In Just a Few Minutes a Day, You Can Be Playing Lead Guitar... And Sounding Like a Pro With Simple Licks and Melodies You Can Actually Use.

Dear Aspiring Guitarist,

  • Are you tired of ineffective lessons and confusing theory that isn't helping you? Does it seem like your improvements are slower than a drunk turtle?
  • Bored with your playing? Do you struggle with lead guitar, and you'd love to finally get some smooth fluidity into your fingers, without all the frustration?
  • What if you could sit down with one of the modern masters of the electric guitar, and get some of his best licks and ideas handed to you on a silver platter?

If you said "YES" to any of these questions, then you're in for a real treat. I've got something red-hot for you today.

Something different...

Something special... from a legendary teacher.

If you're cut from the same cloth as me, then I know that you just LOVE the electric guitar...Heck, even just hearing the names Hendrix, Clapton, Vaughan, and Santana gets my blood flowing.

Now it's YOUR turn to play some smokin' leads and solos...but first let me tell you a story from 25 years ago, when I first started playing guitar.

Back then, we didn't have "Internet". Instead, we had guitar magazines.

As a 17 year old kid, I would thumb through the pages, check out some of the lessons, and my mind would wonder about the ads for the old instructional VHS tapes.

There was this one tape I clearly remember: "Joey Tafolla -- Shredding". Here was this dude with a cool sounding name, holding an even cooler looking, bright green guitar. It just stuck out in my mind for some reason.

Fast forward to 2015... and by random chance, Joey himself popped up on my Facebook page. Holy crap! LEGEND ALERT. Joey gave me his phone number, and we were going to meet up at NAMM, but our schedules never lined up.

About a year later, I called him up out of the blue...and eventually we got to talking about doing an instructional course.

He said to me...

"Claude, in the last 5 years, I've been teaching clinics all over the world. I'm really passionate about it! Everyone knows me from the shred videos, but I want to teach regular guys the rock solid stuff that sounds great and they can actually use."

And so, we did it. We created an instructional course called Easy Blues-Rock Licks You Can Use and I promise you that it's going to have you wailing like a pro in no time.

Who is Joey Tafolla?

Joey achieved international status as a guitarist and helped pioneer the instrumental guitar movement in the 80's with his work on Shrapnel Records. His Neo-classical albums "Out of the Sun" and "Infra Blue" featured superstars like Tony MacAlpine, Paul Gilbert, Deen Castronovo, John Onder, and Kee Marcello. They received critical acclaim and helped pave the way for musicians in this genre for years to come.

As an international clinician and educator, Joey has given guitar workshops at universities, music conservatories and music schools. He has toured as a live musician, received gold record credit for his studio and session work, and has played with some of the world's most popular musicians in various genres of music.

The Fastest Way To Get Good:

If you want real shortcuts for anything in life, you have to copy people that are already successful. Believe it or not, this works in guitar playing too. Yes, you can copy or "steal" some great licks and sound great almost instantly.

However, there is one catch, and it's a big one:

It Has To Fit In With Your Style,
And Feel Natural When You Play It.
Otherwise, it's Practically Worthless.

The cool thing about Easy Blues-Rock Licks You Can Use is that everything is based on really simple pentatonic and blues sounds. That means you can "work it into your playing" right away.

When I look back on my own development, some of the biggest improvements came from "stealing" licks from great players.

Unfortunately, it took me a long time to play decently well, because I didn't know what I didn't know. I had to try a lot of different things before I figured out what worked.

I Wasted Years with "Trial-and-Error" Because I Tried to Do it All On My Own, Without a Mentor.

Joey wants to help you take years off your learning curve, by giving you powerful, easy licks and formulas you can use right away.

He wants to help you get to the next level, and the best part is that all you have to do is watch the courses and copy what he's doing.

Joey's one of those 'guitar warrior' guys who's scaled the high peaks of the mountain, and now he's back down with us in the valley, to show you how you can climb to some impressive heights yourself by taking the simple shortcuts that are available along the way.

