I personally guarantee that with these secrets, you will create thrilling, electrifying blues solos and sweet, heart-warming blues licks any time, any stage, any day...

Blues Kid

"This Whiz Kid Will Show You 4 Ridiculously Simple
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And With These Guitar Courses and "Idiot-Proof" TABS,
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Dear Soon-to-Be-Smokin' Blues Guitarist,

Meet Sol Philcox,
Your New Blues Guitar Teacher

Do you want to double your blues guitar skills in just 3 fun hours?

Do you want to possess the power to impress seasoned musicians, and gain their respect within seconds?

What if you could take your blues style to new heights by infusing the fiery electric blues sounds of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins, Freddie King, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, or Buddy Guy?

If you said "yes" to any of these questions, then today is your lucky day because Sol Philcox is going to personally make all your blues dreams come true.

Sol is a rare kind of guitarist. Let's face it -- anyone can become good on the guitar after decades of practice. But Sol has achieved a level of mastery most guitarists only dream about -- and he's done it in under 5 years.

He's so damn good that When Brent Mason (the #1 studio musician in Nashville) heard Sol play, he was so blown away that he invited him to move from the UK to his Nashville home. Brent even said "Sol Philcox is probably the best guitarist under the age of 25 on the planet right now."

Sol has obviously tapped into the right knowledge and some very deep secrets to be able to play like this with only a few years of experience under his belt and that's why I was so excited to film him and have him decode the blues and share his unique perspective with all of us.

The best part is: he's a great teacher. That really blew me away. And you'll be even more blown away when you see how easy it is to get these wicked blues chops under your fingertips with his new Master Class blues lessons on Digital copy, complete with tabs.

Let's jump right into it. Here's what you're gonna learn...

Big Blues Secret 1:
Make Big Sounds From a Few Tasty Notes

You don't need a lot of notes in the blues. As Sol demonstrates, it's all about using the right techniques at the right time to get the most out of the notes you play, and especially important is how you attack the notes.

  • These Guitar courses are designed to take from basic beginner to advanced pro in record time, so even if you're just starting out, you'll learn all the essential techniques like killer blues bends 3:20

  • What seperates every blues guitarist (and what will give you your unique sound) is how you punch the notes. This insider trick is revealed at 4:03.
Sol's gonna show you all the tricks
he uses to dominante the
competitive Nashville scene.

  • "Raking" into the notes adds a really raw, raunchy blues sound that gives you extra power. The key is how you mute the strings. See 5:08.

  • Learn the pro's trick of how to make any boring cliche lick come to life 10:00.

  • You're gonna love The "wide vibrato" sound. This trick has been used by legends like SRV, Freddy King, and Albert Collins, yet most guitarists aren't aware of it. The cool thing is -- you'll be able to learn this new technique in 10 minutes. 14:09

  • In addition to the wide vibrato, there's also the "bee sting" vibrato. What's really cool is when Sol shows you how to combine the two sounds at 16:24.
Big Blues Secret 2:
How to Play with Authority and Confidence

Sol Philcox, on tour with
the Grammy-winning Jake Owen band.

Playing the blues is all about playing the right notes with attitude and feeling... you have to mean every note you play!

And these Guitar courses and tabs will give you an incredible feeling of confidence that will transform your playing immediately.

After watching Sol show you how he does it, seeing how he breaks things down, and brings everything to down to earth, you'll discover the secrets to playing with authoritative attitude.

Like Sol says, "If your playing sounds confident, then people will like it"!

Here's more easy-to-learn tricks you're going to discover:

  • Exotic bends. These "bigger than normal bends" technique lets you create wild screams and huge wailing sounds. David Gilmour of Pink Floyd used these in his most epic solos. See 20:15.

  • Sol admits -- he doesn't use any "shred" techniques. And you won't have to either to play a fast flurry of notes. Learn the same methods that legends like Clapton and SRV used to create smokin' blues licks. 23:33

  • Want to create a very agressive lead sound? It's as easy as a few small changes in your picking and phrasing. This is a great trick. (See 27:40)

  • Sol shows you another secret to "bending with authority" and have a really strong, powerful sound. Pay close attention at 38:58.

  • The fool-proof way to sustain notes almost as long as you want. 40:47

  • How to get a super-smooth almost bottleneck slide sound (without a slide) for killer tone 42:32.
Would you love to be able to just
pick up a guitar, anytime, anywhere, and

Well guess what -- you might be closer than you think. The key is having what Sol calls "guitar fluency". Listen carefully, because he explains exactly how to get it at 45:00.

