Dear Guitarist,

Have you ever watched a great guitarist in concert (or on Youtube) and said to yourself: "Wow... I wish I could rip like that"?

Would you love to dominate the fretboard but felt overwhelmed about everything you'd need to know, learn, and practice?

Have you tried practicing scales and licks but the improvements to your playing just seem slower than a drunk turtle?

If you answered "yes" or you've ever thought about developing serious chops on the guitar...

...Then you might be as pumped as I am about this: It's a brand new cutting edge guitar course called: "The Fretboard Domination System".

The reason I'm so inspired by this course in particular, is because this is exactly the kind stuff I personally have been wanting to learn for years.

So without further ado, I present to you this brand new kick-ass guitar system from George Christian.

Meet George Christian,
Your New Lead Guitar Teacher.

George Christian is a Berklee graduate, a guitar professor, and jazz musician who has opened for Pat Metheny, George Benson, Keiko Matsui, Jesse Cook, Sara Gazarek, David Sanborn, Kenny G, James Taylor, Dave Koz, Chris Botti, Al Jarreau, Patti Austin, Basia, Herb Alpert, Lani Hall and other legends.

The dude is the real deal.

...And he brings us a total system that shows you how to SHRED in record time. You'll also get a professional guide book with tabs that reveals all the simple steps you need to master this wicked formula -- FAST.

I have to say, "shred" has gotten a bad rap in recent years because of young kids putting out obnoxious videos. Some of them think that if they can play a fast repeating 3-note lick, they're making great music.

We'll guess what...


Nobody except a few young punks think that playing 3 notes at 320 beats per minutes sounds good.

This product isn't just about "speed" and shred. It's about playing killer guitar and making music with tasteful melodies and interesting sophistication.

The "Holy Grail" Of Shred
Is To Play Melodic Solos That
Delight The Ear And Blow The Mind.

I'll let the cat out of the bag and tell you exactly how George's system works. You just have to learn 6 core scales and then you've got the golden goose.

The 6 golden eggs are:

  • The major scale and the modes
  • Pentatonics
  • Harmonic Minor
  • Melodic Minor
  • Half-Whole Diminished
  • Whole Tone
George will explain his system
to you, step by step.

However, hold on because there's a bit more to it than just learning the scales. Actually...

Guitar Scales By Themselves
Are About As Useful As A Brick
To The Side Of The Head!

That's right... The trick is to know HOW AND WHEN to use them. Even for me, this was a mind opener. To be frank, I'm guilty of overpracticing guitar scales in my bedroom without really having the bigger picture.

New information can open
your mind to new guitar realms.

This course has opened my mind to a whole new world. For me personally, this is possibly the best guitar course I've seen in a long time.

It's the road map to "going pro" as fast as humanly possible.

There's a lot of really powerful tips, tricks, and shortcuts on these courses and I'm not just blowing smoke here... When we filmed George, I was learning so many cool things, it felt like I was discovering the fun of playing guitar all over again.

You're in For a Treat.
Check Out this Huge Buffet
Of Tasty Guitar Secrets...

George is gonna talk to ya about modes, the major scale, scales divided by families, harmonic minor, picking techniques, exercises for right and left hand, major and minor minor blues, intervals, chromatic scales, and that's just jacks for openers. Here's more:

Life's too short not to
have a blast playing guitar
anytime, anywhere.
  • The most important thing to know on the guitar is intervals and shapes. Get the juicy deep secrets starting at 3:23.
  • How to stack intervals to build chords. This gives you a fun new way to approach the fretboard that will create fresh possibilities in your mind and it opens new vistas. 6:52
  • George gives you the must-know nuts and bolts of each mode. You'll learn their true functions and how you can use each of them musically. 8:02

Divide & Conquer the Fretboard
Using Powerful Building Blocks.