3 Guitar Myths We're Going to
Smash Right Now.

Myth #1: You need to practice for a lifetime in order to sound good.

The number of years you've been playing doesn't matter as much as you think. I've seen guys with 3-4 years under their belt that amazingly well, and I've seen guys with decades that suck.

Personally, I've spun my wheels for weeks and months practicing the wrong stuff, only to get a tiny bit better. Other times, I've improved in minutes after learning one powerful move from a great teacher.

Myth #2: There's No Shortcuts, Just Practice.

It doesn't matter how hard you practice if you're practicing the wrong thing. There's definitely shortcuts on guitar. Right knowledge + a bit of practice = great results.

Myth #3: There's no way to sound great immediately.

Believe it or not, you CAN sound great playing the simplest stuff in the world. ...Or you can play the most complicated stuff and sound terrible.

But you have to play the right simple stuff. It really helps to have someone who knows what they're doing show you how it works...THEN it's easy.

Listen, I know what you want...

You want something easy...

You want something that is gonna help you sound great... not in 3 years, not tomorrow, not after breakfast, but NOW.

Joey Has Really Made It As Simple As
"Watch The Course And Play Along".

You're gonna love it. Here's what's on the Course:

  • FUN ZONE: Add tasty spice and meaty texture to your playing with "tiny box patterns".
  • 100 hot licks from one single theme. Try these "mileage licks" that you can use over and over again in fresh new combinations.
  • Sound like a dangerous Nashville rebel on steroids with some wild fretboard moves like bending into chords.
  • Bored with the pentatonic scale? In 7 seconds you'll discover how to create wild musical lines by adding a few choice notes.
  • The "staircase stepping" technique. You can generate new musical inventions INSTANTLY.
  • Channel Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore, and other blues virtuosos with 2 string "polyphonic bends".
  • Been playing for decades? I have, and some of these hot lead guitar techniques are things I've never seen before. I promise they'll tantalize your imagination and inspire you.
  • Get the RAW powerhouse sound. Yep, I'm talking about that raunchy, edgy, "controlled noise" sound that just rocks.
  • Imitate Duane Allman or your favorite slide player (without using a slide).
  • Hendrix nut? Me too. You'll love how to emulate some of the most intense sounds of the Voodoo Child.

Formulate Your Own Style
Using a Whole New Bag of Tricks.

Want to "own it", play like you, and have your own style? Then let Joey arm you with some serious ammunition. He's gonna hand you a whole new bag of tricks that give you 1000 ideas to expand your playing.

  • The hallmark of a master: Bend those strings like a pro with impeccable intonation.
  • Have a blast combining chickin pickin' chops and advanced bends.
  • Capture a dark and powerful vibe with the minor pentatonic sound. It's easy after watching this lesson.
  • Forget boring theory and mind-numbing scale practice. Here's how you can add extra notes to your licks without all the mental aggravation.
  • Explore a whole new universe with the major blues tonality in the key of A. Think of it as a delightful game filled with crunchy new sounds.
  • OOOH YEAHHH. Classic blues bends that give you that undeniable inspiration. I'm talking B.B. King to the 12th dimension..

HUGE Wailing Bends That Make
Your Guitar Cry the Blues.

  • One guitarist out of 1000 knows this trick that's smooth as butter. I call it "climbing bends" and it's slicker than a slithering snake.
  • Tear open a fresh pack of blues patterns, shapes, and phraseology that gives you a great feel.
  • Bite like a junkyard dog, with 2 string "chunky" sounds that would get a nod of approval from Chuck Berry.
  • Chromatics, pedal tones, and sliding chords...Man oh man... There's so much ammunition and phrasing tricks here that you'll go bonkers over.
  • Dive into the deep swampy blues... and let Joey teach you the little nuanced tricks (like how to "choke off notes") that make your playing sound polished.
  • If you're playing live -- here's a handy trick to ensure you're never caught bending out of key.

