Dear Guitarist,

My name is Claude Johnson and for the last 15 years, I've been recording in studios and rocking it out at respected venues like the Hard Rock Cafe, so when it comes to guitar, I know what's going on...

And for the past several years, I've helped tens of thousands of guitar players just like you unlock their "inner Guitar God" with my groundbreaking system called Killer Guitar Control Secrets.

If you want to greatly improve your playing or you want to play awesome solos with passion and control, then this is exactly what you've been looking for.

If you're like I was when I first started working on my guitar playing, you're probably not as great as you'd like to be. But don't worry...

In the beginning,
I sucked too. But then...

Yes, when I started out, I sucked.

I tried all kinds of things like: I took lessons, bought guitar magazines, I hung out with other guitarists, I jammed with the radio, but it just seemed like the improvements were slower than a drunk turtle.

Deep inside, I was searching for the mystery answer that explained why legends like Santana and Clapton could make 2 or 3 notes sound more amazing than 100 mindless notes put together.

But, no one had the answer...

Then, one day I had big
"Ah-ha" and it all changed.

Unleash Your Inner Guitar God and Play from the Heart like Carlos Sanata.

I realized that if you play from the heart, the technique is secondary. I'm not saying technique is not important, however I realized that legends like Clapton and Santana were using this concept.

The second part of the realization was: you don't need to play fast solos all the time... It's all about playing THE RIGHT NOTES. And that started me on the path to discovering what I call: Guitar Control Secrets.

After I tapped into this new guitar knowledge, I started rocking the house. I was one of the hottest rising guitar players in Philly - I was improvising all of my solos LIVE in the hottest bars and clubs like the Hard Rock Cafe.

And people were loving it...

I was so inspired by my new skills that I became obsessed with developing even more Guitar Control. I kept adding new elements to the system and kept tweaking it and refining it.

Then, in 2005 I released Guitar Control Secrets and it has changed the lives of over 20,000 guitar players. I get emails every single day from guys that thank me for showing them "the missing link".

Here's an example...

I love your guitar control program!

"Your playing is very good, and very natural. It is inspirational watching you play and then break down what you are thinking and how you're approaching it. As I said I have been playing for 16 years but have been stuck in a rut... playing the same scales, the same licks... it all just sounds the same . I have needed to get to the next level and get off this plateau and I think your program gives me an opportunity to do just that. Thanks very much Claude!"

~ Scott Seward, Ann Harbor Vermont

Here are the 3 Critical Components of
Killer Guitar Control Secrets

There are 3 critical components, that when you put together, will awaken the killer lead guitar player that's already within you.

These three components are

  1. Essential Technique
  2. Fretboard Knowledge
  3. The "Brain-to-Hand" Connection.

First, you need at least a basic level of technique. This is the most fundamental level of guitar training and I will show you how you can boost your technique quickly.

The second component is fretboard knowledge. I'll show you how the entire neck connects together... After watching this DVD, you'll know how all the notes tie together into melodic and harmonic arrangements and patterns, and how to command the fretboard for songwriting or improvising.

There is a wealth of fretboard knowledge lying underneath every simple scale. The deeper your knowledge is, the greater your ability will be to create interesting melodies and solos. Wait until you learn some of my simple shortcuts to mastering the fretboard. People have written me telling me that my methods have taken years off their learning curve.

But then I drop an atomic bomb when I reveal the third component ...

Is This The Greatest
Guitar Secret Ever?

Yes, I am talking about the invisible X factor that every guitar hero possesses.

The brain-to-hand connection.

This factor lets you totally maximize your expressive capability and control using the chops you already have.

Some pros call it playing from the heart. As far as I know, no one has ever decoded this before.

"dude you rock. great instruction... i have been playing 30 yrs and you showed me some stuff i never figured out... i got so much out of the first DVD i'm saving the second one for later... understand i am a working musician... but your simplistic method has opened gigantic doors for me..."

~ Ken Hill, Moorpark, California

Don't worry if your playing isn't as great as you'd like it to be yet. Listen...

Virtually every guitar teacher out there teaches you techniques and that's cool. However, NO ONE is teaching you the guitar mind set, approach and paradigm of the legends... And that's the missing link that you need...

And as soon as you learn it,

Your guitar playing is
going to change... fast.

I know that's a big claim, but I get emails everyday from guitar players, telling me that my video made a huge difference with their guitar playing.

