Just Imagine Yourself Easily Learning The Most
Stunning Classical Songs Ever On The Guitar
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Dear Soon-To-Be Amazing Classical Guitarist,
  • Do you want to learn to play the most beautiful, majestic classical guitar songs, almost overnight?
  • Would you love to transform your classical guitar playing from "amateur" to pro INSTANTLY?
  • Are you interested in becoming a well-respected, rock-solid classical player that everyone enjoys listening to?
Hi! I'm Lily Afshar, your New
Classical Guitar Instructor.

Maybe those sound like wild claims, but if you take just 5 minutes to read this letter, I'll show you how you can do it thanks to one of the best classical guitar teachers in the world.

Who is Lily Afshar?
And Why is She The Most Qualified
Classical Guitar Teacher Ever?

Lily Afshar is like a breath of fresh air in the world of classical guitar. Her concert appearances combined with her adventurous recordings have earned her the status of "one of the world's foremost classical guitarists" according to Public Radio International.

Lily's collaborations with international composers have resulted in premieres of new works by Carlo Domeniconi, Reza Vali, Garry Eister, Gerard Drozd, Loris Chobanian, Arne Mellnas, Kamran Ince, Barbara Kolb, Marilyn Ziffrin, David Kechley, and Salvador Brotons.

One of her albums reached #7 on
Billboard's Top Classical Albums Chart.

Recent highlights include concerts in the US, England, Ireland, Canada, France, Iran, Jordan, Denmark, Italy, Africa, New Zealand, Australia, and South America.

She has performed at the Wigmore Hall in London, the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, the Grand Teton Music Festival, the Aspen Music Festival, Banff School of Fine Arts, the Menton Music Festival in the South of France, the American Academy in Rome, and Salle Cortot in Paris.

Lily Afshar has four recordings to her credit which have attracted international critical acclaim.

"Hemispheres" reached #7 on Billboard's Top Classical Albums Chart in 2006.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Music and a Master of Music degree in guitar performance from The Boston Conservatory and the New England Conservatory of Music.

At Florida State University, where she studied with Bruce Holzman, Lily became the first woman in the world to gain a Doctorate of Music in guitar performance.

Lily was honored with the 2011 Distinguished Alumni Award from the Boston Conservatory, and the 2000 Orville H. Gibson Award for Best Female Classical Guitarist in Los Angeles.

Her other awards include the Top Prize in the Guitar Foundation of
America Competition and Grand Prize in the Aspen Music Festival
Guitar Competition, among others.

She received the Tennessee Arts Commission Individual Artist
Fellowship Award in Music and an NEA Recording Award.

She is a three-time winner of the Annual "Premier Guitarist"
awards given by the Memphis Chapter of the National
Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences and she was chosen
as "Artistic Ambassador" for the United States Information
Agency to Africa.

Currently, Lily is head of the University of Memphis guitar program
where she received the 2000 Board of Visitors Eminent Faculty Award,
and more recently was awarded the 2008 Alumni Association Distinguished Teaching Award.

And I intend to prove it. You might be thinking "How is this possible?"

It's simple...

Together with Lily, we've created what's possibly...

The Fastest, Easiest, Most Effective Course Ever...
To Become A Spectacular Classical Guitarist.

And we want YOU to be a part of it.

Yes, I realize I'm making some bold claims, so I'll reveal why this package is so different (and better) than anything else out there.

She is a three-time winner of the
Annual "Premier Guitarist" awards.

First, I realized a long time ago that I wanted an easy method to play classical guitar.

So, I watched a lot of teachers but something just didn't "feel right".

The videos I saw were either too basic, with obvious information like "make sure you're in tune" and "practice with a metronome"... or even worse, they're too advanced -- overcomplicating things and bogging you down in brain-numbing theory.

And I also knew that most guitarists didn't want to learn how to read sheet music.

After years of searching, I finally found the PERFECT CLASSICAL GUITAR TEACHER: Lily Afshar. She was the only one qualified to create a really simple system to make classical guitar lessons easy and fun.

I'll share her resume in a second. I'm sure it will blow your mind. Let me first say that she's the FIRST WOMAN IN THE WORLD TO EARN A PHD IN GUITAR. How cool is that?

And we've filmed everything in beautiful HD video on digital copies. These courses will save you years of pain and suffering. And with the easy-to-follow TABS, you'll...

