Who else wants a huge bag of new acoustic guitar tricks?

No Endless Scale Memorization...
No "Blow My Brains Out" Boring Theory...
Just 100% Proven Nashvile Pro
Acoustic Guitar Tricks, Licks and Riffs.

Dear Guitarist,

Meet Sol Philcox,
Your New Acoustic Guitar Teacher

Let me ask you...

Would you like to add dozens, (or even hundreds) of cool new licks to your bag of guitar tricks?

Do you want to discover some tried-and-true guitar riffs that have been battle-tested and proven to work on the competitive Nashville scene and in the studio?

How about boosting your chops WITHOUT spending time learning scales or doing boring exercises?

Well, if you're even remotely interested in improving your guitar playing, then I'm betting you're gonna be as excited as I am...

Because we just released a new 3-DVD set, called "Acoustic Guitar Toolkit".

These are not just any run-of-the-mill guitar DVDs... These are from Sol Philcox -- the guy who toured with Grammy winner Jake Owen... the guy who Brent Mason called "the best guitarist on the planet under the age of 25".

So what is the "Acoustic Guitar Toolkit"?

Think of it as your TREASURE CHEST of "plug-and-play" licks that just WORK LIKE MAGIC, EVERY SINGLE TIME.

In fact, these are the TRIED-AND-TRUE TRICKS that Sol uses when he absolutely NEEDS to amazing on the Nashville studio scene.

He has generously shared them with us and I had them all tabbed out for you so you can download them into your fingers as fast as possible.

Sol Gives you Everything
You Need to Transform
Yourself into a Well-rounded
Acoustic Guitar Master.

You'll learn how to play at least 4 different genre styles, plus dead-simple strumming patterns, lightning-fast licks, and everything in between -- a real "smorgasbord" of killer techniques you can add to your repertoire.

Here's just a few of the secrets you're about to discover:

You can actually use many of these
licks and riffs on electric too.
  • Which keys are the simplest and which are the absolute best for producing vibrant, bluesy acoustic grooves. (05:09)
  • How to use "fragmented notes" to give boring muddy chords a rich blues texture. (07:10)
  • Putting it into action: You'll also discover the key to making it all work (plus a thorough explanation to help this advice "stick" (08:20)

  • The 4 basic blues chords you'll master to effortlessly create your own legendary blues acoustic sound (09:44)

  • Sol's advice on "hammering" notes so they POP, POP, POP -- when playing on the lower frets (13:43)

  • Bring your licks to life. Sol shares simple (yet extremely effective) tricks for making dull licks more interesting. (15:01)

  • A new "can't miss" picking technique that dynamically enhances every lick you ever play. This trick is brain-dead easy-to-use (It's revealed at 17:40).

  • Want a BULLET PROOF technique? If so, you're going to dig the "3 and 2" technique that's so versatile, you can use it with the top 3 strings anywhere on the neck and still sound like a pro. (19:15)

And, I know you're gonna dig this:

One of Stevie Ray Vaughan's
Biggest Rhythm Secrets.

Ohh yeahhh...

Actually, you're gonna get a whole BATCH of fresh "short cuts" to guitar mastery that you can learn and use immediately to craft your own acoustic riffs or follow in the footsteps of your favorite acoustic legends.

Here's more:

Jamming with Brent Mason,
12-time player of the year.
  • A short phrase that will hit your friends like a beer bottle on the side of the head in a biker bar brawl. (This is how you'll get that tough hickory sound). At 31:05.

  • Want a little more of down home feel? You'll discover how a simple "twist" on a classic blues riff will "countrify" anything you want. Learn this sweet little secret at 36:01.

  • A finger-picking style that will give you the slickest texture on your acoustic guitar. (Try this – your sound will be smoother than an "oil slick in the middle of a butter farm") You'll learn it at 42:08.

Turn your Audience Into
A Bunch of Foot-stomping,
Head-bobbing Maniacs!

Make the crowd go wild!
  • A powerful chord that you can drop into any solo that will electrify the crowd. (And if your little lady doesn't dance like she's possessed when you play this chord – she's gotta be deaf!) From 47:07

  • How to fragment and slide into the B chord. Learning how to do this will open up a whole world of new cool phrases you can drop in. (This trick is THE key to EPIC solos) Learn this at 51:42.

  • How to "position" your thumb for an easy reach-over move that helps you look like a seasoned pro while creating crunchy licks. Learn this counter-intuitive trick at 55:05.

  • A shuffle groove that lets you mix and match loads of licks – use it to marry blues and country for that deep delta "rockin' the swamp sound". At 58:54.

