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"How to Sing in Ten Easy Lessons!
Immediate Results Guaranteed
Even If You Can't Hold A Note!"

- Gil Magno, Voice Teacher

Gil Magno

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From: Claude Johnson, Student of Gil Magno

Dear Friend,

What if I could show you how to sing, (I mean really sing), in just a few short weeks? This could be the most exciting news in a long time! Here's why:

Being able to sing is one of the greatest skills anyone can have. You can blow your friends away at a private party. You can go and dazzle everyone at the local karaoke bar. The good news is that you really can learn to sing in just a few weeks! Even with little practice... and at very little cost to you.

Let me cut right to the chase: Gil Magno is perhaps the greatest vocal teacher in the world, and he's just released an amazing home-study course on DVD!

Gil has taught thousands. His students have won grammys, impressed the judges on American Idol, and perform professionally all over the world. Just imagine what he can do for you!

Simply put, you'll get immediate results from Gil's home-study course. You'll get amazing results... Even if you thought you weren't blessed with natural ability. It's easy once you know the secrets, and now you can learn them from the comfort of your own home!

Even if You Can't Sing in the Shower...

Don't worry if you can't even hold a note. Anyone can learn the right techniques for great singing, even if you thought you weren't talented.

Ok, I'll admit, we all have our limitations. For example, if you have a deep voice, you might never sing like Robert Plant or Mariah Carey. But so what! Nearly everyone has the potential to becoming an excellent singer -- professional, even.

You don't have to be born with any special talent and you don't need any prior musical experience. All you need is the proper method. With the right teacher, you can do it!

Here's What You'll Learn From Gil
In Just the First Few Lessons:

Avoid the #1 common mistake that prevents many singers from developing a powerful voice!

Why your posture is crucial for singing, and five ways to instantly improve your posture!

How to develop an incredible vibrato! You won't believe how simple (yet effective) these exercises are!

Finally, Gil really explains proper breathing technique. Gil found that even yoga instructors, doctors, and other voice teachers were not breathing correctly. Just this alone will transform your voice beyond recognition!

Hit the high notes! Expand your range in both directions and finally sing those "difficult" songs with ease!

The secrets of reverberation chambers are revealed! Sing dynamically and beautifully, just like the pros.

Discover Gil's radical philosophy and why it leads to personal charisma, magnetism, and musical success.

Strengthen your voice! If you follow Gil's method, you won't believe how powerful your voice will become in a few short weeks.

> Hit every note exactly on pitch! Gil shows you how to become a master of intonation.

Apply these secrets for vocal power to singing, speaking, and living!

How to open the throat at will to change the quality of your voice!

What you absolutely must know about musical interpretation! Gil shows you how to be powerful on stage and connect with the crowd.

How to produce high-quality vocal tones! ... A major secret that sets you apart from other singers.

The surprisingly simple, yet often overlooked factor that is the key to at least 50% of your singing success. Hint: It's not what you think!

How to sing with a powerful resonance!

Start learning popular songs and build your repertoire immediately!

How to make your singing sound smooth and natural.

A really cool way to master the different vowel sounds!

Learn to sing on stage and perform for money if that's your goal! Many of Gil's students have easily done this.

Immediate Results Guaranteed!

You won't have to guess if this course is working. You'll know right away. Literally, in the first few days, you'll start to feel and hear the difference. And it gets even better -- every week of the course will be a new adventure as your skills continue to multiply!

Imagine Gil giving you private lessons, right in your own home! Because that's what you get with this exciting 2-DVD course! Gil will show you all the techniques and secrets you need for great singing.

If fact, I *guarantee* that if you practice each of the 10 lessons for 5 days a week, your voice will grow amazingly in stregth, flexibility, and intonation.

Gil's method has worked for thousands of students -- everybody loves taking lessons from this guy. In fact, it could be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences of your entire life! But don't take my word for it...

Listen to what Gil's Students Are Saying!

"I knew I could sing, but it's incredible how much you can improve with the right technique. Thanks Gil." - MARCIUS COSTA - Co-stared in "Popstar" with Xuxa, Host for TNT Latin America Documentary, main actor for AADK on Discovery Channel.

