Philly Blues Man Turns His Sights
To God and Teaches Your Favorite 25
Gospel Songs With 1-2-3 Method

I have a personal confession to make: until a couple of years ago, I was a devoted atheist. Yes, I foolishly believed that once I was going to die, �That�s it. It�s the end.�

The main reason I thought like that was because I thought, �Science and man are God�. You might be thinking, �You were crazy� and you are right, I was.

Not surprisingly, I became trapped in some heavy personal problems. My wife became miserable and my life was spiralling down the drain...

One Of My Darkest Moments

One night I arrived home and the furniture was gone and so was my wife with all of her clothes. I was all alone - I even felt I didn't have God (which of course was my own delusion).

I think that was a small preview of hell�

Looking back, that was �the crash and burn� I needed for the beginning of my �Awakenening�. I knew life shouldn�t be that dark. A voice in the back of my head told me that, �There�s something more��

Then, there was the turning point: a friend introduced me to an incredible book that changed my life. The book was deeply spiritual and it was written in a way that didn't scare a "hard core atheist" like myself... So, I read the whole thing in a flash and my life transformed.

I started seeing the Divinity in everything: people, places, trees, birds and of course music and guitar. I felt, saw and heard the Magic that makes the Universe go round.

Since then, I�ve been a Devoted Spiritual Student and life couldn�t be any better! Even when things are �bad�, I know that it�s God�s Will and I surrender my thoughts to Thee Oh Lord.

Marrying God and Guitar Is a
Match Made in Heaven

I�ve been a professional guitar player and teacher for almost 20 years. And now that I�ve reconnected with God...

I truly feel that teaching YOU Gospel Guitar is my destiny. The fact that you�re reading this letter is proof. There are no accidents in this world, only God�s Will.

So, for the past few weeks and months I�ve been studying, and decoding the various styles of Gospel Guitar and I�ve compiled what I consider to be a 25 song repetoire some of the most important Gospel Guitar concepts and hymns that I�ve discovered and I can�t wait to share it with you!

"Let's Face It...
Your Biggest Challenge Is TIME"

Time. It's your most precious resource. You can't buy it. You can't borrow it. And everyone only gets 24 hours a day.

Have you ever said to yourself:

"I just don't have enough time to put in a few hours per day in practice..."

"Every time I pick up the guitar, I can't stay focused for more than 20 minutes at a time..."

"When I do practice, I don't feel I'm improving and learning anything new..."

Ask yourself, why are there some musicians who progress more in 30 minutes than others do in 3 hours of practicing?

...but here's the great news:

I've got the solution to your TIME problem!

It's called the "Pareto Principle" and once I show you how to use the Pareto Principles, you'll never practice the same way again.

Basically the Pareto Principle is that 20% of what you do is creates for 80% of the results you get.

Read that again:

"20% of what YOU DO is creates for 80% of the results YOU GET..."

What this means is that the guitarists who become great don't necessarily practice all day long.

Don't get me wrong... You need to practice.

However, what I am saying is that if you focus on a few small, critical factors you'll get BIG RESULTS.

All You Need Is 15 Minutes a Day!

So if you focus the time you DO HAVE on the 20% of things that get 80% of your favorable results, you'll progress far more quickly than someone who does the opposite.

Yup, that's no joke.

You see, it doesn't take "20 YEARS" to sound like you've been playing for 20 years...

Because that's not how the Pareto Principle works. In other words, if you focus on the "critical 20%," you'll get WHOPPING RESULTS instantly!

Inside of Gospel Guitar, you'll automatically learn THE CRITICAL 20% that makes all the difference in the world. In fact, you'll be sounding like a pro so fast you won't believe your ears.

Now, here's a detailed description of some of the specific guitar playing tips, tricks and secrets you're about to learn...

