Dear Aspiring Bluegrass Guitar Player,

  • Would you love to get a fast track to play all your favorite bluegrass songs?

  • Do you want to save years of trial and error and learn the simplest shortcuts to flatpicking?

  • Are you interested in becoming the most well-respected bluegrass guitarist in your neighborhood, or becoming the life of any jam?

Hi, my name is Mike Mizwinski. (most folks call me Mike Miz).

Mike Mizwinski,
Professional Bluegrass Guitarist

I've opened up for Derek Trucks, Shawn Colvin, Leon Russell, Jackie Greene, Blues Traveler, and other big names. Last year I played over 240 shows including many bluegrass festivals. Heck, I just played in front of 600 people last night.

I'm not saying this to brag or to impress you. I'm here to show YOU how you can become a great bluegrass player without wasting years of your life.

That's why I filmed all of my best bluegrass lessons on DVD. These 3 DVDs are jam-packed with 3 hours of hard-earned secrets, licks and flatpicking tricks.

The biggest benefit of owning the DVDs is that you'll peek inside the mind of a bluegrass pro, and leverage my experience. Why take years to learn what you can play in months (or sometimes minutes) ?

It's going to inspire you to find your own way with your guitar. Use my experience for your own good. Don't do it the hard way. Buy these DVDs -- this is the easy way.

1. If you love bluegrass like I do (I was raised listening to it) -- this is exactly what you've been looking for.

2. There's a lot of "newgrass", "jamgrass" music out there, and I'm here to bring the latest -- all the fresh bluegrass styles as well as the old classics.

3. I think you're going to get a lot more out of this video than any other video. I've really broken this style down to a very simple level. I make the hard stuff - easy to play.

Maybe you can already play a little bit, but you're not 100% happy with your playing. Maybe you're thinking: "I'm not doing it right. I'm not playing bluegrass the right way. I'm not playing as fast as Tony Rice."

The cool thing is -- I'm going to show you how you can play it YOUR WAY with a few critical techniques.

I'll help you bust free from your limitations.

All the greatest bluegrass players of all time, broke the rules including Tony Rice. He changed bluegrass forever.

You might find it hard to find people who are into bluegrass. However, once you become a solid bluegrass guitarist, everyone will come out of the woods to play with you. You'll become the most sought-after player in your town.

You're going to gain tons of techniques, cool tricks, and a solid understanding of how to go out and play bluegrass music with other musicians. These are critical secrets.

You're going to get a new kit of tools and if you use them, it's guaranteed that you're going to get better and better on the guitar.

Here's some of the amazing bluegrass lessons you're going to get on DVD 1:

  • The right way to pick and hold the guitar for maximum speed and comfort. 4:28

  • Boy oh boy... make sure you pay attention at the 8:32 mark. Believe me -- you really want to avoid a really this nasty habit on the guitar? I've seen a lot of beginners do this.

  • Learn the fastest way to play bluegrass leads, sweet tasty licks, and foot-stomping runs. It's actually pretty simple once I show you the right scales and technique. 11:46

  • Everyone will be dancing and clapping when you play "Pig in a Pen" - a classic bluegrass song that you'll learn in a few minutes. 17:03

  • Learn to play hundreds (or even thousands) of your favorite bluegrass songs. Just learn the basic core chord pattern in the key of G and you'll be set. 17:03

  • Then go to new heights when you easily transpose this run to any key you want, so you can play any song you want. 18:39

  • Within minutes, you'll be cranking out some down-home guitar magic from your fingers. Just follow the DVDs and tabs and you'll sound like a proper picker. 21:37

  • You'll dance with delight when you learn the walking bassline technique. Now we are really getting deep into the meat and potatoes of bluegrass playing... this is how you walk from one chord to the next and make it sound sweeter than Grandma's home-made apple pie. 23:02

  • How to throw some spice on your songs and progression with Dom7 chords. This is an especially cool way to end a song and impress a live crowd. 26:03

  • You'll dig these patterns and also how I break it down and count it out for you. You'll be up and running with this in a few short seconds. 28:08

  • One of the tricks to getting a that full chordal bluegrass sound is to play the right scales with open strings. Watch exactly how to do it at 34:03.

  • Learn timeless advice on how to develop your own bluegrass style 36:52.

And we're just getting warmed up. Then we go boot deep into bluegrass DVD 2. Here's a small sample of what you're going to learn:

  • You'll get plenty of cool bluegrass sounds from your guitar with some sweet and easy barre chords. These are a must know for all up and coming bluegrass players. Actually, every guitarist should learn these. 3:36

  • How to navigate across any of the 12 keys and easily use the same tricks and licks and easily move them to any style. Other musicians will be impressed with this technique 8:44

  • Want to learn some "newgrass", and wild jam grass secrets? Then learn some of these unusual (but really cool) chord variations. You can use these to create untraditional fresh sounds at 11:00.