  • How to keep the groove goin' while playing a hot lead... this classic blues trick has largely been forgotten – but it made Muddy Waters famous. 1:01:17

  • Why aiming for perfection will make you a DULL guitarist. How to find your feel and your personal rhythm. (This is the secret that makes GREAT bluesmen.) Remember: "there are no mistakes in blues" See 1:03:13.

  • How "bouncing" your thumb automatically help you create your unique groove. (This secret was smuggled out of the top Nashville studios – less than 1 in 1,000 home-grown musicians know this) 1:05:47

That's just DVD 1. Next:

Play Folksy Americana Patterns
And Roughspun Country Sounds.

Some of Nashville's hottest
guitar secrets are now yours.

Sol breaks down folksy Americana patterns, and he takes you step-by-step through the exact movements in both your picking and fretting hands.

After 38 seconds – you'll understand how to apply this pattern to get a sweet rhythm going that you can apply to any popular song. 5:08

  • How to use simple chords to get rocking phrasing out of the lower E-Chord. This simple tip will give you a "Big Sky" Country sound. (You'll sound like you've been living in a smokey Nashville honkey-tonk bar for years). Learn these chords at 7:24.

  • Reuninting the "high and low" unleashes a righteous opening that will sound as good in your living room as it will in front of the toughest crowd 12:41.

  • An easy chromatic scale that will add a killer edge to any blues guitar lick you play. (This classic intro will have everybody stomping, jumping, and dancing when you drop it in!) 14:42.

  • A simple "pinching" secret that lets you dig in and wrestle out the swagger of Chicago Blues. (Have your guitar channel the spirit of Howlin' Wolf) at 15:12.

  • Discover the picking styles that capture the dark and jagged blues sound. Find them at 26:38.

  • How to use the open chord to find your own finger picking patterns. This will give you your own individual sound! (9 of 10 guitarists never figure out this little trick). At 28:37.

  • An A to B walkup that adds down home spice to any blues solo you play. At 30:38.

If you love acoustic guitar,
this is definitely for you.

Tear Open A World of New Licks.

  • A "finger star" trick that will have your buddies astounded. Learning this will make playing the toughest grooves so easy its almost "cheating." Learn this sneaky move at 34:16.

  • Use this cadence in any song as a turnaround. This is the stuff that makes real pro musicians transitions sound smooth as butter – 37:20

  • Take advantage of the "classic key" for country and pop – so you can automagically do easy chord changes and create great melodies. (This slick trick will have you cranking out righteous riffs in less than an hour) – 39:02

Have a need for speed? Pay attention and learn:

The Best Finger Positions for
Nailing Epic Runs on the Fretboard.

I'm not done yet...

  • An unusual way to play a G-voicing that leaves two fingers free to play filler chords. (This counter-intuitive grip will give you a ton more playing options) 44:31

  • How you can use simple, major scales to create melodies within rhythms. This little "Inception" trick will electrify your sound! Hear it at 48:13.

  • Getting everything you want out of the G-chord & a few easy positioning secrets that will have you cranking out cracking tunes ASAP. At 52:41.

  • How you can use the __________ technique for almost every chord – this knowledge will quadruple the "tools in your toolbox" instantly! (This nearly "classified" secret is at 53:49).

  • How to dig in with your pick and add a "honey-thick" (and honey-sweet) sound to any riff you play. Hear it at 56:40.

  • And you'll learn how to play different chords in unique and daring positions. These arrangements will WOW your band, friends, and audience. (And once you learn this strategy, you'll instantly double your songwriting possibilities)

  • How to simulate that rich 12-string sound – using your regular acoustic guitar. Great studio secret direct from Nashville's elite. Learn this at 57:56.

It's all about creating
rich tones and sounds.
  • A little secret that separates the rich and happy Country songwriters from the poor and broke ones who are still waiting tables in Nashville's dirty diners. Learn this big country voicing at 59:50

Onto DVD 3:

Secrets of the Silky Smooth Sound...
John Mayer and Dave Matthews
Use This Powerful Technique.

Want to perform "open mics"?
This will help bigtime.
  • Tap into new possibilities with "THE big stretch" that will blow your listeners away. (It might be a bit uncomfortable at first – but when you hear the sugar-cane sweet chords you can play in this position – you'll "embrace the stretch"!) See it at 3:27.

  • Discover this child-friendly easy A-sus chord at 5:02. (Don't be fooled – this "standard" chord is the backbone of many Pop and Country hits).

An Awesome Way to
Generate Songrwriting Ideas,
Anytime You Want.