Step One is
Learning Guitar Chords

  • If you're a total beginner (or haven't even bought a guitar yet), don't worry. I go through everything you need to know - from learning the names of the strings up through playing chords and songs. (See lesson 1)

  • I'll end any "chord confusion" once and for all. I promise you'll be crystal clear on how each chord is played, because I show you each chord four different ways. First, you'll see me play the chord. Second, you'll see a close-up shot of my fingers... Third, you'll see a chord diagram, and fourth, I'll tell you exactly where to place each finger on the fretboard.

    Screen Shot from the Gospel Guitar Course (Lesson 3)

  • How to play an amazing assortment of sounds from just one fingering position. For example, once you learn the E minor chord, you can quickly play E major, Em7, and E7. It sounds complicated, but it's not. In fact, you just have to move one finger. I'll show you exactly what to do. (on Lesson 7)

  • Avoid the common mistake of muffling the strings while you're playing a chord. A cool "bowling ball grip" trick can save you weeks of frustration, and you can master it in about 15 second flat. (Lesson 2)
  • Use the simple "ring test" to make sure you're playing any chord correctly. (See it in Lesson 3)

  • I'll teach you the rarely-mentioned, but important "partial upstroke" technique which makes your playing sound mature and polished, even if you're just starting out. (Watch Lesson 6)

  • See the critical difference between chords like C major and D versus other chords like like E minor and G. Not every chord is played the same way. (Learn why in Lesson 4)

  • How to play sophisticated chords (like Dsus2 and Dsus4) without memorizing or learning difficult fingering patterns. This is a favorite trick of Tom Petty. (See how in Lesson 9)

    But hold on, I'm not done yet. Learning the chords is just the first step in your guitar education. It's only about 10% of the course. Get ready for...

    Step Two.
    Playing Chord Progressions!

    When you play several chords back-to-back, in rhythm, that's known as a chord progression. This is the second component of this course, and it's where your playing really starts to come alive. Especially when you start learning things like...

    • 4-count strumming... Your playing will sound awesome, even if you thought rhythm didn't come naturally to you. (Lesson 6)

    • Master the skill of switching your fingers quickly from one chord to another. This is how you can become an accomplished guitarist in record time. (Watch it in Lesson 5)

    • I'll show you a cool progression that made Kurt Kobain famous. You'll be rocking out with this melody on the first day you get the course! (Learn it in Lesson 5)
    • Learn the most important chords used in rock... for example, the warm and sunny A major chord or the crunchy D chord... and how to play them together in riffs just the Beatles and Sublime did. (See how in Lesson 7)

    • The classic "Heaven's progression" will allow to play dozens of your favorite songs. (Watch Lesson 8)

  • Learn Barre Chords, Picking Patterns & More...

    I keep these lessons simple and straightforward, but they are still jam-packed full of essential guitar knowledge and tips. I've yet to meet the guitarist who can resist learning secrets such as...

    • The hauntingly beautiful "Major 7" Chords, such as Fmaj7 and Cmaj7. These are my absolute favorite chords, yet they are remarkably easy to play. (See Lesson 10)

    • How to create picking patterns that can transform a simple chord progression into a masterpiece... In fact, when you master this technique, you can make any beautiful woman weep (I know cause I've experienced it more than once). (See it in Lesson 14)
    • How to change the top melody note without even moving your fretting hand. This is one of the simplest tricks used by pro guitarists to add tons of spice to any song. (Learn this in Lesson 10)

    • Open new worlds of possibilities with moveable chord shapes that you can play anywhere on the neck! (Watch it in Lesson 11)

    • The shape-shifting technique that lets you discover new chords any time you want. This is one of the best "experimentation" methods that you can use to explore your creativity. (Also in Lesson 11)

    • How to become a rhythm guitar maestro by mastering all the critical barre chords (See Lessons 12 and 13).

      Lessons 15,16, and 17 deliver a no-nonsense education about music theory. I promise this will dramatically increase your confidence and understanding of the guitar, and save you years of confusion.

      In just 15 minutes, you'll learn more useful secrets than many guitarists learn in 10 years. The fact is, most guitarists just memorize riffs without understanding what's going on. You'll see what I'm talking about when you watch the video.