Here's another example:

It's opening up a new world I never knew

"Claude, Got the DVDs already! Very fast service! Have watched them through twice already. I think they're great. I like the way you are showing things just lke you are in the room w/ me. Some things are clear already that I never knew before. I think I can begin to play from the heart maybe someday soon. You seem like a very likeable real person, and I like you're "style" of playing and you seem to naturally play from the heart. I'm inspired to be much better than I am already from your dvds. Thanks so mucho. By the way, I just turned 60 and it is opening up a new world I never knew. Thanks again."

~ Michael Carman, McLouth, Kansas

Learning this secret sent shockwaves
through my body. It was like a stairway from
heaven fell from the sky.

I break down exactly how you can master this critical guitar ability. If you are serious about becoming a guitar legend, you HAVE TO KNOW THIS. The funny thing is, almost every guitar player overlooks this critical concept.

I'm super excited to share my most precious Guitar Control Secrets with you. I know it's what you've been secretly looking for and it's going to completely change your guitar playing.

This 2 DVD set called "Killer Guitar Control Secrets" reveals no-nonsense shorcuts for playing great guitar...

Is guitar playing your passion?

I've played tons of live gigs in my day, and let me tell you...

I'm in heaven when I'm on stage, lost in the music. Especially when I'm improvising a wicked solo. To be honest, that's my heroin. Nothing jacks me up more than being able to play just what I feel in the moment.

Whether you're a raw beginner or a seasoned player, "Killer Guitar Control Secrets" will completely warp how you approach playing, and I promise it will open wild doorways on the fretboard you never knew existed.

Get ready for a fun and exciting experience. On the first DVD alone, you'll...

Discover a GOLDMINE of guitar secrets in
one fun weekend!

  • First of all, you don't need any expensive equipment. You won't believe the sound I get out of a a $200.00 guitar and a $100.00 amp. I explain how you can achieve killer tone on tight budget... (See it at 3:57).
  • How to master the pentatonic scale. You'll fly on your neck and create killer solos by using this technique(See it 5:25).
  • How to combine pentatonic scales with your rhythm playing for monster guitar riffs (Watch this at 6:27).
Learn to Improvise Soulful Leads Any Time You Want Like Eric Clapton.
  • Learn the "Master Keys" Rule. If you use this secret, it will save you so much time on the guitar, it's ridiculous. You'll sound like a seasoned pro WAY FASTER with this strategy (Learn it at 6:52).
  • How to establish a "home base" on your neck -- So you're never lost, no matter how deep you go into the zone. You'll always sound "on", no matter what.
  • Open a whole new world of possibilities by understanding the critical elements of blues, jazz, and rock (Learn this at 21:08).
  • Finally discover the secret to having awesome control of your neck. You won't believe how easy it is to find all the right notes anywhere on the fret board! (Watch it at 8:18).
  • You'll know exactly when to use the minor pentatonic scale or major pentatonic scales. You'll never be confused again. This gives your leads a new dimension (Learn it at 10:18) ...Even better:

Learn the POWERFUL TRICK of how to
switch scales instantly in the middle of a solo
just like the guitar masters.

  • How to use major scales to give your playing "The Top 40 Feel". Great to write pop songs that could become top hits... (Watch this at 13:49).
  • How to avoid the biggest mistake that 99% of guitarists make. Save yourself the years of heartbreaking frustration that most guitarists experience because of it(See it at 15:20).
  • Unlock the blues power of classic chord structures that you can always rely on for a killer rhythm backbone (Watch it at 16:42).
  • Become a guitar god by using the "key switch method." It's SUPER SIMPLE, but it instantly brings your solos to a whole new level (Learn this trick at 18:05).
  • How to burst out of a rut immediately by tapping into a new enthusiasm and freshness you might be missing. This tip is so simple yet so effective, that you'll shake your head in disbelief. You'll be jam-packed with inspiration whenever you need it (See this at 18:17).

Learn the three cornerstones of improvisation.

Yes, Learning these 3 secrets can transform you into a guitar legend.

Nothing is more impressive than a guitar player who can tap into his feel deep in the moment.

Perhaps for the first time ever, the mystery of improvisation has been solved. I've decoded it for anyone to learn. Many guitarists tell me that this video has given them a unique perspective that they've never seen before. You'll be blown by the fun and simple steps you can take to improve your abilities.

Here's more juicy gems you'll discover...