Want Killer Vibrato? Watch as Joey
Shares One of His Best Secrets.

One of the most expressive things you can do is to shake those notes. Developing your vibrato is one of the best ways to get a better sound on the guitar.

Joey has a great vibrato and some must-know tips that have really helped his students over the years. One trick is how you should be gripping the neck. This will help you really 'wrench in' on the bends and get a powerful grip on your playing.

Here's more:

  • Smokin' hot country pull-offs. A fabulous addition to your vocabulary.
  • Establish a KILLER groove with your right hand. This alone will change your playing forever, even if you only practice it a few times.
  • How to increase your "vibe" 30% without adding any extra chops or skill.
  • 3 different strum patterns you can use to conquer the guitar. You'll get the hang of this fast and metamorphasize into a beast.
  • Become a monster rhythm player with an exciting exercise that really gets your right hand going. You'll have a blast with this. It creates a percussive drum-like feel.

Hold on, we're just getting warmed up -- that's only the first Course. Play the 2nd Course and it really gets good...

  • Funk it up! Octave patterns are an easy way to create lively rhythms and textures.
  • Get a whole new sound with sweet chord voicings filled with energy.

Rhythmic Patterns You Can Practice To Get
a Powerful Sound Inspired by Hendrix.

Yes... here's some specific exercises and patterns that help you create a driving, funky rock vibe. Let's keep going:

  • The Texas Blues Sound is another SUPER FUN way to practice your rhythm chops and just jam out with your guitar any time you want.
  • Beef up your feel and fatten up your groove by adding some chords to your lead playing. The best part is how they fit in perfectly with the pentatonic boxes.
  • You're missing out BIGTIME if you don't know this one: How to get a killer blues tonality by going outside the pentatonic scale.
  • No more bum notes. Here's how to play any notes you want and still sound good.
  • "Imitation" outside playing. Instantly become 90% as badass as a hardcore jazz fusion guy, with none of the boring theory.
  • Cycle through notes at blazing speeds like a master. These "repetition-based" blues patterns will knock your socks off.
  • Crank up the juice and kick your playing into overdrive with a neat trick called "staggering".
  • Add character to your playing: Dragging and pinching notes, "ghost" tones, and other little goodies that make all the difference in the world.

'Plug and Play' Licks Galore.

  • Rocket fuel in seconds. Get some 3 and 4 note 'choice phrases' into your fingers. These will have you flowing and making music, even if you're a beginner.
  • Instant fretboard joy! Joey's trademark "areas of activity" are easier and more useful than whole scale patterns.
  • Blow the barn doors off their hinges. These incredibly sharp biting licks will amaze you because they sound huge but only involve bending a note by 1 fret.
  • "Good artists copy, great artists steal". I'm inviting you to steal some of Joey's best virtuoso licks that will boost your chops in a flash.
  • HOW TO PLAY FAST. You'll impress your friends with this series of pentatonic notes that's much easier to play than it looks (it uses easy pull offs).
  • RIPPIN blues phrasing. Here's another one you'll really enjoy that walks down the octaves on the neck.
  • Till the cows come home... that's how long you can repeat this sizzling smoking lick before you get tired of it :)

Priceless Wisdom: The Keys
to Playing with Confidence and Authority.

  • Do more with less. You can get a boatload of aggression and feel with just one or two notes.
  • Channel Agnus Young from AC/DC. This technique adds so much pizazz into your playing, it's almost ridiculous.
  • Can't get the sound that's in your head onto the fretboard? You may be missing this one key ingredient.
  • Frenzied attack! More on 2-string patterns and how to combine the minor scale with pentatonics.
  • Light years away from boring pentatonic cliches: Here's an intervallic, string-skipped pattern that creates an advanced sound with flair and extra notes.
  • Just say "YES" to arpeggios, Joey style. You'll dig this simple exercise that teaches you a new melodic approach, and your fingers will be dancing all over the fretboard in style.

