Dear Aspiring Jazz Guitarist,

Let me ask you...

Have you ever been inspired by Wes Montgomery or another great jazz guitarist?

Have you ever wanted to play killer lead guitar lines in a jazzy, bluesy style?

Have you ever wished you could spice up an ordinary blues progression with some jazz sophistication?

Have you ever been confused about jazz, or wish someone would "decode" the secrets of jazz improvisation and chord substitution?

If you're even remotely interested in jazz guitar, then I strongly recommend picking up a copy of this Essential Jazz Blues Wes Montgomery package.

Allow me to introduce the teacher of this course, Mr. Adrian Ingram.

Study with a renown jazz teacher
of 30 years experience.

The cool thing is, Adrian's teaching style is slow and simple.

So even though there's some advanced stuff, he's gonna teach you this essential material in an easy-to-follow and informative way.

You'll learn all of the critical techniques required for advanced jazz guitar playing.

These DVDs are critical both for new players, and also seasoned players who may have glossed over the valuable building blocks of jazz theory.

Here's just some of the things you'll learn on these DVDs:

DVD 1: Essentials of Jazz Guitar

Essentials of Jazz Guitar

How to jazzify a beatles tune using advanced chords. (3:21)

Want the crucial understandings of jazz harmony, jazz chords, and progressions? See 7:03.

The 3 essential groups you must divide all chords into. (8:11)

How to "think in texture" and start playing chordally 11:15

How to add tonal variety to chords (13:18)

Killer tips on how to interpret chord sheets. This will prepare you for a lifetime of jazz guitar enjoyment. See 13:45.

See, hear, and learn an amazing variety of Maj7 chords. Watch as Adrian presents tons of great chord-color options for you. (at 15:33)

These DVDs are just great. Chock full of useful tips plus:

Learn killer jazz tunes
like Duke Ellington's Satin Doll.

Here's more:

What jazz books really mean when they talk about when to substitute chords. This will open your eyes at 16:56.

How to play extended chords. Also, learn secrets of altered notes and altered chords. (see 18:16)

Learn cool, practical tips like how to use the barre shape in forming jazz chords. Also easy-to-use chord substitution ideas. (24:05)

How to change sounds to your own tastes and preferences. (27:02)

Play with freedom and creativity.
How to develop your own jazz style.

These DVDs contain several kick-ass jazz solos that will give you inspiration and new ideas.

And of course, tons of juicy info. Such as...

More crazy jazz chord substitutions explained. Play close attention at 32:16

How the "II V I" progression is used in jazz songs and songwriting. This is one of the most common and important jazz techniques (34:06)

Learn to play with flat fives and flat nines. (see 36:38)

How to sound like a jazz wizard
by mastering voice leading,
movement, and resolution.

We're still on the first DVD and far from done.

Start playing and experimenting with II V I progressions in both major and minor keys (36:49)

All about the "I VI II V" progression. Adrian will explain how to play through the changes, and the most important chord substitutions you should try. (40:51)

A great example of Adrian playing through the I VI II V with tons of juicy chord substitutions (at 46:30)

How to hear where the changes are happening. (You need to develop a critical ear if you want to play jazz) See 51:01

Watch Adrian play and explain another classic jazz tune (56:49)

This first DVD lays the groundwork. From there we go to the next level...

DVD 2: Jazz for the
Electric Blues Guitarist

Jazz for the Electric Blues Guitarist

How to go from from straight blues playing into more jazzy styles like Robben Ford and Duke Robillard. (watch it at 3:01)

How to play a straight 12 bar blues using jazz voicings 7:50.

The best places in a blues progression where you can add jazz ideas (14:13)

How to use a I VI II V progression as your turn around in a blues. Tons of examples starting at 15:09

The magic sounding 13th chords and how to use them in progressions (16:54)

Learn to play turnaround progressions as complete chord vamps. Use these killer jazz progressions by themselves or as part of a blues(22:47)

This is where things start to get really interesting...