  • Get a killer tip to make learning the neck twice as easy. 9:35.
  • The key intervals which characterize the Dorian mode... This will help you get the essential sound. And you'll also learn how the Minor7 and Minor6 chords overlay perfectly onto this mode. 14:49
  • How different fingerings can inspire you to create different licks and create more sounds and emphasize certain notes. 18:38
George has opened up for
George Benson & other legends.
  • Lydian contains both Maj7 and Maj7b5. More importantly, you can use this classy distinction to forge beautiful Lydian lines. 21:40
  • How to know you're dealing with an Aeolian progression, a Dorian progression, or a Phrygian progression. This is the difference between being dazed and confused and owning the fretboard. 25:05
  • The minb7 is not only the Locrian chord but also can be a rootless 9 chord. Sounds confusing but you'll love playing it once you watch George unwind this magical little nugget of the masters. 26:11

And if any of these advanced concepts go "over your head", we included a fool-proof E-book with the courses complete with tabs, so you'll have multiple ways to learn.

Here's another whopper:

Learn A Huge Secret to Improvising
In Any Scale Without Sounding Repetitive.

  • How to divide a scale by mode families. This was another huge revelation for me. George shows you that using this technique will make you sound melodic beyond belief. 28:44
  • Modal Triads are a wild concept. They give you another set of tools for creating interesting sounds and melodies. We're only halfway into the first disc, and its already an embarrassment of riches for your sonic palette. 36:42

And of course, George not only explains all these ideas, but also demonstrates them beautifully over a backing track so you can see them in action.

How soon will you be
dominating the fretboard
and the concert stage?
  • Harmonizing the modes from the root is another technique that gives you a lot of powerful options. This is really one of the big secrets behind creating a true "fusion" sound. 48:39
  • Another brilliant lesson using all the modes, both with pattern emphasis and also free-form. 55:30
  • How to use modes compositionally to create your own masterpieces. You'll learn to create some beautiful songs with powerful musical magic. 1:01:12
  • Discover the "modes into modes" concept that gives you a mega-deep visualization of the interlocking fretboard patterns. 1:05:33

Save Yourself Thousands Of Hours
Of Boring, Painful Trial And Error
With These 3 Killer Courses.

So far, I've only told you about what's on the first course!
Course 2 covers exciting topics like:

  • More about scale families and how to divide the scale to give yourself 3 distinct lead guitar flavors. 6:11
  • How to create an awesome soloing sound over Major7 chords. Hint: It's all about switching to the right mode at the right time. 11:17

This trick will give you that "pro" sound instantly. A lot of guitarists mess this up simply because they don't know the secret.

Now keep in mind, everything so far has been on the Major scale or the modes... But now we're going beyond that... to the Harmonic Minor scale.

It's The Ultimate Scale For Creating
Middle-Eastern, Spanish, Classical, Jazz,
And Other Exotic Tones.

You've probably have heard of harmonic minor. You might even know how to play it. However, most guitarists don't have a CLUE about the theory behind it, the harmonies, and most importantly: when and how to use it.

It feels good to have a
command over the fretboard.

But don't worry, you'll get caught up to the master level in record time after you watch this Course.

  • How to solo over jazz chords with harmonic minor. Pay attention at 15:22
  • Learn more about the structures of the chords and the killer vibes you can create with them. 18:30
  • How the major scale structure overlaps the harmonic minor-- so you can borrow sounds and overlap them. This gives you a bounty of options. 20:44
  • Please don't confuse yourself trying to learn hundreds of scales and modes. Learn the one mode of harmonic minor that's actually useful. See 23:42.
  • You can learn the triads of the harmonic minor scale, too... Juicy melodies will instantly explode from your fingers. 26:25

You'll also learn how to fit pentatonics into your harmonic minor scale. This creates some mighty sounds.

In fact...

Yngwie Malmsteen Used This Technique
To Create Some of His
Most Mindblowing Licks and Solos.

Now its time for pentatonic and blues scales. We can use them in any context from major or minor progression, to blues, to jazzy and alternate progressions.

  • Discover some killer blues chord progressions, and I promise this is NOT the same I-IV blues theory you've seen 100 times. 33:14
This course will help you
supercharge your blues playing.
  • Alternate bluesy progressions and how to solo over them using the right scale each time. I think you're ready for this dynamite info. Pay attention at 37:37.
  • How to use arpeggios in your blues. Larry Carlton and other players use this sophisticated approach. 46:02
  • How to do chord substitutions like a champ. This is big boy stuff. This is rocket fuel for your playing. 48:07
  • How to emphasize target notes and bring out the crunchy tones and sharp angles in the music. 52:02

Things really start heating up on Course 3:

Get that "Blazing Amazing Phrasing"
with Rhythmic Techniques That
Make Your Leads Flow and
Lock In Perfectly with the Rhythm.

