"Forget Flashy Leads,
Crazy Shred Licks and Boring Scales...
World-Renown Jam Master From San Francisco
Reveals the Secrets To Becoming
A Soulful Jammin' Guitarist."

Dear Guitarist,

Do you love to improvise and jam?

"Mark Karan is ready to show you
the Secrets of the Jam Masters."
  • Are you into creative, melodic guitar playing from jam-bands like: The Grateful Dead, Phish, and the Allman Brothers?
  • Are you ready to explode into the creator zone of guitar playing... and triple your creative chops in 3 fun hours by learning from one of the modern maestros of jam guitar and downloading his 4 decades of experience?
  • Are you ready to leave the mundane world of boring guitar riffs behind and embark on a "magic carpet ride" into the wild, groovy secret realm of the "Jam Masters" (led by a guitarist that even the great Bob Weir, of Grateful Dead fame, hired after the Jerry Garcia era)?
  • Would you like to tap into some of the coolest guitar sounds on Earth, created by a "mad sonic genius" that infuses new life into your playing and sends you on "The Pro Jam Journey to Fretboard Freedom" ?
"Mark with Warren Haynes
(Allman Brothers, Govt Mule)"

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions -- get ready... cause you're about to enter the "Creator Zone" with Mark Karan's "Secrets Of The Jam Masters".

There's an elusive little known "guitar world" that only a handful of guitarists ever discover. And that's the world of the "Jam Bands". And within that realm -- there's only a handful of "Elite Jam Masters"... and one of them is Mark Karan.

There's 3 key factors to being able to create "epic jams":

1. Fail-Proof Formulas
2. World-Class Sonic Palettes
3. The Psychedic Mind Meld

Jam Master Secret #1:
Fail-Proof Formulas

"Unleash your creative powers."

There's 2 ways to approach a jam: "wingin' it" into epic failures... or "whammin' it" into epic wins. Too many guitarist think of jamming as just "playin' whatever I want". That mindset leads to: EPIC SUCK SOLOS.

The guys that seem to "wing it" and make it work -- are actually following fail-proof formulas that make them sounds good NO MATTER WHAT. Mark Karan wants to teach you those secrets.

They're not complicated... They're not difficult. However, very few guitarists ever figure them out. And when they do -- they sometimes find themselves on tour with legends like Bob Weir.

Jam Master Secret #2:
World Class Sonic Palettes

Listen -- I've had the honor of filming and hearing dozens of world class guitarists play and record their best licks, solos and sounds.

I'm not just talking about "guitar tones" here. I'm talking about "Sexy Sonic Vibrations" that create cool vibes that lead to epic jams.

THE BIG SECRET IS: what kind of sounds should you dial up to match the vibe?

"Learn to work your amp
for maximum killer tones."

When it comes to expert advice, NOBODY comes close to Mark Karan. Even San Francisco session pro Jimmy Dillon says, "Mark Karan is in a league of his own when it comes to tweaking and dialing mind blowing guitar sounds out of any amp or set up. When I have questions about pedals and amps... I call Mark."

"If you love hot guitar tones,
you need to see this."

Mark owns 20 amps, 38 guitars and DOZENS of pedals. The most impressive part is -- he knows how to tweak every single element to squeeze out insane tones that instantly make any song, riff or solo sound freakin' amazing.

WOAH... WOAH... WOAH... I know what you're thinking. "Oh crap -- I'm going to have to spend a fortune."

Don't worry -- It's NOT about expensive gear. You can actually create world class guitar tones for a lot less than you think.

Like I said -- "whammin' jammin'" is about creating an awesome vibe by dialin' up the RIGHT GUITAR SOUND.

Mark Karan & the guys from the Grateful Dead:
Bob Weir and Mickey Hart.

Jam Master Secret #3:
Psychedelic Mind Melds

Have you watched Star Trek and seen the Vulcans do a "mind meld"? They close their eyes and can read each other's thoughts. Actually, it's like they become one mind.

Guess what... It's not just science fiction. The same thing happens for real in the best jam bands in the world.

The Grateful Dead, Phish and Rat Dog all tapped into something so cool... it can only be described as a "Psychedelic Mind Meld".

