Dear Blues Enthusiast,

  • Would you like to get 50 killer blues songs under your fingers in the fastest, easiest way possible?
  • Do you want to finally become an accomplished blues guitarist, not in YEARS from now, but in a few short months or even weeks?
  • Would you like to be able to play the blues naturally with a proven repertoire of blues songs, while being able to improvise impressive leads?

If you're thinking "hell yes!" then this is definitely for you.

We've put together something really special for you called the Ultimate Blues Song Collection, and you're about to learn 50 blues song from one of the most popular blues teachers around today.

His name is Jimmy Dillon... and he's Carlos Santana's guitarist.

A bit about Jimmy...

Jimmy Dillon's been playing guitar professionally for over 4 decades. He's shared the stage and played alongside Bob Dylan, Sting, Carlos Santana, Bruce Springsteen and B.B. King just to name a few...

Eric Clapton's band backed him on his first CD. He's played alongside Bob Weir from the Gratetful Dead and was fortunate to record a duet with blues legend John Lee Hooker.

He's also recorded 5 studio albums, gone on countless tours across Europe, and has taught 4,000+ kids at Blue Star Music Camp, a nonprofit program for aspiring young musicians.

From a lifetime of playing the blues, he's now ready to share with you his knowledge and be your personal guide through this wonderful collection of songs.

I'll give you a rundown of all 50 of the songs in this course.

It's a wonderful blend of old timeless classics and modern blues, and you'll get the shorcuts and pro tips for playing the top blues hits from some of the all time greats including B.B. King, Robert Johnson, Little Walter, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie King, John Lee Hooker and more.

I also asked Jimmy to include a few of his own blues numbers too, which is really valuable because they are excellent examples of what you do with your own blues playing.

I really encourage you to study the masters and then create YOUR own blues -- there's nothing more satisfying as a blues guitarist than expressing yourself. I'm talking about playing from the heart.

Here's 4 things I love about this course:

  1. You're getting 50 great songs that you can add to your song repertoire - FAST.
  2. Jimmy won't bog you down in learning a ton of intricate arrangements that will take months to master -- he's gonna show you the EASY way to play these songs, get em under your fingers, and make them your own. That's what the blues is all about... Having fun, expressing yourself, and playing music you love.
  3. You'll also see exactly how an experienced bluesman like Jimmy effortlessly can weave together rhythm parts with some cool improvised leads. This might sound difficult, but you'll see it's really not after watching Jimmy... and it's one of the coolest aspects of blues guitar.
  4. You'll get neat, easy to read chord charts that makes things even faster and easier...and some tabs if you want to go a bit deeper into some of the licks Jimmy shows on the DVDs.

So without further ado, here's the complete list of all 50 tunes you're getting:

Blues Song #1

Jimmy Reed - Baby What You Want Me to Do

  • A killer "down in the bucket" blues shuffle in E.
  • The first thing you'll learn is the pro's trick to making it sound tight immediately. You'll avoid the "amateur sound".
  • You're gonna love the classic blues turnaround using open strings that sounds timeless.
  • Also, how to embellish the basic blues pattern so you can create interesting variations.
Blues Song #2

Steeley Dan - Pretzel Logic Shuffle

  • Discover a sophisticated blues rhythm using fancy chords and open string bass notes... however, the fingerings are easy.
  • The "separation trick" makes your chord voicing punchy and stand out. This is critical with this kind of jazzy blues style.
  • Plus Jimmy demonstrates how you can jam a solo on this tune even with just you and your guitar.
Blues Song #3

Boz Scaggs - Running Blue

  • This is a big city or "urban" blues style song.
  • Play some sweet 9 chords (which are essentiall in the blues) and some smooth diminished chord transitions.
  • The "swing progression" turnaround is an amazing finish to the song that you can plug-n-play with other blues tunes.
  • Jimmy shows you again how you can jam and play lead and rhythm together on this song as well.
Blues Song #4

Jimi Hendrix - Up from the Skies

  • A slick 2 chord jam with a jump blues feel. It's another easy song you can learn in minutes.
  • How to add in a cool bass note embellishment and also how to improvise blues licks in with the chords.
  • That's one of the coolest things about this course -- Jimmy shows you how to improvise while keep the rhythm on different tunes.
Blues Song #5

Eric Clapton - Old Love

  • One of my favorites... A heartfelt "singer songwriter" type of blues song... Great song to play for your lady (or the ladies).
Blues Song #6

J.J. Cale - Crazy Mama

  • An example of blues songwriting mastery featuring a simple 3 chord turnaround and shuffle.
Blues Song #7

