If you like to jam, you're going to love this:

"Here's 500 Reasons Why
You'll Never Be Bored
On The Guitar Again"

Get ready for "Jam Track Heaven" with these
3 massive collections of awesome jam tracks.

Dear Guitarist,

If you're like me (and probably every other guitarist), you love jamming to a cool backing track. Among other things, good backing tracks allow you to:

  • Improve Your Soloing Effortlessly and "Automatically"...

  • Have a Blast While Practicing and Playing...

  • Enhance Your Guitar Scale Skills...

  • Have Fun Jamming in Your Favorite Musical Styles...

  • Experience a Rush of Inspiration Any Time You Want...

  • Supercharge Your Practice Sessions...
  • And of Course, Just Enjoy Your Guitar More...

Now... I have not just one, but three amazing collections of backing tracks for you. We're talking about Over 500 cool, downloadble backing tracks of amazing quality and "jammability". So whether you're a newbie, a pro, or somewhere in between, I promise you're gonna absolutely love jamming to these sweet and intense tracks.

Here's What You Get:

Collection #1:
The "Incredible Guitar
Tracks Library"
(162 Tracks)

This collection #1 even by itself is actually like 7 mindblowing mini collections in one.

(Click Play below to hear some sample recordings
of me and my friend playing lead over the tracks.)

Collection #1 is full and impressive. You're getting:

72 Crunchy Rock Tracks:

27 Soulful Blues Tracks:

23 Groovy Funk Tracks:

18 Powerful Metal Tracks:

6 Smooth Jazz Tracks:

7 Rockin Country Tracks:

9 Beautiful Ballad Tracks:

This collection features a ton of great rhythm guitar and really makes you feel like you're jamming live with a band.

I promise you'll be impressed and delighted with these tracks.

Collection #2:
The "All Possibilities"
Jam Track Collection
(240 Tracks)

Picture 240 amazing, unique jam tracks covering every combination of tempo, style, and modality. You'll get a massive array of original tracks, featuring:

60 Unique 12-Bar Blues Tracks:

60 Slick Minor Vamps Tracks:

120 Harmonic and Melodic Tracks:

Imagine laying down some intense melodic licks over these sweet tracks.

This 240-track collection covers nearly every possible key, tempo, style, and scale. It lets you focus on specific keys and scales and its designed to take your playing to the next level.

Of course, with its live instruments and slick keyboard arrangements, it also just sounds awesome and makes for great jamming.

Collection #3:
The Ultimate Melodic Rock
Jam Track Collection
(102 Tracks)

This collection contains 102 more amazing tracks for your jamming pleasure. This one's an intense mix of killer melodic rock and pop-rock tracks. You get:

Killer Acoustic Jams:

Electric Guitar Jams:

Melodic Keyboard Jams:

Melodic Rock Jams:

Pop-Rock Jams:

Blues Jams:

And tons of other cool tracks like country, latin, funk, & jazz.

PLUS... Dozens of Amazing Tracks
In the Styles of Your Favorite Artists Such As
Eric Clapton, Foreigner, Joe Satriani, The Eagles,
R.E.M., Toto, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, The Police,
Tears For Fears, Lionel Richie, Led Zepellin,
The Beatles, And Much Much More....

In the style of the Beatles:

You're going to love digging your chops into this jumbo set of sweet, emotive, melodic tracks.

This is your chance to get some great guitar jam tracks at a great price. You can start downloading all 3 Collections instantly!

You're gonna have a blast jamming to these tracks so don't wait - take action and get instant access right now.

I can't wait to get your email saying how much you're blown away with this monster package, which costs just pennies per track.

My Promise and Guarantee

If for some strange reason, you're not completely amazed and thrilled with your new jam track library, I INSIST you ask for a quick no-hassle refund within 365 days. Seriously... If these tracks aren't helping your guitar practicing, or if you're not loving them, then I don't want your money. It's that simple.

Order now and get ready to take your guitar enjoyment to the next dimension.

Just click on the link below which will take you to the "order page". Then just choose which jam track package is best for you, fill out your details, and within minutes you'll have a huge assortement of some of the coolest jam track packages you'll ever find.

You won't be dissapointed. And with my 365-day no hassle guarantee, you can't lose. So, get these amazing tracks now while the deal is hot.

Keep on Jammin',

Claude Johnson

Claude u got it all brother, from the sweetest folk/accoustic, to blues jams that always blow me away. This is definetely the best learning package avalible on the net, excellent for begginners and professionals alike.....
Brad M, Australia

This is so much fun jamming to. After many years of not practicing, this material is getting me back into it. Thanks Claude!
"Sunfish", from Minneapolis, MN

Thanks Claude for this amazing package. I purchased the jam tracks and absolutely love them. You are a great teacher and this package is truly an aid that will help any student or pro in their quest to be a better guitarist. Thanks again.
John Hoita, Toronto Canada

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