      Now, if you only studied the first 17 lessons in this course, you would already be well on your way to becoming an accomplished musician. In fact, an earlier version of this course consisted of just those first 17 lessons... And it taught thousands of folks like you to successfully play the guitar.

      And even though these lessons give you the tools you need, I recently decided to expand the course and demonstrate with concrete examples how to play your favorite tunes. That's why I added...

      Step Three
      Learning Complete Songs

      After mastering chords and progressions, you're ready to start playing all your favorite songs. In this course, I demonstrate exactly how to do this, with 75 powerful examples.

      I'd have to make this letter 20 pages long to explain all the cool things you're gonna learn here. To make a long story short, you're going to be able to play a convincing rendition of just about any popular song you want by the end of this course.

      Imagine going to a party, pulling your guitar and playing songs by Aerosmith, Beatles, Eric Clapton, Neil Young, Deep Purple, Tom Petty, The Police, Lynard Skynard, Van Hallen, Alice in Chains, Johnny Cash, U2, Fuel, Pink Floyd, the Beastie Boys, the Doors, Guns N Roses, Green Day, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Santana, CCR, AC/DC, Greatful Dead, Nirvana, Ozzy, Bob Dylan, the Eagles, Led Zeppelin and many, many more.

      Best of all, I'll teach you how to play ANY song your heart desires once you learn my "song decoding" methodology that I cover throughout the song lessons.

      This amazing video will not be sold in stores, and frankly it's nothing like the confusing mish-mash of random guitar videos being sold in music shops. It's only available right here - on this website.

      Because you can watch these online videos over and over, and pause and rewind them as you wish, you actually get a better, more complete education in a shorter time span than any of my personal students.

      The Gospel Guitar Course is Built On
      The Easy 1-2-3 Guitar Learning System

    Step 1: Learn Guitar Chords
    Step 2: Learn Guitar Chord Progressions
    Step 3: Play All of Your Favorite Songs

    Yes, playing your personal favorites is a simple 1-2-3 step process.

    Step 1: Learn the basic chords

    Chords are the fundamental building blocks from which all music is created. Memorizing a ton of chords is actually counterproductive.The fastest shortcut is to learn a small handful of chords that can be used to play most songs.

    Step 2: Learn to play chord progressions.

    Once you can play chords, you need to string them together into progressions. I'll take you step by step through this learning process - from learning to switch chords quickly, to playing in time, to knowing which chords sound good together, and more.

    Step 3: Learn to play complete songs

    Once you can play chord progressions, you are an inch away from playing complete songs. I'll show you how it's done, using examples from Amazing Grace to Shout to The Lord, and everything in between. More on this in a moment...

    From Raw Beginner to Skilled Pros�
    There�s Something For Everyone

    Here�s another neat little feature in this course � I�ve rated the difficulty of all the songs from 1 to 5 (5 being the hardest). Most of the songs are super easy and you�ll be able to play them in less than 15 minutes. And if you�re already a seasoned professional, then I�ve got a few special surprises that I�m sure you�ll enjoy!

    Best of all, you use this course to improve your skills as a guitar player. For an example, start by choosing a song that has a rating of 1 (which is fairly easy). Then, pick a song that�s a 2� and then a 3� and then a 4 and so on�

    Next thing you know,
    you�ll be playing songs that
    you never imagined you could play!

    While I was preparing, I asked for some feedback specifically around what songs you wanted to learn. I got a ton of responses. However, I found there was 6 groups of Gospel songs.

    Inside this powerful course, I�ll teach you the 6 main styles of Gospel Guitar:

    1. The Hymns (The 1700-1900s)
    2. Songs From the Bible
    3. Gospel Classics
    4. Western Gospel
    5. Modern Christian Rock
    6. Melodic Christian Music

    Gospel Guitar Made Easy:
    A Guaranteed Gateway to God

    Here�s the list of the 25 Gospel Guitar songs you're about to get INSTANT ONLINE ACCESS to:

    1. Shout to the Lord - I start off the song learning with this beauty of a song. Its a contemporary Christian rocker that will really get you up to speed quickly in putting together basic chords into a song. I talk about important concepts like song structure and how to prepare yourself to learn any song. I go over how to play the piano-style intro on the guitar, and also discuss the best ways to start learning simple versions of any song.