James Taylor - Steamroller

  • Obviously James Taylor is famous for his fingerstyle acoustic guitar playing, but he also has some great blues tunes.
  • This is another basic shuffle at the heart of it, but there's many many to "spice it up" including fills, walkups, inverted chords, you name it. Watch a seasoned bluesman show you how to make any tune your own.
  • Plus, discover the perfect "ending chord" for almost any blues song.
Blues Song #8

Little Walter - Watch Yourself

  • This one has a killer opening lick that makes you sound you'd be right at home on stage of a Chicago blues club.
  • This is not your typical "blues in E" tune, but still has an undeniable classic vibe.
  • You'll also get a badass "I to the V" transition.
Blues Song #9

Ray Charles - Hard Times

  • A soulful ballad famously covered by Clapton. Sweet, soulful blues with a unique and colorful chord progression.
Blues Song #10

Elvin Bishop - Fooled Around and Fell in Love

  • You've probably heard this hit song on the radio many times. It's a great modern blues ballad.
  • You'll dig these R&B chord voicing moves that expand your sonic capabilities.
Blues Song #11

Mississippi John Hurt - Creole Belle

  • This gets into the style of country blues, which is a whole world unto itself, but Jimmy gives you an arrangement that won't overwhelm you, along with a few key tips to work on with your fingerpicking.
  • This is a great, well known tune with some new sounds and really cool techniques for your right hand.
Blues Song #12

Alice's restaurant - Arlo Guthrie

  • Another famous little number, it's a powerful ragtime arrangement that will have everyone saying "wow".
  • You can try the intricate picking or you can just pluck the basic chords. Jimmy shows you both ways.
  • There's a sweet walkup maneuver which you can also re use in other songs, plus an alternate lick which you can end any song with or use as a transition.
Blues Song #13

Taj Mahal - Fishin Blues

  • A fabulous acoustic blues song that will take your fingerpicking chops to the next level.
Blues Song #14

Jimmy Dillon - Hey Hey

  • A JD original. A simple tune but there's a few cool twists in the progression that you can use to plug into your own blues jams.
  • Jimmy reveals a big blues guitar secret he learned from working directly with John Lee Hooker.
Blues Song #15

Big Bill Broonzy - Key to the highway

  • Another smash hit blues song covered by all the greats that you MUST have in your song library.
  • Jimmy gives you 2 ways to play through the changes.
Blues Song #16

Jimmy Cox - Down and Out

  • Cool changes, chromatic walkdowns, unusual voicings, this song has it all.
Blues Song #17

James Taylor - Blues is just a bad dream

  • Another badass classic groove with some cool turnaround licks. James Taylor is a great blues player with unique connecting licks that really sing.
Blues Song #18

Jimmy Dillon - Cry

  • This has great riffs reminiscent of ZZ Top. Jimmy shows how you can combine different cool changes like shuffles, riffs, and boogies.
Blues Song #19

Arthur Alexander - You Better Move on

  • R&B type blues song that was covered a lot of great bands including the Rolling Stones.
Blues Song #20

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Pride and joy

  • A true blues masterpiece... a mighty texas jam...
  • Jimmy shows you how to do it on the acoustic! The best part is how these blues walkups give your tune that undeniable swing that makes everyone foots tap.
Blues Song #21

John Martyn - I don't want to know about evil

  • Lots of blues artists like Dr. John and Carlos Santana covered this one.
  • It's a minor blues with a fiery groove. A great example of using some soulful minor barre chords on a simple progression. Its perfect to solo over.
Blues Song #22

Robert Johnson - Crossroads

  • Jimmy reveals the "Tulsa snap" and different fingerpicking techniques to get that old time feel going. How to invoke a gut bucket feel, a funk feel, or a rock feel (like Clapton with Cream). Get several new potent walkdowns, walkups, and licks.
Blues Song #23

John Lee Hooker -
Boogie Chillen

  • This is the classic guitar boogie song. Also its the same riff used in ZZ top's La Grange. Lots of different blues songs use this feel. You can do it either with a pick or fingerstyle.
Blues Song #24

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Riveria Paradise

  • If you've heard this SRV song, you might think it sounds intimidating, but Jimmy breaks down the changes for you so you can learn it in about 5 minutes. Just a beautiful song.
Blues Song #25

Freddie King - Hideway

  • They called Freddie King the "Texas Cannonball" and he's one of my all time favorite players. This is another must know tune for every aspiring bluesman.
Blues Song #26

T-Bone Walker - Stormy Monday

  • This is a great song with unique characteristic and original chord changes. It has a nice "climbing" chord progression.
  • How to create different voicings, licks, and sounds on this progression and how to improvise the blues.
Blues Song #27