And you don't need to wait for a call from Bob Weir to have your own epic jams.

Once you're armed with Karan's techniques, sounds and formulas -- you'll be ready.

"Increase your inspiration and achieve
the "psychedelic mind meld".

Transcend Scales And Boring Theory
With Mark's Magical Chord Tone Spells.

Go way beyond scales
and learn some fresh new approaches.

The top jam masters don't really focus that much on "guitar scales". Sure, scales can be useful sometimes... But that's just one approach!

When you start adding "chord tones" to your leads, your playing becomes FAR more powerful and effective.

This auto-magically gives you a strong sense of belonging with the rest of the band and the jam.

Here's just some of the cool stuff you're going to learn on DVD #1 of "Secrets Of The Jam Masters":

  • Meet "The Ghost" -- it's a great technique that adds wicked spice to your solos and riffs. Mark shows you how to make "The Ghost" sound tight and sweet (instead of sloppy). See 8:38.
  • Enlighten your leads by incorporating "ringing pedals" that bring the listener deep in the forest of magical chimes. It's a beautiful transition technique that works EVERY single time. 12:41
  • Then you'll dive into some sticky "Major Minor Mojo" -- First, you'll score with a sweet 'plug-and-play pattern' that you can use anywhere on the guitar neck. It's one of those "must know classics" that you can use right away. 17:20.
...With slide guitar maestro
Derek Trucks.
...With Chris Robinson
of the Black Crowes.
...With Blues Legend
Hubert Sumlin.

Forget About Blowing Minds
And Trying to be Flashy...
It's All About Being Soulful.

Mark says "Have intent and mean every note you play."

Discover how to "squeeze the sponge dry" and milk a lick for all it's worth. This is VITAL to creating epic jams. This is how you build tension, peak a phrase and create a melding of the minds.

You'll love discovering new things like how to start your lead using a jazzy twist (Santana loves this move). Sadly, most rock guitarists never discover this little trick.

Mark brings you "behind the veil" and smashes some misconceptions. For example, in the jam community, in the blues community, and in the Americana community...

You Don't Need BIG Chops or "Shred Skills".
Instead -- You Can Take Simple Riffs and

Squeeze more juicy licks
from your guitar."

Mark will show you exactly how to do this.

Also, he's going to give you the answers to vital questions such as:

How can you "serve" the song? How committed are you to the rest of the band members? How deep are you going into tapping into the vibes? How can you powerfully demonstrate attitude (without ego) and build tension...

These are the answers you need to become a true "Jam Master" in your own right. Here's more:

  • How to find the sweet spot and ride the waves between "the shadows" and "the sun" to create some refreshing jam guitar that gets everybody bombed on your groove. 24:16
  • Mark shows perhaps the easiest "solo trick" ever that is 100% guaranteed to work every single time. Best of all: he shows you how to make it sound cooler than a frosty pina colada. 28:38

How to Sound Bluesy
Without "Playing the Blues".

Mark with Blues Icon "Pinetop" Perkins
  • Yes, creating some deep bluesy vibes (without necessarily playing a "blues song") was one of the Grateful Dead's "big secrets" to their epic jams. Finally -- this simple yet virtually unknown integration is shared with the rest of the guitar community. Thank The Lord! 32:15
  • Mark brings you deep into the rabbit hole and reveals: how to write your own jam chord progressions and how to instantly create different moods and groovalicious sounds. 37:03

And we're not not even done the first DVD yet... On disc 2:

  • Mark is going to show you how to do the "One chord jam", but twist some magic leads around it. Even better, you'll learn to change the mood as you're going along. It's a lot of fun. 1:05

  • The quadruple flavor blend -- combine 4 potent scales to create one mean cocktail of jam power... The nice part is you can change one note and it totally changes the vibes instantly. 2:01
  • Discover the "light and dark" trick that all the legends used in the 60s and 70s... Jeff Beck, Clapton, Jerry Garcia, the Allmans... It's all over tons of classic records. 5:27
It's not about memorizing a ton of licks...

The Secret is Trusting Your Ears
and Hearing the Harmony.