    2. Just as I am - This classic hymn will really get you playing some more advanced chords, and I also teach you how to transpose songs to different keys, which is really important for gospel guitar, where traditional hymns might be in a different key from a modern recording.

    3. Nothing But the Blood - a traditional hymn that was redone by Matt Redman in the contemporary Christian tradition. In this song, we see another great example of putting major and minor chords together. Also, I teach a very cool arpeggiated picking technique to give the song a nice light and peaceful texture.

    4. Abide with Me - Another hymn from the 1800s that I show in 2 different keys. You'll deepen your understanding of playing and singing together and learn how hymns are traditionally presented, so you can learn any hymn you want.

    5. Awesome God - This is a totally fun song that I know you'll love to play. And it's easy too! In this lesson I talk more about making the songs come to life and how to make it easier to play and sing at the same time.

    6. The Great Adventure - This is a modern country gospel rocker that sounds great and is easy to play. I'll show you how to achieve that driving sound by the use of proper rhythmic strumming, palm muting technique, and also how to embellish major chords with simple melodies.

    7. Jesus Freak - This is a Christian "hard rock" tune. Yes, in this course you'll learn examples from just about every genre. This tune features an unusual rhythm/strum pattern that is very instructive.

    8. Shout to the North - A very simple tune , mostly composed of 3 chords - this song is great for beginners who are just learning to put progressions into songs.

    9. Agnus Dei - A wonderful modern gospel song by Michael W. Smith. In this song, I'll show you some important ideas dealing with chord progressions, plus some chord melody concepts so you can create better arrangements for all your tunes.

    10. Here I am to Worship - a beautiful, yet simple song that you will love to play.

    11. Show Me Your Glory - a great tune by Third Day, which features some barre chord playing, slides, and other cool guitar techniques.

    12. Get Down On Your Knees and Pray - a bluegrass gospel tune from the Del McCoury band... I show some cool techniques like alternating bass and tremelo picking.

    13. Death Ain't Got No Mercy - a gospel blues song from the Reverend Gary Davis. Here you'll learn to combine blues licks with a traditional chord progression.

    14. Oh How I Love Jesus - Elvis sang this gospel song and now you can too. It's easy!

    15. What a friend we Have in Jesus - Another easy one - you'll enjoy adding this popular gospel song to your repertoire.

    16. The Lord is My Shepherd (Psalm 23) - I'll show the Keith Green version of this song. It's absolutely beautiful! You'll learn to play the basic song, then I'll show you how to spice up the arrangement by adding picking patterns.

    17. Sweet Hour of Prayer - Here, I'm teaching the "Hank Snow" western version of this gospel classic, and I'll show you some cool 2-string chordal transitions.

    18. Were You There - Another "western" gospel - I'll show you the "Johnny Cash" version of this classic.

    19. O Little Town of Bethlehem - In this classic Christmas song, you will learn to play diminished chords and you'll also discover principles that help you to create clear and effective song arrangements.

    20. Kumbayah - This classic African spiritual is fun to play and you'll learn a cool picking pattern too.

    21. Silent Night - All will be calm and bright in your mind after you learn this song and the chord melody concepts I teach here...

    22. Amazing Grace - I'll show you the easy way to play this song. Your friends and family will love hearing you play this gospel anthem.

    23. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God - This majestic song goes all the way back to the 1500s and it will challenge you! Here I show my "pluck and pick" technique to deal with songs like this one that have a ton of chord changes.

    24. Blessed Assurance - I'll show you how to play the "Third Day" version of this traditional hymn, and you'll learn some new advanced chords and picking patterns. Also, I'll discuss how to change or simplify chord progressions so that they sound better on the guitar.