Sol decodes some of SRV's most
powerful techniques and makes them
fun and easy to learn.

  • How to use octaves to build speed and create amazing runs that fly across the neck. 48:26

  • Several idiot-proof ways to kick-start a blues solo in style, every time 54:11.

  • How to add the major-third to create super crunchy blues licks. This is one of the most powerful ways to go beyond the pentatonic scale. 55:54.

  • Discover a few more ways you can use double stops to add a lot more heart and thickness to your blues licks 58:50.

  • Want that thick, undeniable SRV sound? Then combine these 3 different techqiques and you'll have it down immediately. 1:03:28.

And there's dozens more essential tips and tricks, all tabbed out for you. Next, on Course 2...

Big Blues Secret 3:
It's All About the Blues Grooves

Have you ever wondered what makes people's head's bop or feet tap when they hear some great sounding blues? Sol calls it blues grooves.

On Course 2, Sol starts going deep into grooves and rhythms.

If you want to impress seasoned players, then you better have a tight blues groove. That's the hallmark of a pro... and Sol's gonna show you how to get it into soul and fingers in record time.

Why are Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jimi Hendrix two of the greatest blues guitarists of all time? Because they had MONSTER rhythm chops.

Those guys are Guitar Gods in my eyes. I've always wanted to play like them. In fact, that brings me to interesting point.

I have a personal confession to make... I've been told in the past, that my rhythm playing was my weak point, but I didn't care that much because I wanted to play lead.

But after watching Sol's teaching, I now truly understand that mastering the rhythm actually makes your lead guitar much, much better. And now, one of my goals is to beef up my rhythm chops, which I know is going to help me tremendously.

And these Guitar courses are my new tool! Here's some of the precious guitar jems that Sol's gonna hand over to you:

Here's Sol laying down
an epic Blues Groove.

  • Learn several powerful blues rhythms that are fun to jam on, and yet they're so basic that even a newbie could learn them in minutes. It's all about knowing what to do. See 2:25.

  • How to add one little note in your chords to change them from "amateur sound" to "killer pro sound". 8:28

  • How you can create counter melodies that delight the ear with new fresh sounds on every verse. 9:18

  • How to make your guitar sing just by moving your pinky finger. Automatically create smooth voice leading riffs that are a breeze to play. See 13:08

  • Learn a killer "comping" pattern that you can use on any 12-bar blues to make an awesome groove. This one's perfect for creating an epic vibe on slower tempos. 25:32

  • Have you ever played with a drummer but felt things could be tighter? Here's how to totally lock in with the drummer's snare hits and play perfectly in the pocket. 28:10
Big Blues Secret 4:
Combine Rhythm, Riffs, and Leads

The ultimate blues sound combines a solid rhythm backbone with a killer groove, some tasty riffing, AND some expressive lead guitar. Sol gives the perfect examples (with tabs) on how to do this.

  • How to use full chords inside of a loud electric lead. This is one of the simplest ways to get started and will boost your skills right away. 31:54.

  • Incorporate Jimi Hendrix style funky riffs - (think Voodoo Chile). Plus use that secret how to write your own blues rock riffs. 33:25
Sol is not only a great player, but
also one of the best teachers around.

  • More monster riffing concepts. Some of these same concepts were used by legends like John Frusciante, Hendrix, and others. How many badass guitar riffs will you create using these ideas? See 39:08.

  • How to get different tones out of your pick and fingers. This you dynamic range and killer attack. - 51:38

  • How to play hard rock riffs like AC/DC and combine them with bluesy SRV type shuffle patterns to create an explosive sonic blues assault. 58:32.

  • How to incorporate open string country licks for incredible fluid finesse. This can supercharge your lead guitar playing instantly. 1:01:14
Create Wicked Sounds By
Mastering The Art of the Shuffle

Most guitarists think that the shuffle is a very simple, basic blues technique. And it is. However, a lot of us struggle to play this rhythm really tight and "in the pocket".