"No words to express what I've learned from Gil. It's not just the voice; it's a matter of love, and when I say love I mean love incorporated in all you do. It's doing what you love and enjoying it. It's to learn to trust yourself and as you love yourself, be yourself no matter what. Thank you Gil.. my voice is much better with every class and so is my self-esteem and my desire to keep on because everything is possible � no obstacles. Every class is a learning experience but also a therapy! Love you!" - FANNY LU - Colombia's best new artist and best album, Lagrimas Calidas" by National Music Awards, with a #1 hit in the Billboard's Tropical List. She just performed on March 3rd at the American Airlines Arena, with Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and others.

"Working and studying with Gil Magno is working/connecting with an aligned soul -- no pretense, no compromise. He is connected to all highest ideals of man and this comes across in his teaching so you walk away from a lesson feeling pure inspiration that lasts for many days after the lesson ends." - ED HALE - Lead singer/songwriter with Transcendence, Modern Rock Band and recording artist for TMG Records, with 5 albums.

"Thanks Gil, for a gift denied for a long time. Now I own my sound. I erect my soul with a flag of chords." - JORGE LUIS MOREJON - Voice teacher at the New World School of the Arts, Miami FL - Actor in soaps, Guadalupe & Angelica Mi Vida.

"Gil is truly a great teacher. The patience of a saint combined with a true desire to see his student excel, is something very rare to see and is much appreciated." - KIMONA "117" RYAN - Rock Vocalist and Recording Artist - Miami, FL.

"Being an entertainer is about being in touch with yourself. You really have to know who you are before you can share yourself with the audience. Gil really has a firm grasp on this concept and the ability to teach it to others." - MICHAEL McPHERSON - World Renown Magician and Recording Artist.

"Gil, Thanks for everything you taught me. I've been practicing every day this week because I am recording again with another producer and it's going excellent.... I'm always going to remember all your great advice and the way you look at life. I'm very thankful for the knowledge that you have given us... you are a great teacher!!!!!!!!" - CATTERINA TASSO - Lead singer for the L.A. Rock Band, Moxi - voted Best Local Rock Band by New Times.

You'll Transform Your Voice
In 10 Fun-Filled Weeks!

You might be surprised when you discover that it does NOT take a long time to develop a great voice. This is a major misconception, even among music teachers! The fact is, learning to sing well is relatively easy - assuming you can carry a tune to begin with. It doesn't even compare with the study of concert piano or other instruments.

Do you have a basic sense of melody? Can you hum along with the radio? Then you already have the ear for music! You just need the technical skills, and that is what you'll (quickly) get with Gil's course.

Don't worry if you have no singing experience, or even if you took lessons before and didn't get the results you wanted. It's not your fault! Most teachers simply do not know how to produce these rapid results.

One major advantage of Gil's method is that you master one secret, then you move onto the next. You learn one technique as a habit and then the next technique, and the next, and so on. Before you know it, you are ready to perform!

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Frequently Asked Questions
About Gil's Course:

Q: I'd love to learn to sing, but I'm so busy. How much time is required?

A: This course is great for busy people, especially if you have a chaotic schedule! A home-study course is the perfect solution, and you can get these awesome results in less than 2 hours a week!

Q: Why should I take this course instead of learning from a teacher?

A: A live teacher doesn't necessarily produce better results. Unless you can find a truly outstanding teacher, I'm confident you will learn more, faster, from Gil's course. It gives you everything you need to start singing, and will save you a lot of time and money compared with any other teacher or home-study course.

Q: How can singing be taught from a video tape?

A: Gil takes the time to explain everything very clearly. You'll see exactly how to stand, how to move your mouth, how to hold your head, and so on.

Q: What style does Gil teach?

A: Gil teaches both classical and pop singing. But no matter what kind of songs you want to sing, this course will give you the tools to do it!

Learn From Perhaps The
World's Greatest Vocal Teacher!

Gil has been teaching for 40 years. He's been singing all his life, and plays the guitar, alto horn, bassoon, and other instruments. He studied at the Boston Conservatory and with several teachers in New England and in Los Angeles.