    25.Plus, there�s a very special bonus that I'm going to call: "An Ancient Praise Surprise Song". I think that you�re really going to enjoy learning how to play it. I know I did.

    You Receive 4 Powerful Levels of Instruction

    This course is better than books and maybe even personal instructions because you are going to learn with via 4 different methods:

    1. Easy-to-Understand Videos

    2. Clear, Written Instructions

    3. Simple Chord Charts

    4. Easy-to-Follow Tablatures

    Incredible Bonus:

    The Guitar Chord Secrets Part 1 & 2
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    We've sold thousand copies at $49.95... Now, you'll get it ABSOLUTELY FREE!

    Why are we doing this? It's because we want you to know all of the basic and intermediate chords. Then, you'll be able to play all of the songs inside of the Gospel Guitar Made Easy.

    The Gospel Guitar Made Easy Course
    Private Guitar Lessons

    I'm not going to knock one-on-one guitar lessons. However: they usually end up costing a small fortune.

    And often, most of these guys don't have a SYSTEM. They just teach whatever they feel like that day.
    Now, look at this chart...

    As you see, you'll save thousands of dollars by purchasing the "Gospel Guitar Made Easy".

    This amazing package is a systematized course that will give you the shortcuts and secrets you need to play like a pro in record time.

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    Gospel Guitar Made Easy

    God Bless You,
    Claude Johnson

    P.S. Just in case you are wondering, I'm taking all of the risk with this amazing offer. Here's why...

    I'm so sure this course will have you playing your favorite songs in record time, that...

    I'm Offering You an Outrageous
    DOUBLE Your Money Back Guarantee

    This easily the boldest guarantee in the history of guitar lessons. In fact...

    You're Protected By TWO Extremely
    Generous Money-Back Guarantees

    Your First Guarantee:You have TWELVE full months to examine everything, use what you wish, and, if for any reason or even no reason, you want a full refund, just return everything and you'll get your money back immediately.

    No hassle. No "fine print." Simple and straightforward; you are thrilled with what you get in my package or you get a full refund. If you're not going to benefit from having a copy of Gospel Guitar Course, I really would prefer to buy it back.

    Your SECOND Guarantee: Your SECOND Guarantee: Yes, we'll give you double your money back if you practice with this course for 6 months and you DON'T improve. Just send us a video of you playing within 30 days buying the course and another six months later. If you feel that you're not totally rocking on the guitar, we'll give you DOUBLE your money back.

    Sure, I'm putting my neck on the line with this guarantee but we're not because we know you're gonna love it!

    We are giving this extremely confident guarantee because we want to help you rock out BIGTIME -- So we want you to feel absolutely assured that your time won't be wasted. This course is the real deal!

    STILL not convinced?

    Read a couple more unsolicited letters I've received recently about my Easy 1-2-3 Learning System...

    "This Course has helped me begin to learn guitar very quicky and simply. Great starting guide for all new guitarists. Thanks for your help."

    - Matt Norman, Leicester, United Kingdom

    "Thank you so much for these! Wonderful! You are a genius! Thanks Again! "

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    - John E. Baker, Ph.D., P.E , Las Vegas, NV

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    - Aidan Bent, UK

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    "Hi Claude! Thanks alot for the videos - this is really helping me learn guitar well! I had my first gig with my band a few days ago. It went really well, thanks to all the stuff you've been teaching me. Thanks again,"

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    - Chris Lee, Rochester MA

    "Hey Claude, I just wanted to say that I love the videos. there very helpful because right now I'm at that stage where I am really starting to get good. I especially like the stevie ray vaughan stuff because he is one of my inspirations on the guitar. "

    - Shane Crick

    "hello Claude, i already got your dvds; i 'm glad because this has renewed my love for the blues. I have come to see that blues can sound so sweet. Though i've been playing for around ten years i didn't know all these pratical shortcuts you show in your dvds. Keep it up. God bless you "