You can improvise with
killer jazz chord inversions


How to add passing tones to blues chords to make them much more interesting (24:42)

Elaborations on jazzy progressions that create sweet chromaticism and voice leading. (25:40)

Simple tips to supercharge blues
and jazzify your playing.

How to use the diminished concept to play multiple jazz chords in place of one blues chord (28:23)

How to use chord inversions to create movement and interest (33:13)

More cool inversion ideas. All of these are detailed for you in the printed booklet. (35:19)

How to create thick, juicy, big-band type voicings (37:56)

How to use various tonal centers to spice up your playing. Listen to the explaination at 44:41

Learn Wes Montgomery's "Cariba"

How to stack chords for a cool variety of chordal sounds (48:42)

Wait, there's still plenty of jazz coolness left on DVD 2. Next, you'll learn:

How to "minorize the dominant" -
a favorite trick of greats like
Wes Montgomery and Pat Martino

Watch Adrian demonstrate this beautiful technique and use this in a tune. (51:08)

The hidden relationship between the maj7 chord and the minor 9 chord. (56:11)

How to use chords to solo over blues progressions (59:23)

2 ways use octaves to create a new jazz/blues sound (1:00:55)

A cool C blues example that has a variety of octave shapes. Also exactly what scales to use. (1:03:01)

How to practice scales "in between shapes" - a handy trick to help you tie the neck together (1:08:31)

A Charlie Christian trick that anyone can do and gives you a cool sound instantly (1:09:53)

Keep in mind, Charlie Christian influenced Wes Montgomery, which brings us to the third part of this package.

DVD 3: The Guitar Style of
Wes Montgomery

In this third and final DVD, you'll go deep into studying the jazz style of Wes Montgomery. Here's a few highlights:

The Guitar Style of
Wes Montgomery

Learn Wes' unique thumb picking technique including exactly how he rested his fingers on the guitar. (4:54)

How Wes' use of octaves was different than any other player before him. How you can use his technique to make your playing easier (8:12)

The octave strum technique eliminates the need for fingerpicking and gives you a killer "punchy" percussive sound (9:35)

Learn how to play "Road Song", an amazing jazz song, and you'll get all the tabs too. (11:17)

Wes' best tricks
decoded and explained.

Listen to Adrian's brilliant explainations of some of Wes' most effective chordal harmonizations and substitutions (16:49)

How to combine jazz chords with bluesy pentatonic sounds (19:02)


Use the exact fingerings
and positions Wes used.

Cool practice regimes you can use to play amazing jazz chord progressions. Typical Wes (at 23:15)

Learn another Wes tune: "Cariba" including all the cool chord substitutions. (25:35)

The "reverse minorization" subtitution that will give you even more harmonic choices that Wes used extensively (30:37)

How to use arpeggios to get the typical "Wes Montgomery" Sound (33:01)

You'll also learn some specific licks and arpeggios to get you started playing these sounds immediately. These babies are tabbed out in the booklet for you to jam with right away.

Oh and check this out. This is probably the coolest part of this package:

Get 4 no-brainer formulas
for getting a characteristic
Wes Montgomery soloing sound.

More "trademark Wes" signature sounds at 39:05.

Get hip with tritone substitutions, a tried-and-true potent Be-bop device. Wes used this substitution in every aspect of his playing. Get the specific instructions on how to do it (43:08)

Learn several unique twists on the flat-five substitution. Wes created these interesting sounds to get those "sweet as possible" chord progressions. (51:08)

Learn Wes' classic tune "4 on 6".


Learn "West Coast Blues", perhaps Wes Montgomery's best known tune.

The secret of chromatically moving progressions, a favorite trick of horn players like Dizzy Gilespie.

The secret of alternating inversions - another Wes trick decoded. These example sound great instantly. 1:04:36

Even more stuff:

Discover the minor6 and minor9
inversions that Wes liked
to use most often.