Start Playing Breathtaking Classical Masterpieces
Within a Few Fun Days.

Once you learn the "core basics", you'll be able to apply these pro techniques all over the fretboard even if you're a raw beginner (or a seasoned veteran). And then Lily will progressively guide you to more complex pieces. It's the ultimate step-by-step system.

Listen, I don't want you to get bogged down in diminished, demolished, 13 plus 9s and all of that fancy sounding theory.

And I don't want you to spend months trying to decipher sheet music. Forget that... I'm sure you've got better things to do.

I want you to start having fun RIGHT AWAY. There's no reason you should struggle for years learning to play classical guitar!

Fortunately you don't have to struggle.

Here's the simple 1-2-3 formula to learning almost all the most sublime classical guitar songs as fast as humanly possible...

Lily is the first woman in the world
to gain a Doctorate of Music
in guitar performance.

Learning All The Greatest Classical Songs
On The Guitar Is As Easy As 1-2-3.

Step 1: Discover Afshar's "Magic Method".

The first thing Lily does on these courses is show you the core techniques that will make learning any classical piece TEN TIMES EASIER!

Instead of useless theory, you're going to learn how to use basic techniques that will give you a MAGNIFICENT CLASSICAL SOUND.

That's right -- you'll get a rock solid foundation, so you'll be equipped and prepared to learn classical pieces in record time.

Most of the techniques will be fast and painless to master. It took Lily decades to figure it out, however with her help, you can learn it all in a few short hours.

Step 2: Relax and Watch Lily Explain the Pieces.

Lily is a joy to watch. For starters, she's a beautiful woman :-)

Second, she's a caring, patient teacher that does an amazing job transmitting the lessons on video.

She's truly gifted.

And best of all, she makes it SIMPLE by going right to the essence of each piece with easy explanations of what you should focus on.

Public Radio International says she's
"one of the world's foremost
classical guitarists".

Step 3: Play Along With the Tabs.

Once you've watched the lessons, you should play along with the tabs.

These tabs make it SO easy... it's practically cheating!

Before these courses, if you wanted to learn how to play classical guitar, you would have to learn how to read sheet music. Congratulations if you can (you're among the few). You'll get SHEET MUSIC WITH THESE COURSES.

For most of us, it's just too darn time consuming.

Thank God, we've got tabs!

It really demystifies what SEEMS HARD... Even better, we've got "Powertabs" which makes learning even FASTER. (More on this later).

So even if you're a RAW beginner, these courses are for you. And if you're advanced -- don't worry. Lily's got some challenging pieces for you. Let me tell you more about Lily...

In my decades of playing and teaching guitar, I've yet to find anyone that even comes close to these accolades.


The bottom line is: She's a down-to-earth teacher that's passionate about teaching you everything she knows.

If you learn the simple tricks and techniques she's going to teach you inside of her courses, you'll be years ahead of the game.

She's going to reveal some easy secrets that you can learn in minutes that will give you that "PRO SOUND". With these methods, you'll be able to command respect and win the hearts of musicians and fans alike.

You'll be able to play with other people...

Become the hit of the party... Get gigs... Maybe even go on tour or get a recording contract.

Together -- you're going to go from zero to classical guitar hero in record time.

Here's some of the thrilling techniques you're going to learn on course 1:

Learn The Foundation For
Flawless Classical Guitar Technique.

Winner of the Orville H. Gibson Award
for Best Female Classical Guitarist.
  • First, she starts with some simple sitting and body positioning that will make things a lot easier for you. (1:49 mark).
  • Classical guitar technique is all about the perfect hand position. This is the key to making it simple for your fingers. (5:13)
  • Discover 2 critical secrets that will free your fingers and prevent you from developing awful habits. (7:32)
  • She reveals various fun ways to explore the fretboard such as the "zig zag" and the "fret hop". These are the insider nuggets that will shave years off your learning curve. (pay attention at 18:32)
  • Master the planting technique (that most guitarists don't even know about). It's the big secret to being able to play any scale or lick... super clean... at lightening speed. (23:32)
  • Improve your fingerstyle playing (this helps with blues, rock, acoustic and jazz guitar) with this powerful finger alternation exercise to build up monster chops. (31:15)
  • One of the important keys to classical technique is learning the art of the position shift. Learn it at 37:49.

All The Secrets Of Playing Smoothly
Are Unraveled And Revealed...