    - Patrick Hazoume

    "Ok, you just became my personal guitar-god! I have practiced moving my fingers from top of the neck to the bottom of the neck for a long time! And, with your help, I have just learned it. I never thought that your videos would be this helpful! THANK YOU, AGAIN!! Your very own fan, Kim. "

    - Kim Kosonen

    "Claude, that is the quickest delivery service,ever. my dvd's arrived this morning, unbelievable. i am just about to watch them now. thanks again, cheers again "

    - Neil from the UK

    "Thanks your a big help.. God Bless"

    - Wenielyn Smiley

    "At last, a beginner's online guitar course has become available that allows the student to feel he's actually working with the teacher!

    I'm glad there's no cryptic or confusing charts and text. This course will truly make it easier for a beginner to learn to play guitar, especially if that person, like me, is limited for time. I would recommend your Ultimate Beginner's Guitar course to anyone interested in learning to play guitar. For ease of learning, personal pace and affordability, in my opinion, it can't be beat."

    - Peter Mills, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada

    "Saved my life"

    - Gaz F. Miller, young guitarist, Scottland

    "Thank you for all your help I always read your e-mail and checking out the videos you're sending to me. It's great! !"

    - Maria Narevik, Sweden

    "Cool, I got my dvd yesterday. This vid is great. There are about 5 of my friends coming over today. Once they see it they will be ordering too, I'm sure. I have been trying for years to learn chords; it has never worked. Last night i learned about six. Thanks again."

    - Chris Joiner, Centerville, Georgia

    "I think that both DVDs are worth the money and have good info on them. Thanks"

    - Dave Pickers, Milford, Ohio

    "Thankyou, for your instructional video I am doing great on my guitar now! "

    - John Holland

    "Thank you Claude, I've watched your DVDs and expect to benefit greatly from your insight. Sincerely, "

    - Pat Johnson, Reno, NV

    "Thanks a million Claude, I haven't gotten the product yet but I would recommend your company any day just because of the customer service!!"

    - Nik Matthews

    " I am happy to say I am pleased and surprised that you seem to be someone I could learn a lot from. I didn't expect that! Having control of your instrument, and your emotions is a rare quality. You have earned my respect, and I wish you all the best in all your endeavors. Keep up the good work! Bob Clary"

    - Chris Lambert, USA

    "Hi Claude "Killer Guitar Control" arrived on Wednesday and "Killer Lead Guitar" arrived on Thursday. Haven't slept much since. Your delivery service is outstanding. I am thoroughly enjoying your DVDs. Back in the sixties I played in an R&B band. Back then I self taught myself the basics, 12 bar blues, some riffs, improvised over the pentatonic, and the band did okay. Won a few compititions, recorded a record for Dominion Records, which went bankrupt and no one got paid. Since leaving school I put my guitar down and haven't played since. Anyway, am I happy to have run into your web site. I can't remember how I found you because I am too happy with your course right now. Thanks to you my playing not only resurfaced, it is developing in a way I never thought possible for me. Believe it or not, within three days, my speed has increased to the point that I am not intimidated anymore when listening to Joe Satriani, Steve Vai or Eric Johnson. I am amazed. My playing is smoother and richer. You have cleared up and confirmed a lot of questions I have carried with me. You have helped me to rekindle my LOVE of the GUITAR. I honestly wish you all the prosperity and success in Life that you can handle. Thank you for taking your knowledge and sharing it with us by producing such an outstanding course for beginners and for us old timers."