For me, the method shown in this lesson is easily worth the price of the entire course. When I tried it, people were saying it was my best blues playing ever. Here's more:

  • How to practice melodies using the "crest of the beat" technique. This comes from traditional Spanish guitar and you can use it create your own melodies. 6:40
  • Every major scale has 3 pentatonic scales. Learn how to use them at 12:22
  • Common blues mistake: C7 doesn't belong to C major. George keeps schooling us bigtime on which scales REALLY work over blues progressions. 15:01
  • You might know the minor and major pentatonic or minor blues scale, but the major blues scale is a new configuration. Check it out at 19:40
George with Billboard topping
guitarist Marc Antoine.
  • Play the blues much better with a greater variety of licks by expanding into a variety of different blues scales. 27:08
  • Using the chord family and modal improvisations in your blues gives you more mojo guitar power so you'll never be bored. 31:39
  • More ways to use arpeggios in your blues guitar playing. You'll easily seperate yourself from the crowd with these babies. 34:03
  • George opens up the treasure chest and gives you loads of creative ways to use major and minor blues scales, and different ways to combine them. 40:05
  • How to play the "Larry Carlton" blues progression. Yep, borrowing from the legends is always a great move. 47:28

And there's a lot more...

We Also Filmed
2 MORE Mindblowing Courses

It contains another 2 courses of must-know info to complete your "Jedi" guitar training.

That's right, the fun continues with Volume 2. And I know you're gonna love it. Plus, we are also including an E-book with tabs for these too.

Here's some highlights:

  • How play over chromatically descending chords -- hint: you'll use dorian scales to connect the roots. 1:26.
  • How to use several different major pentatonics over exotic minor chords. You'll love the possibilities. 3:15
George with his precious baby.
Also his daughter appears here :-)
  • Discover fascinating chord progressions and exotic chords based off the Melodic Minor scale. 7:31
  • George dissects this scale and shows you how its perfect to play over Dominant chords. This changes it from a weird curiosity into a powerful tool to play wild lead lines. 12:39.
  • If you want to play fusion blues or jazz blues, then pay attention at 16:28. You'll see exactly how to swing and sing with the melodic minor scale over any kind of chord.
  • Avoid getting bogged down in brain-numbing theory and go right to creating your own killer advanced licks. 18:22.
  • Make weird twisted "far out" sounds that will give your playing a sophisticated vibe that few players will be able to duplicate. 26:29.
  • It's not just a matter of stacking notes to build the chords. Sometimes you'll leave out the 5th and sometimes you'll have 8 chords per scale. More deep theory and tricks decoded at 29:37.

George Condenses Endless Possibilities To
The Best Tricks, Hottest Chords,
and Sweetest Sounds.

Volume 2 of Fretboard Domination
contains another treasure trove
of juicy guitar secrets.
  • I love how George boils down the essentials to the best tricks and hottest chords. He narrows down the endless possibilities and shows you the most important substitution to know when playing with melodic minor. It's a hot jazzy sound that will impress and delight. 36:06
  • The whole tone scale sounds really trippy but you can actually use it in a powerful way to improvise over Dominant chords. Check it out at 36:43
  • More eye-opening chordal possibilities that will have you creating exciting sonic textures all over the fretboard. 40:11
  • Another scale is the half-whole diminished. It's a dominant scale that will have you manifesting impressive, exotic leads and help you play over any chord progression you want. 48:22
  • George takes you through all the notes and demystifies the inner-workings of those "intimidating" chords, scales, and harmonies. 53:30.

Fry Your Fretboard
With Far-Out Freaky Formulas.

  • How to get freaky and combine the whole tone scale with the half-whole diminished. The formula to do it is revealed at 58:30.
  • Craft your own exotic, synthetic modes... Learn where the "Hindu", "Gregorian Minor" and other sounds come from. Hint: It all comes from the 6 core scales! 7:25

You'll never be confused again about what scale or scales you can use over any tune or progression. You'll never need to learn any more scales, and you'll be able to solo over any kind of music.