Next, I'll teach you an original song of mine called "Wink." I'll dissect it for you so you can learn many of my personal bluegrass and guitar secrets. Crowds go crazy for this one.

For example, you're gonna learn how to choose and use the right scale to solo. I'll show you the simple formula at 16:28.

  • Then, I'll show a series of killer bluegrass licks. You'll tons of fun playing and experimenting with these. Discover all kinds of new sounds and create your own sweet licks. 20:51

  • A super easy chromatic run that is very pleasing to the ears and never fails to impress the crowd and make them cheer! 24:24

  • How to combine a different types of bluegrass licks to create your own magic. 26:18

  • How to build amazing clean sounding accuracy with your playing. This is the hallmark of any bluegrass pro 27:00

Learn the magic of 6th intervals, and how to use them in a bluegrass rhythm. Plus I'll show you how to add even more tricks such as combining these 6th runs with pull-offs. This lets you play some really fast and sizzling licks with ease.

and tons of ways that will help you sound like a real pro, such as using partial chords and how to move them around the neck. You'll love exploring new sounds with this technique.

  • Also, loads more ways to spice up your licks and riffs that I don't have time to describe, but I promise you'll get it all tabbed out. See 35:36.

  • A beautiful, lush way to fingerpick and make a few major chords sound like a 3 guitars playing together. 38:30

And there's much, much more. In fact, way too much stuff to list here.

Then there's DVD 3. Here's a tiny list of the bluegrass lessons on this disc:

First, you'll discover more ways to add pulloffs to basic chord progressions to get some really easy-to-do bluegrass sounds instantly. And that's just for starters. Next,

  • I'll show you how to speed up your riffs to get a very full sound that sounds like 2 guitarists.

  • Learn more secrets to get your picking technique smooth and solid. Get an amazingly pro twangy sound that rings clear and true on fast patterns. 9:28

  • How to create your own slick melodies using pulloffs and drone strings. Conjure up a big-time bluegrass stomping sound. 16:20

  • How to use palm muting to create a funky new sound. 19:35

If you like hot guitar playing, here's some powerful stuff I want to show you:

  • Learn the "down down up" picking - a technique you can use to just RIP through a single note run or scale at blazing speed. 36:49

  • How to create hot bluegrass licks using the 3 notes per string technique 41:28.

  • Yeehaw! Play some really ripping runs by including the harmonic minor scale, the augmented scale, and arpeggios. 45:37

  • The most important thing to do while you're soloing in any bluegrass song. 50:55

  • How to deal with playing mistakes. So you never have to worry about them again even while playing live on stage 52:50

If you're already one of the top pros and don't want to learn any new tricks, techniques, or styles, then you don't need it.

Or if you're too close-minded to see how these tricks can be applied to all styles including: blues, rock and traditional acoustic playing -- then please ignore this offer.

Even hard-core metal guys could learn some cool new tricks that they can use in riffs and solos.

Maybe your dream is to play in a great band or to become a headliner at the bluegrass festival.

If you buy these DVDs, it could happen faster than you thought.

Here's the bottom line: You're never gonna learn and grow unless you put new information in your mind and invest in the tools you need to become a better musician.

Everything I teach on these DVDs has been tabbed out. You'll get 32 pages of tabs (in both PDF and powertab format) so you can follow along note for note with what I'm doing.

Powertab is a cool program that runs on your computer and lets you see and listen to the notes as they go by. If you haven't seen it or used it before, you'll love it. Or you can just use the old fashioned PDFs... Or you can just learn from the DVD too. We have you covered.

From one guitarist to another, I can't stress enough the fact that any new information you put into your brain is gonna do nothing but help your playing tremendously.

I know personal lessons can get expensive (just see the chart), and that's exactly why DVDs are one of the best ways to learn... Certainly they're the best value because you can watch them as many times as you want.

Bluegrass Guitar Secrets 3 DVDs and tabs would be a great value at $100 or even $75 but it's cheaper than that. Actually right now it's super affordable because of a special "launch price" plus free shipping.

Yeah, this is a great deal and a great opportunity. Just follow along with the tabs and DVDs and I guarantee you'll be playing some sweet bluegrass guitar within a few minutes.

And if not, then don't worry because its easy to get your money back.

That's right -- this product comes with a 60-day 100% money-back guarantee. No hassles and no nonsense.

So don't hesitate any longer. Click on the link below, enter your info and we'll rush these DVDs right to your door. Plus you'll be able to download the tabs immediately.

Go for it... this is gonna be fun!

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All the best on your musical journey,

Mike Miz