  • How did the chicken cross the strings? Learn the 3 ways of string crossing and how chickens and guitarists use each one. (45:13)
  • Want scale mastery? Learn 18 rhythms to practice scales that will give you an unparalleled scale technique. (50:17)

That's just some of the things you'll learn on the first course. We keep going on course 2:

  • If you want to play classical guitar, you need to know the "free stroke" and the "rest stroke". Lily will teach you both and show you a cool way to strengthen both techniques at the same time. DOUBLE WINNER. (6:46)
  • Possess 6 killer exercises for your left hand - Do these for 10 minutes a day and your left hand will become an unstoppable string dominator. (8:18)
  • Discover classical arpeggios that are tried-and-true -- and super-handy in learning tons of classical pieces. Plus you can use these to turn any simple chord progression into a beautiful cascade of notes. (19:35)
Lily performs for
the legendary Andres Segovia.
  • Learn 22 super easy yet effective arpeggio exercises to ensure your mastery will develop in record time. (24:26)
  • And fun's just getting started... Get over 20 hot drills that will automagically help your fingers become masters of the neck. (45:05) Plus on this course, you'll get tons of awesome pieces you can learn and play.
  • On course 3, you'll discover the simple rule you can use to add astonishing, passionate dynamics to any song, plus tons of other secrets, and loads more great tunes.

...In fact, you'll:

Build A Spinetingling Repertoire
Of Heartwarming Classical Pieces
As Fast As Humanly Possible.

Here's a list of the tracks you're going to learn in Classical Guitar Secrets, Volume 1:

  1. Prelude opus 114 by Ferdinand Carulli - A great heart-bending piece to get started.
  2. Allegro opus 50 #3 by Mauro Giuliani - A romantic song with beautiful arpeggios that will stir up any woman's fire deeper than a piece of dark chocolate. Written by a famous Italian composer who's been called "the Beethoven of classical guitar".
  3. Study #1 from Dionisio Aguado - A lively, fiery track filled with interesting chords and quick shifts with the left hand.
  4. Arpeggio study #2 by Dionisio Aguado - This famous spanish composer gives you another hot-blooded masterpiece featuring a melody in the bass with a spectacular arpeggio accompaniment.
  5. Tanz by J.C. Bach - This is a super simple piece that any "Joe Blow beginner" can learn in less than 30 minutes flat.
  6. Canario by Carlo Calvi - This soothing song is like chicken soup for the guitar player's soul. Here you'll learn how to use "color changes" to enliven your sound. And you'll also see how to use ornaments to spice things up.
  7. Allegretto by Ferdinando Carulli - Another majestic, magnificent track that will make you sound like a seasoned veteran overnight. It's a good one to practice your phrasing and the freestroke method.
  8. Villano by Gaspar Sanz - A lovely piece that evokes aural images of days of old. You might feel like ancient wizards are going to appear.
  9. Minuet by J.S. Bach - A very familiar classic song, it is usually played by beginning pianists but sounds wonderful on the guitar.
  10. Rigaudon by Henry Purcell - Another baroque piece that could easily be thought at the Mickey Mouse club to kids. I don't care if you got your guitar last night. You'll be able to play this one in 10 minutes.
  11. Allegretto by Fernando Sor - A provocative piece that will have you gliding all over the fretboard like a graceful bird.
  12. Allegretto Opus 44 #2 by Sor - You'll love this... It's like floating in the clouds with a crew of ancient musical magicians.
  13. Spanish romance (anon) - One of the most beautiful pieces in the classical guitar repertoire. It's a timeless classic with a warm feel and nice melody. This is actually the simplified version. (you'll learn the full piece in Vol. 2)
  14. Allegretto #2 by Ferdinando Carulli - A touching, tender track that will make you feel like you're standing next to the campfire with angels.
  15. Allegretto #2 by Fernando Sor - A superb song that would have intoxicated any King and won some epic favors.
  16. Tempo Di Minueto by Sor - A slightly more challenging piece with lots of cool melodies and what Lily calls "slurs".
  17. Gigue by Logy - A sweet waltz-feel piece (triplet rhythm) that everyone will groove to.
  18. Corrente by Niccolo Paganini - Another stirring piece with floods of sweet crunchy chords.

Plus We Filmed 3 MORE Courses With 15 Additional
Epic Classical Guitar Pieces.

You want more killer pieces to play? You got it!