    - John Hoita Chesley, Ontario, Canada

    "FYI, your videos are great & have really taught Mark & our 5 years daughter, Halie a lot!! Thanks, Cathie"

    - Cathie B. , UK

    "I got your videos yesterday. I just sat and watched the first dvd. I think you are gonna help me quite a bit. After watching the dvd I broke out the old martin and used the bits and pieces I got from one viewing. I was playing blues lead. I had the drift of what I could be doing. thanks and I'll let you know"

    - Steve Hartman

    " got your DVD today, watched all of it. Thank you, it's great "

    - Henry Daniel

    "Your course is really unique. Cuts to the chase and is simple enough to understand. "

    - Chris Hyde, Australia

    "Hi Claude! I got the disk over the weekend! WOW! It is great! My fingers are damn sore! Thanks and good luck. "

    - Ray Russel, TOMS RIVER, NJ

    "Claude: I bought your Killer Guitar Control Secrets-Love it! Like to know the name of the digital processor pedal you use on the video please-Enjoying your video- Thanks, Alex "

    - Alex Nathan, Airforce Base, USA

    "Hi Claude,

    Just to let you know that I received the two Guitar Chord Secrets DVDs last night and the first half hour I managed to view looks really good.

    Cheers "

    - John Dullard Eltham - Australia


    Thank you for showing me the easy way around the fretboard...

    Cheers "

    - Gary aka thegmoneyband

    Dude been a drummer for over 30 yrs. Started playing guitar 19 mos. Ago. Your DVDs have helped me in a great way. I try to spend as much time on your material as possible. Thank you

    - [email protected]

    I just received the DVDss and I think I just can't lose. Well done and thanks

    - Dave Cocoran

    "I ordered your Ultimate Beginner course for my daughter. I have been playing off and on for 10 years. I was surprised how much I picked from you course as well, especially the sections on theory. Thanks! I really enjoyed it. "

    - Charlie Smith, Ohio USA

    "Your course page read just the way I wanted to see. I ordered a course thru Elmore or someone like that and it was just a bunch of info and I didn't know where to begin. I was so frustrated. I started looking at all the emails you had sent me and I was impressed. I just wanted something more structured. Also, on your page where the customer wrote you came across as a likeable guy is very true. That was one thing I also felt by reading your emails. I appreciate everything and I look forward to going through your course.

    - Lloyd Brooks, UK

    Cool, I got the course yesterday. This vid is great. There are about 5 of my friends coming over today. Once they see it they will be ordering too, I'm sure. I have been trying for years to learn chords; it has never worked. Last night i learned about six. Thanks again."

    - MChris Joiner, Centerville, Georgia

    "Claude, I like the way you are showing things just like you are in the room w/ me. You seem like a very likeable real person. By the way, I'm just turned 60 and it is opening up a new world I never knew. Thanks again."

    - Michael Carman, McLouth, Kansas

    "Hi, Received the course today so thanks for an excellent speedy delivery. They are just what I needed so very impressed. Feel free to use any positive feedback in your future promotions and I would be grateful if you could let me know if you do any future guitar lesson releases. Also, if you happen to do a blues course let me know as I will bite your fingers off to purchase one from you. Once again, many thanks. Best Regards, "

    - Aaron Peel, St. Brelade, United Kingdom

    "I ordered your Ultimate Beginner course for my daughter. I have been playing off and on for 10 years. I was surprised how much I picked from you course as well, especially the sections on theory. Thanks! I really enjoyed it. "

    - Charlie Smith - Ohio, USA

    "Your playing is very good, and very natural. It is inspirational watching you play and then break down what you are thinking and how you're approaching it. Thanks very much Claude!"

    - Scott Seward, Ann Arbor Vermont

    I consider myself an advanced guitar player. I've been at it for over 17 years and I was shocked and delighted after watching your lessons. I learned a lot of simple, yet powerful tricks that added tons of new flavor to my latest songs. Thanks man! "

    - Virtuwul, Professional Songwriter

    "You come off as a likeable man and that might be the most important thing of all. I think the material that you've provided is excellent stuff!"

    - Michael Melman, Guitar Teacher
    Manalapan, New Jersey

    "Hi Claude, I bought your course and I was impressed. It's a heck of a deal. I'm a beginner and have spent a lot of money on other online courses that left me confused. Thank you very much, "

    - David Brewer, Boothbay, Maine, USA

    P.P.S. Don't forget: You get INSTANT ACCESS to all of the songs. You'll be able to start watching the online videos immediately... and get 1 step closer to God.

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