Wait, there's more :) Play the 3rd Course and hold onto your seat:

  • Play like a pro using a wicked combination of scales, arpeggios, and dominant 7 tonalities.
  • Something completely different: the diminished maneuver. You can add it to any ordinary riff for wild results.
  • 'Outlining the chord' is something every pro knows how to do. It helps you play more musically with less notes.

Dominate the Neck.

  • What are 'hybrid scales'? They're a potent combination that will have you playing with more originality than ever before.
  • Hit the perfect note. But first, bounce all over the place using more killer patterns, sweet pentatonics, open strings, odd angles, outside notes, jazzy intervals, and more.
  • Guitar on steroids" time. (think Zakk Wylde style) It doesn't even take a ton of practice because you'll be playing simple repeating patterns.
  • More Monster Licks: Use the blues scale + dorian mode ... you'll get a million ideas.
  • Fretboard freedom. Everything connects together perfectly with these killer octave patterns.
  • "Really beautiful". That's the emotion you'll feel as you play across the neck in an unusual , musical way.
  • Gorgeous chords that you don't know -- but will be thanking God you learned once you watch this.

Give Your Playing a Major Upgrade,
Almost Overnight.

  • A hidden secret: mastering the rhythm behind the lick. This boost your powers immediately.
  • Yeehaww!! Infuse your playing with country bends galore. It's more fun than a drunken hoedown.
  • Open a fresh can of fretboard whoopass with killer sounds using partial chords all over the neck.
  • Another great way to bust of a creative rut: Try these pedal tone melodies and get some new sounds within minutes.
  • Want exoticness? Experiment with these harmonic minor patterns and create bold new vibes.

Last but not least, here's what's on 4th Course:

What If I Could Show You a Fun New Way
To Build Blazing Fast Chops?

  • Tired of blues cliches? Here's how to transform them into exciting rock licks that really get the blood flowing.
  • More crunchy, tasty chicken pickin runs. You'll get groovin and rockin in no time.
  • INSPIRATION! Joey is gonna show you how to develop YOUR OWN hot and interesting leads by mutating phrases with specific techniques and tricks.
  • Fast and Furious. These 3-note-per-string licks get you the "monster player" sound, without practicing for years.
  • Become DANGEROUS on the axe with some powerful legato phrasing.
  • Join the 'Major Leagues' with the kind of guitar soloing used by elite players. I'm talking about sliding around the neck using patterns of 5 and 6 notes.

The One Trick That Makes
All the Difference in The World.

  • Build the tension to a monster frenzy. Try this one maneuver that works wonders.
  • Make your guitar SCREAM with a ton of energy. You can add this to the end of any run.
  • A Chuck Berry/70s-rock lick that you've heard on many albums. Even better, you can speed it up and supercharge it. You'll love this one.
  • Take your skills to the wizard zone. First, play some traditional repeating motifs that sound wicked, and then go nuts by adding some wider intervals.
  • Make your guitar talk. Think "short phrases with bluesy questions and answers".

And there's a lot more stuff that I don't have time to go into, including more ways to make your playing pop with aggression, interesting combinations of picking and plucking, and much more.

Anyone can learn licks off a Course, but can you make them into actual music and take them into the real world? Oh yes you can.

You're Gettting A Whole New
Paradigm For Lead Guitar Playing.

I know that's a bold statement, but you really are going to get a whole new system and a new way to approach guitar playing. You'll discover new ways to practice. You'll bust out of any rut you might be in...

You'll have an absolute blast discovering new things and learning a whole bunch of fresh techniques that you can apply to your playing right now.

And by the time you go through this course, you're going to understand the guitar better, you'll possess a new-found ability to express yourself...and most importantly, you'll be able to pick up a guitar any time you want and play some killer riffs, licks and leads.

How Long Does It Take To Learn This Stuff?

You can start improving your playing from the very first day you get Easy Blues-Rock Licks You Can Use.