Here's what you're going to learn from Classical Guitar Secrets Volume 2:

  • More about using ornaments to enhance the melody.
  • Secret to live performance: Learn a multiple flashy ways to impress any audience and win their hearts. (10:18)
  • Kill 2 birds with 1 stone: clean up your playing and never hit another "bum note" by using an advanced thumb technique used by the top classical players. (13:32)
  • Discover a time-honored pluck technique called "The Pizzicato" which drops spine-tingling, natural harmonic, percussive sounds into your playing. (18:41)
  • Fly all over the neck like a greased "angry bird" with more shifting secrets that make it easy to change positions in a flash. (23:04)
  • Are you ready for the cross-string trill? This electrifies your playing instantly and comes in handy for baroque pieces. (you can use also this technique in any style: rock, jazz, blues, and more) Watch it at 30:32.
  • Bring your harmonics to the next dimension with Lily's insider revelations. CAPOW! You just saved 10 years of trial and error. (21:39)
She was awarded the Alumni Association
Distinguished Teaching Award

Make The Feeling Of
Any Piece Come To Life.

Lily tours the world and plays
concerts on 6 continents.
  • Discover 3 more interesting ways to practice, that make your pieces really come alive. You'll activate your heart chakra and tap into your deepest emotional desires. (34:44)
  • The "hinge-barre" technique will come in handy when playing complex parts. It's one of those "I wish I had learned that sooner" tricks that will have you slapping your forehead. (38:15)
  • You'll instantly avoid the "amateur suck sound" and move into the "hot pro tone" when you learn how to "modulate the chords" correctly so the melody notes come out clearly. (46:13)
  • How to make your 6-string guitar sound like a "choir of angels" with the hidden harp technique. (46:48)
  • Want to sound like a musical cloud from heaven? Learn how to time your chord changes perfectly to get a very smooth flowing quality to your playing. (53:02)

It Was Hot In The 1600's And Guess What?

Pop in the next course, and learn killer stuff like...

  • The eternally classic pedal tone technique. Not only does it produce an amazing sound (if you do it right), but you can easily adopt it to other styles and even use it to create your own pieces. (14:58)
  • How to interpret what the composer really meant that sometimes isn't written in the music. This is critical if you want to sound like a pro and not a hack. (17:59)
  • How to grab the listener by the ear with delight by making sure the melody shines through like a ray of light piercing through the clouds. (41:03)
She was chosen as "Artistic Ambassador"
for the United States to Africa.
  • On the final course, we get into the heavier, more challenging pieces that will thrill the most advanced, elite players.
  • Discover how to master the minuet, plus many cross-string fingerings for that romantic feel. (10:32)
Lily loves to teach.
Her passion combined with her skills
makes her an amazing instructor.
  • Learn an advanced tremolo technique that will take a bit of practice, but the result is one of the most dramatic, spine-tingling effects in music ever. (20:58)
  • Not 1 guitarist in 1000 knows this inverted fingering technique that lets you play some strange looking but effective chord shapes for easy fretboard movement. (25:07)
  • How to work your fingerpicking up to blistering speed (without getting blisters) (See 33:02
  • How to "shape" the melody with crescendos, another epic expressive technique. (36:12)
  • And much, much more...

Here's a complete list of the pieces on Volume 2:

  1. Canarios by Gaspar Sanz - A stunning sounding song with some exotic rhythms including 6/8 time and "hemiolas".
  2. Waltz Opus 32 #2 Fernando Sor - This very nice, simple piece sounds like a medieval movie soundtrack.
  3. Bourree by J.S. Bac - A timeless classic everyone loves to play and hear. You'll also learn powerful, classic structures everyone should know.
  4. Pavana by Luis Milan - Romantic, heartfelt melodies and soulful harmonies make this another really fun piece to play.
  5. Jesu, Joy Of Man's Desiring by J.S. Bach - Like Bach himself said: "Every note for the glory of God." This piece is awe-inspiring, and you'll learn it in record time.
  6. Andante by Matteo Carcassi - Another majestic masterpiece, Lily will show you the snake pits you have to watch out for, and the phrasing and feel you should be going for.
  7. Andante by Niccolo Paganini - Seduce any sweetie with this lovely song in D major.
  8. Packington's Pound (Anon) - GET FREE BEERS! Yes, all the patrons in any tavern will get you some brewskies if you play this ancient drinking song.
  9. English Dance by Ferdinando Carulli - Hypnotize any audience with this glowing, stirring masterpiece.
  10. Etude by Matteo Carcassi - Another killer piece, plus you'll discover more secrets you need to get a super clean sound on your guitar.
  11. Moderato by Sor - This touching (but challenging) piece involves lots of thrilling rhythms and striking ornaments that Lily will help you navigate through.
  12. Romanza (Anonymous) - A very lyrical piece, great to play for your special someone. This is the full version that Lily showed in basic form in Volume 1. This time we are using a triplet rhythm that accompanies the melody.
  13. Minuet 1 & 2 from cello suite #1 by J.S. Bach - An elevated, grandiose piece that would have pleased even the most snobby elite groups back in the 1700's (or impress Uncle Ernie.)
  14. Recuerdos de la Alhambra By Francisco Tarrega - Wow, once you can play this mind-blowing piece you'll slice other guitarists' egos in half... and gain the respect of everyone on Youtube.
  15. Asturias by Isaac Albeniz - This piece starts off mellow, but gets intense with lots of stimulating fast tremolo picking and striking strums.