  • Learn step-by-step how to build killer technical skills with picking strategies that let you build up to warp speed with minimal practice time.
  • Which skills you must focus on and which ones you should ignore. This can save you years of frustration.
  • I'll cut through the confusion about the tons of choices we have on the fretboard. Learn exactly when and how to use both horizontal and vertical patterns. Don't be surprised when you're flying from end of the neck to the other -- without breaking a sweat.

Increase your shredding speed.

  • Learn to master both alternate picking and economy picking. It might sound complicated but it's not with my clear and easy instructions.
  • How to easily build up your shredding speed. The exact exact process to go from slow to blistering speed in record time is revealed at 29:30.
  • Learn to create monster leads and climactic solos using the power of scale sequences. You'll love this powerful but simple trick.

It's How The Pros Make Their Leads Orgasmic...

There's lots more cool tricks you'll discover, like:

  • Learn a clever string-skipping secret that gives your playing dynamic energy and movement (Watch it at 33:44).
  • How to create new sounds with the tapping technique, and I'm not talking about cheesy-sounding patterns. Let me show you how to add tapping to your licks and still sound natural, soulful, and in total control. (Pay attention at 34:28).
  • Do you want to know what made Jimi Hendrix one of the best guitarists of all time? It's phrasing. Possibly for the first time ever, the magic of phrasing is decoded. This is how Eric Clapton and B.B. King take a handful of notes and make it sound out of this world (Witness exactly how to make this happen at 37:29).

"Your phrasing is quite good and that is often an elusive skill to develop. Even the real virtuosos often have difficulty with this subtly. It was refreshing to hear most of your leads being bite sized, digestible music ideas for the ear, as opposed to the mindless flurries of notes you so often hear. Interesting as to the playing from the ear and not the fingers. You come off as a likeable man and that might be the most important thing of all. Very often one will watch a video - and I have them all from Russ Cooley to Brian May, and it will be very difficult to relate to the player. Your tone is good and unique, and your playing seems very competent. I think the material that you've provided is excellent stuff!"

~ Michael Melman, Guitar Teacher
Manalapan, New Jersey

Develop Your Own Signature Style Like the Legendary Stevie Ray Vaughan.
  • You'll dig the "bend and shake" method that Stevie Ray Vaughan loved to use so much. It makes your bends come to life and it electrifies the listeners (See it at 39:26).
  • What you must learn from Stevie Ray Vaughan to give yourself incredible finger strength. You'll be amazed what you can do after you practice this way (Watch it at 40:11).

So even though you'll learn tons about guitar technique, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Real guitar control is deeper than
sheer technique.

The next step in mastering killer guitar control is knowing your fretboard inside and out. I reveal a multitude of incredible exercises, techniques, and strategies to give you unparalleled knowledge and comfort on your neck, and without spending years to get there. For an example...

  • Being a master of the neck has never been easier. All you need to do is learn the five master patterns (See it at 43:21).
  • Electrify your playing with double stops. It adds tons of color to your creations (See it at 47:51).
  • You'll easily become a riff master when you fuse together scales and chords. Not one guitarist out of a hundred knows this secret (Learn how at 49:08).

And that's just the first DVD. There's tons more easy secrets that will supercharge your playing just from watching these DVDs.

That's right, these amazing DVDs will transform your playing just by WATCHING them, even before you pick up your guitar.

Here's what you'll discover on Killer Guitar Secrets Volume II...

  • Supercharge your riffs by integrating a multitude of triads. This is the secret to making the same chords sound ten different ways. It's a fundamental that separates the pros and amateurs (See it at 0:20).
  • Impress audiences by blending triads into your solos. Combine it with the sweep-picking technique and you'll sound like never before... (Learn this at 0:40).
Connect With Your Guitar and Play Killer Leads Naturally Like Eddie Van Halen
  • Give your songs a new dimension by incorporating four-note chords. This was one of the Beatles's biggest secrets (Explained at 1:09).
  • Discover the magical blue note that adds tons of flavor to any lead. This is a favorite technique of Mozart and Eddie Van Halen (Hear this at 3:29).
  • Freak yourself out by combining these two killer scales in your leads. It's what all rock guitar gods used to create some of their best work (See it at 9:37).
  • Create awesome licks by exploding with "palm mute waves". It's a hidden technique that most guitarist don't know about, and makes you sound like you have amazing shredding chops even if you don't! (Check it out at 10:27).
  • Impress even the savviest guitar players by using the "wah flux" method. It is a cool trick that makes any solo dynamic... (Watch it at 11:10).