  • When you put your ears to work for you, then you can conjure up own licks and enter the "Creator Zone". 6:20
"The amazing Dickey Betts
from the Allman Brothers."
  • Want to create a dark, mystical Western vibe? You can really set a mood. Think tumbleweeds blowing over the planes with wizards blowing rings of smoke into the distance...10:09
  • Ever heard of Duane Eddy? He's a Grammy winning guitar god from the 50s... And Mark shows you how to create his trademark "spy movie sound" with some mysterious, cinematic feels that are a blast to explore.
  • Here's a really cool trick to create some exotic sounds by throwing in an odd note or two. Mark will show you exactly which notes create those stoney, spooky chills. 13:07

"Sonic Wavy Wobbles" are Another Way
To Manfiest some Musical Mojo.

"Let your spirit fire
ignite your guitar passion."
  • Get some smokey-bud flavor R&B riffs happening in the style of legends like Cornell Dupree and Curtis Mayfield. This is how you can create some chordal textures. 16:09
  • How to spice up your leads with some hot rhythms and dank melodies. You can create some killer hooks easily using this tactic. 17:43
  • Do you like playing blues leads? Your mind will be blasted from this goldmine of sweet new blues ideas Mark will share with you, starting at 21:32
  • Kick start an epic jam with Karan's patented kick-ass blues guitar rhythm chops. 24:35
Are you getting spaced out trying to learn a ton of patterns on the neck?

Forget Trying to Memorize Scales.
Instead, Mark Shows You the Fast and
Easy Way to Conquer the Fretboard.

  • How to "mine" an area of the neck and harvest endless crystallized musical nuggets. 28:31
  • How to get out of the "riff mentality" and into the "singing on the guitar" zone. This is an untold secret of every great melodic player. The key is learning to think in phrases... See 29:08
Does it get any more
fun than this?
  • Perhaps the most valuable skill you can ever learn is how to switch off your mind when you're playing, so that the knowledge you've already soaked up will come out... This is how you get into the psychedlelic mind meld zone... Your subconscious will do all the work to create melodies. 30:57
  • Don't WIG OUT If you ever get stuck in the middle of solo, use Mark's "easy exists" to find your way back to the sweet spot of the jam. 31:35
  • The "ubiquitous sliding 6ths" is a killer blues trick. You can use it to harmonize your playing and connect deep with the vibe. 35:20
  • Timeless wisdom on how to get a killer vibrato and enrich your sonic pallette. This will give your music a lot more power, depth, and effect on the communal mind. 38:25
  • Don't be a buzzkill when you're taking a lead. Instead, learn how to "break it up" and "shake it up" by making interesting "rhythmic statements". Watch and learn at 40:16.
  • A special chordal trick Mark "stole" from blues legend Robben Ford. You can really blaze, blitz, and burn when you throw this into a blues. 42:03.

Wanna Make Some Green with your Guitar?
Then You Need Mark's Advice on
How to "Get Out There and Gig".

"Get out there and play!"

No matter what level you aspire to play to, Mark can help you reach new heights.

  • The best advice Mark offers up is how to turn off your theory, stop thinking about licks and chops, and follow your bliss into the psychedelic mind meld of inspiration. 54:13

And we keep going deeper down the rabbit hole with some more amazing secrets inside of DISC 3:

  • Spice up and fry your sound using wild approaches and tonal effects to concoct different "sound personalities" 8:24
  • How to avoid being "too cool for school and too hip for the room"... Mark exposes how to capture the vibe of what everyone's trying to create together. 11:24
  • Avoid guitar sounds that "really don't bring much to the party." You need to craft something that works for each situation and gets the whole band blitzed. See 13:06

Mark Opens His Kimono And
Reveals The Secrets Behind
His World Class Sonic Palette.

As much as we love great amps, you can create an even more powerful sonic palette of options using a few of Mark's favorite pedals. Best of all, you'll still have money left over to party. Here's some of the ultra-groovy sound secrets you're going to learn:

Jamming with Phish's
Trey Anastasio.
  • The art of digital delay. This is one of U2's biggest tricks to sound massive. 22:27
  • How to use phase modulation to create the trademark Pink Floyd roar and ring (without sounding like you're trapped in a tin can that's floating on the ocean)24:16
  • The "warm and toasty" overdriven Rolling Stones tone. 26:44
I love this next tip...Mark shows us:

A Foolproof Way to Tell
If You've Got a "Good" Distortion Tone.