I don't consider this a "chop building" course. I don't want you to think there's going to be a lot of drilling or boring practice routines. And I definitely don't want you to get bogged down for weeks, months, or even years trying to brainwash your fingers.

What Joey teaches is designed to be practical, and its stuff you can learn quickly and incorporate into your own style immediately. The last thing you want to do is practice for years and still not be able to play anything cool.

Forget Guitar Frustration.

I know what its like to be frustrated on the guitar. I've started new practice routines and was all excited in the beginning, but then after a short time, I would hit another wall. I seemed to end up back in the same place, never really breaking through to where I wanted to be.

That's why we've created this course for you -- so that you can start having fun right away and improve quickly with some powerful, yet easy-to-play licks.

I've Yet To Meet The Guitarist Who Can Resist
Learning These Powerful Guitar Secrets.

Any guitarist who wants to play lead or improve their soloing needs to get this course.

You might just triple or quadruple your lead guitar knowledge in 4 fun hours. You're gonna be a totally new beast on the guitar.

Plus, You Get A Complete Set of Tabs
To Make Learning a Breeze.

You'll also get the tabs in powertab format so you can play them on your computer and hear the notes while you watch them go by on your screen. It's another "learning accelerator" that you'll appreciate.

This is it, my friend... Easy Blues-Rock Licks You Can Use is your ticket to being able to play impressive, scorching licks without spending years on boring practice routines.

Right Now You Are At "The Crossroads".
You Have Two Choices...

1. Continue doing whatever you're doing now and in 3 months from now, you'll probably be about as good as you are right now. You'll look back and scratch your head, wondering why you're in a rut.
2. You can grab Easy Blues-Rock Licks You Can Use, and dramatically improve your guitar playing while mastering a whole bunch of hot moves. You'll take your chops, your creativity, and your overall guitar power up about 3 levels to the "can't-wait-to-play-again" zone. You'll get dozens of fresh ideas and inspiration. Your playing will never be "vanilla" again.

Now, very important:

If you have even the slightest hesitation or doubt on ordering these Courses today, I want to put your mind at ease and truly take all the risk off your plate. I'm gonna hook you up with what is surely...

The Craziest Guarantee In The World!

Order these awe-inspiring guitar lessons... grab your guitar... follow along with Joey's easy licks... and before you know it, you'll be playing lead guitar like a professional, faster than you ever imagined.

If it doesn't happen, just send us a quick email and I'll see that you receive a prompt refund of your money, no questions asked.

...But here's where it gets crazy:

First of all, if there's even a single course that doesn't impress you, KEEP the course, and get a full refund.

You read that correctly -- you can actually keep the course, and i'll give you 100% of your money back.

People think I'm nuts for doing this.

On top of that, we'll take care of you if you find this course isn't for you.

So you're literally risking zero.

Its my way of doing everything humanly possible to put your mind at ease so I can earn your business and put these awe-inspiring Courses into your hands today.

So please, go ahead... Tap into this treasure trove of knowledge, wisdom, and guitar secrets. You'll be hard pressed to find anything close to it anywhere.

I never knock one-on-one instruction, but there's no question that Courses offer FAR more value for your dollar, as you can see in this chart:

Even by Digital Courses standards, this 3 Course set is easily worth $150 ($50 a Course).

But you wont pay $150.

You won't even pay $100.

We have several LOW PRICE PACAKGES available.

Don't forget you're getting 4 jam-packed Courses and 30 pages of tabs.

It's a no-brainer decision, so please click on the link below, fill out your information, and you'll soon be the proud owner of Easy Blues-Rock Licks You Can Use that will reward you for a lifetime.

Get ready to rock,

Claude Johnson

P.S. Here's the quick recap: These Courses provide a huge upgrade to your playing with powerful licks based on simple and intuitive blues and rock sounds. They'll save you years of effort, and you'll have a ton of fun learning from a legendary Teacher. I promise this will become one of your favorite resources you'll go back to again and again.

It's an incredible learning value and backed by the strongest guarantee imaginable. Click here to get your copy right now.