Discover the secret to making your guitar talk.

  • Have a blast experimenting with with jazz-inspired I-VI-II-V chord progressions that will catapult your the emotions through the stratosphere. Don't worry, these chords are not hard to learn. (I'll show you exactly what to do at 12:31).
  • Discover an amazing improvisation idea that even the most amazing guitar player could learn from and use (Watch it at 16:14).
  • Another brilliant exercise that brings your fretboard mastery up a notch or two, every single time you practice.

Here's more killer stuff that will be revealed to you...

  • You'll never, ever fall into the pattern trap if you practice the sing-along technique. Every guitar player can make themselves improvisation masters with this incredible exercise (Get my exact instructions at 23:05).
  • I talk about "the magic zone." (See it at 24:20). This is the perfect mental state to be in when you want to tap into your deepest creative juices. Yeah, I'm talking about your most potent mojo...

One of secrets behind Jimi Hendrix's
legendary ability...

Connect with the Musical Magic of the Universe and Express Yourself on the Guitar like Jimi Hendrix.
  • You will know how you can harness that same power
    (Learn it at 25:12).
  • Try out the ghost note vocal exercise and watch your improvisation abilities go off the chain. It's a weird exercise that produces magical results (See it at 27:05).

Become a Wah-wah King

  • You'll be wailing some ferocious wah pedal leads by incorporating several of the wild wah-wah tricks that I demonstrate (Watch it at 29:40).
  • Nothing comes close to the in-and-out technique to boost your brain-to-hand connection. It's a little known technique that kicks in your creative mind power (Learn this at 37:40).
  • Watch your playing metamorphosize by using another simple method that I reveal. This one exposes all your weak points and forces you to improve dramatically on a daily basis (Check it out at 41:25).
  • Learn a simple trick that guarantees you'll get maximum results in minimum time at 41:55.

Why you need to buy Guitar Control.

Listen, you need this course if you want to get good, fast. There's a lot of powerful breakthroughs that will really save you a lot of pain, trial and error. There's a lot of ways that are easy once you figure them out (however that can take you years if you don't have someone like me telling you what to do).

I don't care if you don't know anything about scales or music theory... Or even if you've taken lessons but you still feel you could go to another level if you had mentoring from a guy who really knows what's going on...

I know how to teach. I can teach you everything that you want to learn. In fact, I'll teach you things that you don't even know you want to learn and I'll make it quick, easy and fun.

Everyone will enjoy listening to you, people will want to listen to you play on stage and don't be surprised once the word comes out that people are asking you to play with them.

You WON'T find these secrets
in the magazines.

You won't find them from your "local guitar teacher", and you don't find them on other DVDs... These are my own hard-earned integrations that took YEARS to figure out.

You could say I've been obsessed with learning how to play really well WITHOUT spending hours every day practicing. I'm a normal guy who has a life and I'm just not willing to spend hours a day working on boring exercises and learning brain-numbing theory.

And I've done it -- I've cracked the code on maximizing the speed of your improvements without wasting time.

Because of the tricks, tips and techniques I will share with you -- your guitar skill will advance every time you practice. Even if it's just for 15 minutes.

I've got it down to a science...

In 1 weekend with me (in the comfort of your own home), you can double what you know even if you've been playing for years. So imagine how much you're going to improve if you're a raw beginner!

And then in 7 days of learning this stuff, you'll be doing stuff that you probably don't even think is possible right now. All I ask is that you suspend your disbelief and give it a try. Next thing you know, you'll be wailing!

I finish the videos with a bang when I explain another amazing psychological concept that can propel you towards the master level faster than you can imagine. It's a forgotten concept that is necessary for every serious guitar player who wants to be a GUITAR GOD.

Every serious player deserves to own a copy of these unique guitar lessons. So, to sweeten the deal even further, here's 6 special bonus reports that you get when you order your copy of Killer Guitar Control Secrets today.

How to Change Your Guitar Strings in 7 Minutes Flat

Bonus #1: How to Change Your Guitar Strings in 7 Minutes Flat

Changing strings isn't a "fun thing", so I created this to help you ease the pain and save a lot of time... After you read this, you'll be able to breathe new life into your guitar in record time... No guitarist should be without this info.