Gil has performed extensively with many symphony orchestras including the Birmingham Symphony and the Rhode Island Philharmonic. He also taught High School in Birmingham and his band won many honors including first place in the State two years in a row. He formed the Birmingham Society of Classical Guitar and performed extensively as a singer/guitarist. He was on TV many times.

In addition, Gil is the founder of the Magnoart Studio, the Boston Guitar Circle Inc, the Portuguese/Spanish Folk Song Society, and the Magnoart Guitar Symphonette. Mr. Magno is a published poet, author, songwriter, and recording artist. He's also a member of American Society of Composers and Publishers and the Miami Music Teachers Association.

Gil is a master instructor. His students are now performing all over the country and have positions teaching in recognized schools.

Gil Magno with his beloved press agent, "Little Boy"

Want to sing? These people did it so easily, and now it's your turn!

"Now I'm starting to understand how my voice works. Technique and right practice bring immediate improvements." - ANDRE LOPES - Bassist/singer for Bacilos Latin Pop Band - Winner of Grammy 2003 for Best Latin Pop Album.

"Gil Magno is not only a gifted instructor who wants you to succeed as a singer, but also a good friend who wants to help improve your confidence and quality of overall living." - MARQ WITHERS - Song Writer/Recording Artist and President of Astronome Recordings Ltd., - Miami, FL.

"I have always believed in me without a doubt. But I must say that meeting you, Gil, was honestly wonderful. Your experience helped me to get stronger, not only in my voice, but all aspects of my life. You're great!" - JOE BARRI - First dancer in video with Ricky Martin & Model in TV commercials.

"Thanks to Gil and his method I was able to get in touch with my singer within. Step by step he has taught me about the attributes of becoming a professional singer: The physical, (how my voice works), the technical, (how to practice it and develop it), and the mental, (how to believe in my voice)" - RAUL RAMIREZ - Bassist, drummer, singer/songwriter. Member of Florida Philharmonic Chorus.

"Gil Magno is a truly remarkable teacher. His course is an effective, unique and mind-expansive journey. I have not only learned to express with my voice, but have been given the techniques to express with my entire being, using fresh insights and tools I will carry into every area of my life." - TANIA "Lady Bug" VELASQUEZ - Song writer, recording artist. Voted best rock vocalist 2001, by Miami New Times.

"As a professional musician for 20 years, I found that the voice is one of the key elements in learning music. Gil is very organized in his approach to teaching and developing the person behind the voice. After taking this course, I was accepted this year to the Florida Philharmonic Chorus!" - MICHAEL F. CANCIGLIA - Musician Instructor at North Miami Beach Elementary school.

"Thank you Gil for all your help and awesome coaching!" - TINA LEIU - Actress/Singer - Starring in HBO TV Series, Hotel Erotica, Guest Singer at House of Blues - LA, Filming movie in Miami.

"Gil is not only a great teacher but he also shows sincere interest in helping in every aspect. I have learned many things from talking to him and listening to all he tells me. He has the experience and the knowledge. Taking this course has, with no doubt, bettered my self-esteem. I feel more confident when I sing because I know I am learning the right techniques. I am very grateful to have a teacher and a friend like you Gil. Thank you for listening to me when I needed it." - PAHOLA DUQUE - Singer/Songwriter. Lead actress in "Sacha" - a play by Phillip Thomas of Miami Vice.

"Apart from being a great instructor, Gil has not just motivated me, but has shown me how to be comfortable with each and every note. I've learned how to breathe properly and his exercises have given me more than what I could imagine. I hope everyone could go through this course. It will make you a success in anything you do." - JOHNATHAN NARANJO - Just signed a record deal. Will open Oscar De Leon concert in August.

Why Pay Thousands for Lessons
When You Can "Steal" Gil's Secrets
For Pennies a Day?

If you went to Gil's house for a lesson, it would cost $50.00. 10 lessons would be $500.00. Also, Gil lives in the small town of Coconut Grove. If he were based in Manhattan or Los Angeles, he'd have to charge $1000.00, $1500.00, or more.

You'll be happy to hear that this complete, 10-lesson course on 2 DVDs, is available for under $200! In fact, you can own this incredible course for the low, low price of only $97 $69! (Over a year, that's just 19 cents a day).