How to create lots of interesting movement with chord inversions , Wes style... 1:10:57

This Package Includes Vintage Rare Footage of
Legendary Jazz Guitarist Wes Montgomery

True stories of how Wes developed his style by jamming with players and copying piano players. How you can use the same ideas to play cool arpeggios and licks. 1:17:10

How to use a single chord to get various harmonic sounds. This is how Wes created some of his most celebrated flavors on the guitar (1:19:30)

Yep, you'll learn tons of cool new licks, techniques, songs, progressions, and ideas.

So there you have it... Trust me, this is a very special set of DVDs with 3 hours and 43 minutes of material, plus 93 pages of tabs and instructions.

It's one of the most unique and powerful jazz courses you can get your hands on, my friend...

Here's what you're getting:

The tabs are very well done and easy to read and learn from.

The songs are also tabbed in PDF, which are right on the DVDs if you want to look at them on your computer, or you can print them out if you ever lose the booklets.

Now, let me answer this:

Who is this program for?
Who should NOT buy It?

The last thing I want is for you to be unhappy with your purchase, so let me tell you who shouldn't buy this package:

Please, do NOT buy the Essential Jazz-Blues Wes Montgomery package if:

- You're just getting started on the guitar in general and you can't play a simple G, D, C chord progression. Practice a few more months before you buy this course.

- If you're too busy (or too lazy) to spend 10 to 15 minutes a day playing jazz, please don't order. Sure, the tabs make it easy but I'll be honest: these lessons are sophisticated and you've gotta be picking up your guitar nearly every day when you're learning new stuff.


- Anyone who's a fan of jazz guitar playing, will totally love this.

- Anyone who's already plays jazz guitar or wants to learn.

- Anyone who wants to learn new tricks and fresh techniques for jazz and blues.

- Anyone who wants to play like Wes Montgomery and learn his best tricks.

- Anyone who wants to save thousands of dollars on private instructions.

- Anyone who wants a solid jazz guitar music education, should order this.

So how much does all this cost?

Hard to put a true value on these one-of-a-kind lessons.

But just to compare prices with a good private teacher, check out this chart:

DVDs save you tons of money because you can enjoy and learn from them for months and even years... and get thousands of dollars worth of learning out of them.

Even by DVDs standards, these are worth $49.95 a pop, easy. So you're getting at least $150 worth of some of the best jazz guitar instruction under the planet.

But you will not pay $150.

You won't even pay $90.

Your low price today is just $77, plus I'll throw in free shipping.

This free shipping deal is a limited time offer.

As with all my products, you get the iron-clad money-back guarantee.

Try out this pacakge risk free for 12 whole months, and pay nothing if you don't think these DVDs are worth every penny.

Any developing player who vibes with bluesy, jazzy sounds like Wes Montgomery will love watching these DVDs and learning from this package.

Just click on the link below to go to the orderpage.

Then select the package of your choice, fill out your details and we'll rush you this course immediately.

Play on,

Claude Johnson
Creator of Guitar Control

Adrian Ingram is widely recognized as the one of the foremost authorities on jazz guitar. He has written extensively on the history, players, styles and instruments of the genre.

As an educator he ran the prestigious jazz guitar course at Leeds College of Music for almost 15 years, during which time he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA) for his outstanding contribution to music education.

He holds masters degrees in music education and music performance as well as classical guitar fellowships for London conservatories. Adrian Ingram is also an internationally acclaimed jazz guitarist who has recorded several CDs and frequently performs at major festivals.

The Essential Bluesy Jazz Wes Montgomery package is the culmination of 30 years of in the trenches jazz guitar experience, knowledge, and wisdom.

"A scholar as well as a professional guitarist for over 30 years, Adrian Ingram as a respected and prolific writer... one of jazz guitar's most gifted players as well as its foremost historian." -Bob Benedetto

"an outstanding writer with a depth of knowledge borne of his own experience as one of Europe's leading jazz guitarists, we are priviledged to have Mr. Ingram as our Guide" - Randall Kremer, Smithosonian Institute

...highlight in letters 10 feet high his sensitivity for both music and instrument, as well as an amazing knowledge of harmony and theory. - Guitar Techniques

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