But on Course 3, Sol will show you how to nail this rhythm and you'll learn the details of mastering this very cool groove -- FAST. Also:

Master the shuffle, just like
Blues Legend Albert Collins

  • How to use the high open strings during a shuffle to create a "chime" counter rhythm. This is the secret how SRV made 1 guitar sound like 2 guitars. 6:05

  • Learn tons of sure-fire ways (like adding bassnote runs or arpeggiating chords) to create interesting guitar variations on the shuffle. These are the tried-and-true tactics used by legends to create amazing sounds. 7:50.

  • Spice up your "blues turnarounds" beyond belief with several hot open string licks. Your friends will be asking you: "Where'd you learn to play like that?" 13:29

  • Delta blues licks used by the pioneers like Robert Johnson and Son House, and how to add them to your own style for some deep voodoo blues magic. 15:30.

  • Want to create professional riffs using simple patterns? Watch in amazement as Sol shows you moron-proof blueprints like the "1 chord + 1 lick riff." It's almost like magic because it shouldn't be this easy and simple to create killer blues sounds... but it is. See 18:33

  • How to bounce off the strings and create exciting, lively lead guitar lines. This is an another essential trick that you MUST KNOW if you want to be a smoking lead guitarist without spending years developing "monster chops" 21:37

  • Have you ever been accused of playing "boring licks" (or even worse, you secretly thought your own riffs sucked!) ? This will never happen again after you learn 2 of Sol's radical techniques. (And if they still accuse you, I'll personally fly to their house and kick sand in their face!) 24:18
Beef Up Your Sound
With Some Killer Blues Tone

Sol blew my mind all over again when he gives us the lowdown on guitar tone.

He covers everything from Gibsons and Fenders, resonance, string gauges, neck shapes, string action, his favorite pedals, amps, amp settings, to inspiration, influences, to classic players and albums.

If you're read this far, and you aren't at least slighty interested in having Sol Philcox jumpstart your skills to the next level, then I dunno what to say. Go do somethin' else... Go deep fry your favorite dessert.

On the other other hand, if you see the light, if you're feeling the vibes, and you're passionate about blues guitar, then buying these courses is the easiest decision you've made all year.

If You're Into Blues Guitar,
These Guitar Courses are a Must-Have!

Sol reveals the biggest secrets I've ever seen to help you take your blues to the next level, and he makes it fun, easy, and simple to learn.

You don't need monster chops. You don't need to practice for hours. All you need to do is watch these courses and spend 10 to 15 minutes a day going over the tabs.

You'll get a whole new bag of blues guitar tricks that will transform your playing in ways that you can't even begin to imagine...

But WAit, There's More...
We filmed 3 MORE Courses
with Even More Advanced
Blues Master Class Lessons.

I know you're hungry to learn as much killer blues guitar secrets as possible, so we didn't stop filming after just 3 Guitar courses. We proceeded to capture 3 MORE courses of killer secrets and sounds for your learning pleasure.

You'll learn exciting new techniques to play some wild chordal sounds (think Jimi Hendrix in Electric Ladyland), plus how to play leads over exotic chord progressions.

You'll also discover open string licks, spicing up your playing beyond pentatonics by adding extra notes, creating your own riffs and licks, plus adding jazz, country, funk, and R&B influences to create some wild new hybrid blues sounds.

This incredible volume 2 set is a perfect compliment to the first 3 courses. It includes dozens of examples tabbed out for you, so you can play along note for note and learn as quickly as possible.

I recommend you order both because you'll save big bucks and have a lot more cool things to experiment with.

Sol Has Created
Hundreds of Tabbed Examples!

Not only is Sol tabbing every note you, but the tabs are also provided in Powertab format so you can watch the notes go by on your computer, and each one is highlighted as its playing.

If you've never experienced this before, it's incredible. No more trying to "figure out" the rhythm of the tabs. You see it, you hear it, and you learn it -- FAST.

I want to make your decision as easy possible, so I'm putting my neck on the line for you with the best guarantee in the business:

You're Protected By
Our Famous 60-Day
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This an amazing opportunity to invest in yourself and your musical education with some of the most unique and powerful blues guitar lessons ever captured on a digital copy.

Sol is a totally unique guitar teacher and with an incredibly fresh perspective on giving you what you need RIGHT NOW to get you to the next level of blues playing, literally overnight. You won't find anything like this, anywhere... And even if you could fly down to Nashville and convince Sol to teach you, look at how much it would cost:

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Keep rockin,

Claude Johnson

"Sol Philcox is probably the best guitarist under the age of 25 on the planet right now" - Brent Mason, 12-time guitarist of the year