On tour with grammy
winner Jake Owen.
  • Yep, you get grab new ideas from thin air no matter where you go (bus, train, bicycle, in the river)...You'll automatically be overloaded with stunning melodies. Get this method at 6:21

  • The "jack of all trades" position that lets you play this simple chord with almost infinite variations. (Because it leaves 2 fingers free in a great scale position!) At 10:03.

  • An F-sharp root note that gives your guitar a wicked pistol crack! At 15:17.

  • A fingerpicking technique that lets you get slick E-chord shapes (Sol's years of experimenting with this acoustic move means you don't have to guess!) Learn it at 17:21.

  • How to use a simple thumb reach to a get a professional sounding B-minor chord. (This quick positioning technique will show the pro's you're one of them). At 20:04.

  • How a 1-finger bar leaves you free to add in tons of melodies on top. You can go completely wild with this one. at 23:02.

  • How to channel modern-rock through your acoustic. (See this exciting way to expand your guitar chops in Example 57 at 26:51).

  • A little-known rhythmic thumb-picking technique that involves slapping your thumb on the guitar. Popular for songwriters and modern acoustic whether you're playing pop or rock. 31:03

  • How to make a really cool groove that creates a classic drum beat sound. Sol shows you the exact technique to get a great tone from slapping the guitar 34:50

  • Improve your coordination and get a fuller live acoustic sound whether you're playing solo or with other instruments. 37:50

It's fun to jam out,
anytime, anywhere...
  • The easy way to hear vocal melodies over chord changes, and how you can make real catchy grooves with just your acoustic. 41:40

One of my favorite things that I learned from Sol in this course is a really cool polyphonic technique.

It's gonna blow you away. If you've ever seen the movie "August Rush", then you've heard the power of this trick.

It's Never Been Easier to
Play 3 Parts at Once:
Rhythm, Bass, and Lead

From beginner to advanced, there's
something for everyone on these DVDs.
  • Sol shows you some really cool blue grass and country picking tips. Why you must use only the pick, rather than your fingers with blue grass.Find out why flat picking is usually very difficult to play on acoustic. And some good rhythms so you can become fast and accurate... both requirements of this style. 43:23

  • Here's a simple way to make a pattern you've probably heard a million times before sound amazingly great...just by adding one unique twist to it. 46:40

Is This Course A Bottomless
Bag of Tricks, or What?

You bet it is! I'd have to keep writing for another 20 pages to tell you about everything. Here's a few more highlights:

Learn a variety of killer acoustic styles
  • You'll also get a couple chords that work really nice in a bluegrass setting (they give you an Alison Krauss kind of sound.)

  • Find out the right hand technique for bluegrass and folk: Loose or tight? You'll discover which one is best. Also what position your arm needs to be in in to keep it as natural as possible.

  • A simple 2-part pattern involving a country feel, a hammer on and some sweet, gentle chords brushing.

Tone Secrets...
Recording Secrets...
It's All Here.

  • Tonal techniques out the ying-yang... How to get a wirey thin sound or a scratchy sound or a "high-end" sound. How to know the best configurations when recording different guitar sounds, and how to layer your guitar tracks for recording.

  • How to find the "hot spots" that sound best on your own guitar, and how to really get that nice warm tone that will give you goosebumps.

  • Why choosing the correct pick size is such an important factor with acoustic guitar. Know exactly when you should use a thin pick, and when it's better to use a thick pick.

  • Discover the best mic to use for recording and how best to position it for recording an acoustic guitar.

By now you get the picture. The "Acoustic Guitar Toolkit" is a Zamner (which means mindblowing) collection of juicy guitar tactics that will breathe new life into your playing faster than a drag car on steroids.

So if you love guitar, then grabbing these DVDs is the easiest decision you've made all year.


If You're Passionate About Guitar Playing,
These DVDs are a Must-Have!

With Powertabs, Learning
Has Never Been Easier.

Not only are we tabbing out every note you, but the tabs are also provided in Powertab format so you can watch the notes go by on your computer, and each one is highlighted as its playing.

If you've never experienced this before, it's incredible. No more trying to "figure out" the rhythm of the tabs. You see it, you hear it, and you learn it -- FAST.

And with DVDs, you can pause, rewind, and watch them over and over.... and don't even get me started on how expensive guitar lessons can be, and how ridiculously cost-effective DVDs in comparison:

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So, go for it:

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Go ahead, click the big blue link above. You'll soon be the proud owner of these Acoustic Guitar Toolkit DVDs that will reward you for a lifetime.

Keep rockin,

Claude Johnson

"Sol Philcox is probably the best guitarist under the age of 25 on the planet right now" - Brent Mason, 12-time guitarist of the year

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