Jimi Hendrix - Red House

  • How to play this great tune and make it your own... its not as hard as you think. Jimmy makes Jimi simple :)
Blues Song #28

Jimi Hendrix - Little Wing

  • Yes, you've always wanted to play this amazing song, and now you can.
Blues Song #29

Jimmy Dillon - Moanin These Blues

  • Interesting ways to work with chords, using one of Jimmy's favorite progressions which is the minor blues with the #5 turnaround. Inspired by some old blues classics.
Blues Song #30

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Rude Mood

  • A rockabilly groove that sounds phat and viscious. Jimmy Thackery and Lonnie Mack covered this too.
Blues Song #31

Jimmy Dillon -
Bad & Blue

  • The train groove rockabilly sound with tons of licks you can use in any blues jam in a variety of keys and tempos.
Blues Song #32

B.B. king - the thrill is gone

  • This is a classic jam from the king of the blues. Jimmy gives you some fresh ideas to change it around.
Blues Song #33

Tom Petty - Breakdown

  • You might not think of this as a blues song, but it's actually a pure shuffle that's fun to play and simple to perform.
Blues Song #34

Bob Dylan - It Takes a lot to laugh,
it takes a train to cry

  • This is a great example of some hot country blues. Jimmy's rendition is an easy folk version that you'll be able to play in minutes.
  • It has that old time folky blues sound that makes you wanna sit on your back porch, grit your teeth out and sing the blues.
Blues Song #35

Bob Dylan - Everybody Must Get Stoned

  • Not just for stoners... this freewheelin' track is a classic old time blues arrangement.
  • You can play a lot of great guitar on this song in the "New Orleans" blues style.
Blues Song #36

Jimmy Dillon - Ready For Love

  • Classic thumping bass in the delta blues style mixed with inspiration from the early Stones and Beatles.
Blues Song #37

J.J. Cale - They Call Me The Breeze

  • Cale was masterful at creating simple, powerful tunes with a classic rock feel.
Blues Song #38

Greg Allman - Midnight Rider

  • Another one you might think of as just another rock tune, but you can create a deep soulful blues arrangement in drop D.
Blues Song #39

jimmy dillon -
six string man

  • This is a 1960s Led zeppellin style blues groove. A great one to play solos over and some slick blues riffs to boot.
Blues Song #40

Steve Winwood - Can't find my way home

  • Beautiful chromatic walkdowns in drop D tuning... a bluesy ballad you'll love.
Blues Song #41

Robert Johnson - Ramblin on my Mind

  • Jimmy shows you how to get a full rhythm sound that pleases any audience. See how to take a traditional blues and make it more uptempo.
Blues Song #42

Fred McDowell -
you've got to move

  • This one will have you singing "mmm mmm mmm".
  • Another CLASSIC blues song, covered by the Rolling Stones. This one will have people bobbing their heads.
Blues Song #43

Jimmy Dillon - Private Investigator

  • This one gives you some fingerstyle magic with some alternative progressions, and you'll learn some potent traditional blues fingerpicking technqiue here.
Blues Song #44

Willy Dixon - Little Red Rooster

  • Covered by the Stones, the Dead... its another wonderful timeless blues nugget of a tune that you should put into your bag of tricks.
Blues Song #45

Rolling Stones -
Spider and the Fly

  • A straightforward rocking blues shuffle in G with a cool chorus.
  • You'll learn some of the secrets behind Keith Richards' epic rhtyhm guitar style.
Blues Song #46

various - You can't take it with you

  • This is a nice call-and-response open-tuning jam.
Blues Song #47

Rolling Stones - Prodigal Son

  • Open E tuning on acoustic with slide -- I guarantee you'll get some new sounds from your axe on this one.
Blues Song #48

Elmore James - Dust my Broom

  • One of my favorite bluesmen... he was a huge influence on everyone including Stevie Ray Vaughan. This song is one of his all time greatesthits.
Blues Song #49

Stateboro Blues - Blind Willie Mctell

  • Inspired by playing with Chuck Leavell who had played with the Allmans... This is a stomping groove thats guaranteed to bring the house down.
  • By the time you go through these DVDs and the easy chord charts, you'll be a budding blues guitar master.
Blues Song #50

Chris Whitley - Poison Girl

  • A really cool song with open sounds and unusual patterns
BONUS Song #51

Jimmy Dillon - Diamond Girl

  • Yes, you'll get one more killer bonus blues song from Jimmy... and this one's a fingerpicking number with a great vibe.

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