Advanced Harmonic Structures

Bonus #2: Advanced Harmonic Structures

This report goes deep into some fretboard analysis and cool tricks that I didn't have time to go over in Killer Guitar Control Secrets. For example, did you know that sliding a double stop down the neck one fret can imply a I-IV change? Lots of juicy secrets here.

10 Coolio Licks

Bonus #3: 10 Coolio Licks

You'll receive 10 bonus licks that highlight and show what's possible with Killer Guitar Control. I suggest your learn how to play each lick.

Intro to Jazz Guitar

Bonus #4: Intro to Jazz Guitar

I'll show you several more licks that will give you an excellent start on mastering the most difficult kind of guitar playing - jazz! These licks sound great and will improve your fretboard knowledge.

The Top 10 Blues Progressions

Bonus #5: The Top 10 Blues Progressions

There's a lot of variations on the old' I IV V... I shows you 10 of the most potent ones. This report is guaranteed to expand your blues horizons.

Maximum Learning in Minimum Time

Bonus #6: Maximum Learning in
Minimum Time

Want To Cut Your Learning Time in Half? In this simple report, my good friend Virtuwul (a monster songwriter) explains help you cut your learning time in HALF, as he discusses you the proper way to learn new guitar skills...

These are my gifts to you, and they are yours to keep, even if you decide to take advantage of my generous money back guarantee.

Imagine having the inner confidence to be relaxed on any stage... with any amounts of people... anywhere in the world... knowing your chops and mastery has placed you among the most accomplished guitarists on the planet!

You can't buy that kind of confidence for any amount of money...

But You Can Earn it With The Help of
Killer Guitar Control Secrets

So how much is Killer Guitar Control Secrets Volume I and II (2 DVD, and workbook) going for? It's cheap-- less than you'd pay for 2 tickets to a rock concert... a lot less than a weekend long party... less, even, than an effect pedal!

Killer Guitar Control Secrets

Plus you also get these amazing guitar courses included with Your package.

In addition to Killer Guitar Control Secrets, I also want to hook you up with these additional courses so you have everything you need to become a Guitar God as fast as possible. First...

Play your favorite songs with the Ultimate
Guitar Song Collection.

Ultimate Guitar Song Collection

Guitar is not JUST about wailing leads and scorching solos... It's nice to be able to play songs too. So, you'll also get the 4 DVD Ultimate Guitar Song Collection that shows you exactly how to go from zero to being able to play chords, chord progressions, and finally all your favorite songs. Perfect for raw beginners - yet even if you've been playing for 30 years, you'll love learning this mindblowing repertoire of 75 of some of the the all time greatest rock tunes.

That should give you an awesome for foundation for rhythm guitar. You'll also get this:

Learn Lead Guitar, the Fast and Easy Way

Killer Lead Guitar Made Simple

Killer Lead Guitar Made Simple is the perfect course for getting the foundation of lead guitar playing under your belt. This course will give you the solid understanding of lead guitar, so you can then harness the power of Killer Guitar Control Secrets.


Learn to play Smokin' Blues Guitar in record time with easy-to-learn essential blues riffs and licks complete with tabs and DVDs

How to Play Smokin' Blues Guitar

This inspiring 3 DVD set called How to Play Smokin' Blues Guitar will teach you a ton of blues styles, licks, and secrets. You'll get a huge library of tabbed examples that will reward you for a lifetime, plus tons more cool bonuses.

Plus you'll get the Acoustic Mastery DVDs.

Want some no-nonsense straightforward advice on mastering the acoustic guitar?

Acoustic Mastery

To complete your package, I'm also include this 3 DVD Acoustic Mastery set which will teach you how to become a master of the acoustic guitar. Learn amazing picking patterns, rhythm secrets, mastery level acoustic phrasing, song writing, and much much more...

Well, this is it my friend... The guitar shortcuts and insider secrets that you've been waiting to discover.

So now it's time to take action. Ask anyone who has achieved anything in life... they'll tell you how foolish it is to quibble over a few dollars when you have a chance to invest in powerful information. And especially now, when you have the opportunity to learn some of the most effective guitar playing skills on the planet!

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100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

"Your Best Playing Ever" 100% Money Back Guarantee for an Entire 365 Days!

You risk nothing, because you can get your money back for any reason -- for an entire 12 months. I promise you, that if you test out Killer Guitar Control Secrets, your playing will improve dramatically. In fact, in just a few months, you'll be well on your way to being a GUITAR GOD!