  • An example from Chick Corea, and how you can apply these scale ideas over a jazz standard and create some hot chord melodies. 9:24
George with jazz guitar legend
Pat Metheny.
  • Cool Spanish latin-jazz sounds. Hot fusion. Think Santana meets Pat Metheny. 13:50.
  • Dig Zappa? Then you'll love this method that lets you create quirky bold melodies at 17:53
  • How to combine passing tones with arpeggios... You'll sound "advanced" -- I guaran-freakin-tee it! 19:59
  • How to play with "approaches", "outlines" and "scalar motion"... You'll be crafting your leads like a champ. 24:17.
  • How to rock the jazz inspired II-V-I progression using some advanced fusion lines and ideas. 30:41
  • George talks more about pentatonics and how to use them over chord families. More crazy combinations for you to draw from. This is all about creating a deep bag of tricks for you. 33:10.
  • The Phrygrian Major/Diminished sound... Another Yngwie favorite trick for creating searing fretboard magic. 40:12.
  • Adding triads to a minor blues is another hot idea that George explores with you at 42:53.
  • Killer blues licks spoon-fed to you note for note. And these are not your grandpa's blues licks - this is more like shred/fusion blues. 45:20
  • Conjure up another delicious and unusual sound by playing modes in intervals. Another WOW moment at 51:35.

And there's gads more goodies that I really don't have time to describe.

So, let's wrap this up already. You're getting 5 Kick-ass courses, and...

You're Also Getting A Powerful E-book
Complete with Detailed Explanations
Diagrams, Tabs, and Powertabs.

Because these are "heavy duty" guitar teachings, I wanted to make sure you have every resource available to ensure you get the most out of it. That's why we're including a comprehensive E-book.

You also get tabs.

Even better: the tabs are also provided in both image and powertab format.

With Powertab, you can watch the notes go by on your computer, and each one is highlighted as its playing. If you've never experienced this before, it's incredible. No more trying to "figure out" the rhythm of the tabs. You see it, you hear it, and you learn it -- FAST.

Fretboard Domination System
Private Instruction

I'm not going to knock face to face lessons. However: they usually end up costing a small fortune.

Just look at how expensive it would be:

Digital courses save you thousands of dollars, because you're getting dozens and dozens of lessons that you can watch over and over.

This is it, my friend... Fretboard Domination is the systematized course that will give you the insider info you need to play like a pro.

I'd like to make your decision easy. So, here's the deal... If for any reason, (or even no reason at all) you decide this course isn't helping you learn some killer lead guitar secrets in record time, you can send an email and I'll refund every penny immediately. There's no fine print and no hassles.

You're Protected By My
100% Total Satisfaction
Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.

There are no strings attached to this offer. I stand behind this course and I know you'll be thrilled with it. And if you're not -- don't worry because I'm offering you a complete 60-day, no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee.

Order these awe-inspiring electric guitar lessons... watch them... then just spend 10-15 minutes a day going over the tabs. I promise, you'll start to dominate the fretboard in ways you never even thought possible!

If it doesn't happen, simply send a quick note and I'll see that you receive a prompt refund of your money, no questions asked.

Am I Crazy?
Or Does This Course
Really Deliver the Goods?

I can afford to be so generous... because I know the TRUTH. You see, George Christian really is a great instructor that will help you unlock an exciting new universe of guitar secrets.

It doesn't matter what style you're into: jazz, blues, rock, metal, or country -- these secrets are going to elevate you to a whole new level.

It's a no-brainer decision, so please click on the link below, fill out your information, and you'll soon be the proud owner of this Fretboard Domination course that will reward you for a lifetime.

We'll give you your digital course link and you'll be able to download the music and tabs instantly. You're in for one heck of ride, so don't delay -- click the link below right now!

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Fretboard Dominiation Vol 1
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Dedicated to your musical success,

Claude Johnson

P.S. Remember, you're protected by our 60-day unconditional money back guarantee. My reputation is my most valuable asset, and I always honor any refund requests professionally, politely, and promptly. I want you to be 100% happy no matter what.