Yes! It's a simple test you can perform instantly to know if you've got a great tone or a wall of mud.

Mark: I didn't replace Jerry.
I didn't fill Jerry's shoes.
No one could!
  • Mark's favorite: One of the big secrets to Jerry Garcia's trademark sound. This gives your playing a very "vocal" quality. 40:05
  • How to avoid misusing gain. You want a natural, sustaining tone that really sings... Too much distortion gives you a fizzy, saggy thats hopelessly lost in the mix. You'll never suffer from the "bees in the bottle" syndrome again! 30:34
  • And tons more lead guitar vibes that you can add to your sonic pallete. 44:37.
Once you're armed with Karan's techniques, sounds and formulas -- you'll be ready for the final phase of "Jam Secrets": The Psychedelic Mind Meld.

Join Mark & Jimmy, Deep In
The "Sound Hound Lounge".

Jimmy Dillon makes a special guest appearance and joins Mark as they jam and decode the magic behind their "Magic Majestic Melodies".

Mark and Jimmy tap into the "psychedelic mind meld" and show all of Mark's best tricks and tips IN ACTION.

Plus you'll learn a ton about guitars, tones, effects, jamming, performing, and a lot more.

It's super inspirational...

The only thing more tasty might be a a pint of your favorite Ben & Jerry ice cream.


If You Love to Jam Then Buying
These DVDs Is a No-Brainer Move.

You know a good thing when you see it...

This ain't your average "Johnny guitar teacher", folks...It's Mark Karan!

I don't know what else to say. Just do it... Go ahead and reward yourself and order these amazing instructional DVDs RIGHT NOW!

Here's another reason why this is gonna be a great learning experience:

With Powertabs, Learning
Has Never Been Easier.

You're not just getting 3 jam-packed DVDs. You're also getting tabs showing you all the examples, licks, and riffs...

Even though Mark's teaching is crystal clear, some people like to have the tabs to follow along with to. No problem. We got you covered.

Everything is written out note for note, both in PDF format, and also in Powertab format so you can watch the notes go by on your computer, and each one is highlighted as it's playing.

If you've never experienced this before, it's incredible. No more trying to "figure out" the rhythm of the tabs. You see it, you hear it, and you learn it -- FAST.

Don't miss the bus!
Go ahead and grab your copy
of these DVDs right now!
And if you have any lingering doubt whether you should order these DVDs, remember:

You're Protected By
Our Famous 12 Month
Money-Back Guarantee.

Guitar Control offers a generous 12 month, 100% money-back guarantee on all DVD courses.

If these DVDs and tabs aren't everything I say they are, or if you want a refund for any reason (or even no reason at all), then you'll get it immediately.

No B.S, no run-around, and no hassles.

I should mention that Mark actually does NOT offer private lessons. It's not worth his time -- he's just too busy touring...

Finding someone of Mark's caliber to teach you guitar is practically impossible.

And if you could, look how expensive it would be (even at normal guitar lesson prices):

You're gonna love Mark's
interplanetary guitar tricks.

Obviously, its an incredible value (and a no-brainer move) to grab a copy of these DVDs. You'll be able to watch them as many times as you want and learn tons.

This is the equivalent of thousands of dollars of instruction.

But you won't pay thousands.

Heck, we're not even asking for $100.

Your low price today is just $97 $77.

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So, go ahead...

It's a winning decision and you'll be the proud owner of "Secrets of the Jam Masters." which will reward you for a lifetime.

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Keep Playing,

Claude Johnson
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P.P.S. Just to recap: You're getting 3 jam-packed DVDs with tabs from one of the living legends of jam-band guitar playing. I promise its going to inspire you, supply you with a fresh bag of tricks, and breathe new life into your playing. It doesn't matter if you're beginner or advanced -- you can use these DVD to create some hot new sounds right now.

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