This is a limited-time offer and the price may increase at any time without notice. Getting the course now at this super-discounted price is a great opportunity! Plus, there's no risk.

Gil's Outrageous 365-Day
100% MONEY-BACK Guarantee

You'll have a whole year to decide if this course is worth every penny and more. I'm sure you'll agree that it is worth the price many times over. But you must be completely satisfied or you pay nothing. If you're not blown away, Gil insists you send back the course for a full refund.

$50 Cash Just For Trying it Out!

I know, it sounds absolutely insane, but Gil is so sure that you'll get the results you're looking for, that he's willing to put his neck on the line and offer you $50 cash (on top of a full refund) if the course doesn't work for you.

I know that you'll be surprised and delighted with your results in just 10 weeks. And if you keep practicing, you'll sounding incredible after a year. But if, for whatever reason, you don't, then Gil insists on writing you a check for $50.

Just make a recording of yourself when you get the course, and another one after 365 days. If you aren't absolutely delighted with your results, just return the course along with your recordings, and Gil will send you a full refund plus $50! (Even if you don't record yourself, you can still return the course any time within 365 days for a full refund.)

This is easily the boldest guarantee in the history of singing lessons, period! You can't go wrong -- either these lessons blow you away or you get $50. It's that simple!

...Plus, You get 5 free gifts!

If you're even slightly interested in learning how to sing, you have to have this course because the results are profound and immediate! But if you're still on the fence, I'm going to sweeten the pot even more :) You'll also get 5 free bonus reports, which you'll receive immediately as a download and are yours to keep no matter what.

Bonus Report #1: Secrets of Fearless Performing - After decades of research and working with countless students, Gil has discovered the secrets to fearless performing, awesome stage presence, charisma, explosive personal confidence and more. Now these secrets are yours for use on the stage and in life. Amazing!

Bonus Report #2: Foods That Make You a Better Singer - What never to eat before a performance, and what to avoid to keep your vocal chords healthy. Plus a cool list of energy-boosting, feel-great foods!

Bonus Report #3: How to Make Money Singing - Imagine, you - making money on stage? It's actually much easier than you think. This report tells you exactly how to do it.

Bonus Report #4: How to Have Perfect Pitch - Known over centuries as the prized "super ear" of the world's greatest musicians, Perfect Pitch gives you an unmatchable mastery of the musical language. Don't miss this one.

Bonus Report #5: How to Sing Multiple Notes at Once - Sounds impossible? Trust me, it's possible. This virtually unknown technique is fully explained and taught. You'll be blown away by this discovery.

These reports are only available as complimentary gifts with the Magno Vocal Course, for a very limited time. But I know you still might be hesitant to order. So I'm going to make this as easy as possible for you. In fact...

Don't Decide Today - Test Drive it First
For FREE With No Risk!

Don't decide anything today! Just try the course and see if it works for you. If you don't get immediate results, just send it back. Gil is taking ALL THE RISKS with his his 365-day 100% money back guarantee, plus you keep all the free bonus reports and $50 to boot...

There's absolutely nothing to lose. If you want to sing, you simply have to get this course, and it's easy to order!

Learn to Sing in Ten Easy Lessons!

Ordering is Simple, Fast & Easy!

Simply click here to order. Gil has a course with your name on it. Order now and it will be shipped to you promptly. You're only a few days away from learning how to sing!

This course personally changed my life. I never thought I could sing, but now, I sing on stage and get paid for it, and I love it! It feels amazing.

This course worked for me and it can work for you too. That's why I wrote this letter for Gil. I think everyone deserves to experience the thrill of singing. Here is your chance -- you won't be dissapointed!

Don't put it off - order now and start your exciting journey as a vocalist! It's a winning decision that you absolutely deserve!


Claude Johnson, student of Gil Magno

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P.S. Gil has a course with your name on it, ready to ship out! Please order now while it's still in stock and priced so low!

P.P.S. Don't forget, Gil is taking ALL the risks with his incredible money-back guarantees, so you have nothing to lose. You really can sing in ten easy lessons! Order now!

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