Every Aspiring Guitar Player Will Love
This Spectacular, Mindblowing Course.
Owning These Guitar Courses is a No-Brainer Move.

It's up to you which, and how many songs you want to learn. Pick your favorites, or play them all. And it's sooo simple and easy (You'll see when you watch the courses).

And if you're already good or even advanced, Lily will take your skills to the next level.

With Powertabs, Learning Has Never Been Easier.
It's Almost Like CHEATING At Classical Guitar!

You're getting complete arrangements that sound incredible and are tabbed out note-for-note... Not to mention Lily's masterful instruction that not only explain the ideas behind the arrangements, but also how you can apply them in your own music and create your own masterpieces.

(You also get the sheet music for all the pieces).

Even better: the tabs are also provided in both PDF and Powertab format.

With Powertab, you can watch the notes go by on your computer, and each one is highlighted as its playing. If you've never experienced this before, it's incredible. No more trying to "figure out" the rhythm of the tabs. You see it, you hear it, and you learn it -- FAST.

I can't stress enough how many hours this is going to save you when you learn these pieces.

Lily, backstage at the
Wigmore Hall, London.

Classical Guitar Secrets
Private Instruction

I'm not going to knock face to face lessons. However: they usually end up costing a small fortune. In fact, if you wanted to study with Lily at the University of Memphis, be prepared to dish out over $20,000 a year in tuition.

Even at "normal" guitar lesson prices, just look at how expensive it would be:

Digital Guitar Courses save you thousands of dollars, because you're getting dozens and dozens of lessons that you can watch over and over.

Any way you slice it, this course is by far the best Classical Guitar learning value offered anywhere.

This is it, my friend... Classical Guitar Secrets is the systematized course that will give you the insider info you need to play like a pro in record time.

I'd like to make your decision easy. So, here's the deal... If for any reason, (or even no reason at all) you decide this course isn't helping you learn some killer classical guitar in record time, you can send an email and I'll refund every penny immediately. There's no fine print and no hassles.

You're Protected By My 100% Total Satisfaction
Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

There are no strings attached to this offer. I stand behind this course and I know you'll be thrilled with it. And if you're not -- don't worry because I'm offering you a complete 60-day, no-risk, 100% money-back guarantee.

Order these awe-inspiring classical lessons... watch them... then sit down with your guitar... tickle a few strings...and then play a song just to prove to yourself that... You've really become a respectable classical player faster than You ever thought possible!

Am I Crazy?
Or is This Course that GOOD?

I can afford to be so generous... because I know the TRUTH. You see... these lessons really do work! It's amazing, it's almost like magic because it shouldn't be THIS easy and simple... but it is.

Just imagine inviting your friends and family over, and blowing them away with some world-class guitar music... Jaws will drop and respect will be earned.

It's a no-brainer decision, so please click on the link below, fill out your information, and you'll soon be the proud owner of this Classical Guitar Secrets course that will reward you for a lifetime.

A world of fun awaits, so don't delay -- click the link below right now!

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Classical Guitar Secrets Volume 1
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Classical Guitar Secrets Volumes 1 and 2
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Dedicated to your musical success,

Claude Johnson

P.S. Remember, you're protected by our 60-Day unconditional money back guarantee. My reputation is my most valuable asset, and I always honor any refund requests professionally, politely, and promptly. I want you to be 100% happy no matter what.