So remember-- you my personal guarantee on this: Watch the DVDs, at your own pace, in your own home, and learn everything he reveals... for a full 12 months without risk. Treat the DVDs as hard as you like-- they're yours for the entire 12 months.

If, at the end of that time, you aren't 100% convinced you've just been training in the most advanced guitar playing skills you could ever have, simply return the DVDs and I will see that you get an immediate refund of your purchase price. No questions asked. No nonsense... and I'll will still consider you a friend. I respect you enough to let you decide for yourself.

But-- even if you decide to return the DVDs for a refund, you can still KEEP the bonus material (worth the price of the entire package just by itself!)... as My gift to you, just for giving these DVDs a look.

Guitar Control
Private Lessons

I'm not going to knock one-on-one guitar lessons. However: they usually end up costing a small fortune.

And often, most of these guys don't have a SYSTEM. They just teach whatever they feel like that day.

Now, look at this chart...

Guitar Control vs. Private Lessons

As you see, you'll save thousands of dollars by purchasing The Guitar Control Learning Package, that includes 5 best-selling courses for the price of 2. It's like having 5 personal guitar teachers that are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!

These 5 systemized courses will teach you how to go from 0 to absolute hero in record time.

Why You Should Order Right Now

You need to get your hands on this video today because no one else is teaching how to develop the brain-to-hand connection, its going to do wonders for your playing, its backed by a generous guarantee, and frankly... If you don't order right now, chances are slim that you're going to remember to come back here and order.

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Cluade Johnson
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P.P.S. If for some reason you're still not sure about ordering, here's a few more unsolicited emails I've gotten that prove the power of the amazing "Guitar Control" method...

"Thank you so much for these! Wonderful! You are a genius! Thanks Again!"

~ Jodie Hernandez

"Hello Mr. Claude Johnson, I received your 2-disk DVD course a few days ago. I found that there is a LOT of good, practical, information there. I thought I would let you know that until now, despite a 20 years as a rock drummer (and being around guitarists), 1 year of recent private guitar lessons, and a large guitar library. I have had a lot of trouble figuring out how to play fluently around fretboard. These patterns just seemed unrelated and unconnected to me. However, various learning concepts you presented helped me make that mental connection for me. The rest of my guitar library did not do that. As of yesterday, I am playing all over the fretboard. Many thanks!"

~ John E. Baker, Ph.D., P.E.
Las Vegas, NV

"Thanks Claude. I am appreciating the video, it is beginning to 'gel', the secret for me is to combine it with the book you provide, and some practice. Cheers, have a good Easter."

~ Aidan Bent, UK

"I want to thank you for developing a good course and I feel that you are very kind and considerate person. I will keep you up to date on my learning development."

~ Michael J. Malley

"Receive your course today... well impressed, & i'm only 45 minutes in. Let you know of my progress once i've really sat down & studied it to the maximum . I'm really Excited im in the hands off some off the best guitarists in the world & it will save me a hell of a lot off information searching which at times i'm sure you'll agree what you're looking for isn't always in the book at hand even if like me you have an array over 60-70 books on the subject. This is the edge i've been looking for you've set my guitar on a better course & given me direction cheers."

~ Simon X. United Kingdom

"I can't thank you enough, u play a mean guitar. Thanks for the inspiration."

~ James Cantrell

I have to say that my nephew in California emailed me your website as a great way to learn guitar. He picked it up several years ago. I have made more progress in 10 minutes on your two lessons that I have with the 2 cd/books I bought and one other online trial lesson I tried 2 weeks ago.


~ Ralph

"Hi Claude! Thanks a lot for the videos - this is really helping me learn guitar well! I had my first gig with band a few days ago. It went really well, thanks to all the stuff you've been teaching me. Thanks again."

~ Ellie Needham, United Kingdom

"Claude dude I just wanna say thank you for all of your help. I'm like playing guitar like a pro. Thank you SOO much agaian. Keep on rocking homie!! Forever your guitar student"

Christina G.

"Hi Claude, Yesterday evening I received the DVD, wow it is great. Just brief through the DVD last night & this morning, you make it look so easy to play, your approach & application was excellent and the rest of the techniques too.

Thank You (Great Teacher)
Musically Yours"

~ Bahrom (Ben) Raja, Australia