton uses
to play epic blues runs.

  • I'll teach you how to play an SRV intro note for note. These 12 bars of Stevie are a treasure trove of cool blues licks and techniques.
  • Make 1 or 2 notes come to life with KILLER vibrato, one of the most crucial techniques for making your blues come to life.
  • Finally, FRETBOARD FREEDOM! The key is moving from position to position.
  • Get the shortcuts to all the important techniques: bends, hammer ons, slides... Know everything you need within a matter of minutes.
  • The key to great leads is to follow the chord changes. Even Homer Simpson (after drinking 12 beers at Mo's) could do it with this ridiculously simple method.
  • A powerful exercise that will DRAMATICALLY improve your finger fluidity. You'll be shocked how fast it builds your chops.
I'll help you create great sounding
blues leads and solos.
  • Unearth the secrets of the Major vs Minor pentatonic sounds. It unlocks a whole new colorful palette for your blues solos.
  • How to use the magical sounding "blue" note to create deep, powerful sounds licks.
  • Transform into a blues solo magician by building up motifs and musical ideas within a solo.

Life Is Short... Here's Your Chance To Once-And-For-All
Fulfill Your Dream Of Playing Smokin' Blues Guitar.

How to Play Smokin' Blues

How to Play Smokin' Blues Vs. Private Instruction

I'm not going to knock face to face lessons. However: they usually end up costing a small fortune. In fact, if you wanted to study with a guitar instructor in person, be prepared to dish out thousands of dollars.

How to Play Smokin' Blues Vs. Private Instruction

Digital courses save you thousands of dollars, because you're getting dozens and dozens of lessons that you can watch over and over.

This is it, my friend... How to Play Smokin' Blues is the systematized course that will give you the insider info you need to play blues like a pro in record time.

I'd like to make your decision easy. So, here's the deal... If for any reason, (or even no reason at all) you decide this course isn't helping you learn to play some great sounding guitar in record time, you can send an email and I'll refund every penny immediately. There's no fine print and no hassles.

The Craziest Guarantee In The World!

Yes, you'll get a 60-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee (and that's just for starters).

Order these awe-inspiring guitar lessons... watch them... then sit down with your guitar... play a few licks and riffs, .and then play a classic tune just to prove to yourself that you've really learned to play some authentic blues guitar, faster than you ever imagined.

If it doesn't happen, just send us a quick email and I'll see that you receive a prompt refund of your money, no questions asked.

Am I Crazy?
Or Is This Course That GOOD?

I can afford to be so generous... because I know the TRUTH. You see... these lessons really do work! By simply following along with the Digital Course you'll be amazed how you'll start to transform into a blues master. It's almost like magic because it shouldn't be THIS easy and simple... but it is.

You get a 60 day guarantee. I'll even
pay the shipping on returns.
You can't lose.

Just imagine inviting your friends and family over, and blowing them away with some smokin' blues... Jaws will drop and respect will be earned.

It's a no-brainer decision, so please click on the link below, fill out your information, and you'll soon be the proud owner of this How to Play Smokin' Blues Course that will reward you for a lifetime.

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Claude Johnson

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