Dear Soon-to-Be-Smokin' Blues Guitarist,

  • What if I told you that you can beef up your blues song repertoire in a few fun hours, just by sitting in front of your screen with your guitar and your favorite beverage?
  • Do you want to learn the melodies, riffs, chord progressions, and magic that make up the greatest blues songs, and use them to make your own soulful blues playing?
  • Want to learn 50 of the best blues tunes ever AND get the essence of the great bluesmen's sound into your fingers, faster than you thought possible?

Well, you're about to get all that and MORE with Jimmy Dillon's BRAND NEW "Ultimate Blues Song Collection 2.0".

Play the Best Blues Songs From
Stevie Ray Vaughan, Gary Moore, Eric Clapton,
T Bone Walker, Elmore James, Freddie King,
Jimmy Reed, Muddy Waters, Otis Redding,
John Lee Hooker, Howlin Wolf and more.

The most important thing that you're going to get is this package is an awesome collection of 50 classic blues songs, broken down and explained in a simple way so that you can start playing them yourself almost immediately.

How cool is that?

Just as importantly, you're going to be tapping into that secret sauce and getting that "special something" that makes your playing resonate with authentic blues power.

How is this possible? In other words:

Jimmy Dillon's wants to give you
this awesome blues song collection.

Can you go beyond learning "techniques"
and "exercises" and start playing the
blues with passion and soul?

Guess what: YOU CAN!

These DVDs are going to show you the easy way to play great blues songs, and after you go through this course, you'll have the experience to play the blues right.

Good blues hits you right in the gut, and makes you bob your head. And the great thing is, it's not complicated. It doesn't even have to be difficult.

Jimmy performing with Bob Weir
of the Grateful Dead.

It's the little details that make all the difference. Like how to strum and create a tight groove.... Or how to connect chords together with little riffs and phrases. You'll get a ton of examples throughout the songs in this course.

Plus, Jimmy leads by example and shows us the right approach to take when it come to playing the blues. It's not about getting overly technical, and it's not about music theory.

It's about relaxing, sounding smooth, and letting the song breathe. That's how the emotional qualities of the blues start to flow naturally. And he proves it in every song. You'll be able to do the same thing just by copying a little bit of what Jimmy's doing and following along with the easy to read chord charts which are included in this course.

With These Easy, Step-by-Step Lessons
And Simple Chord Charts, You'll Get
These Sizzling Blues Tunes Into Your
Fingers as Fast as Possible.

For the longest time, if you really wanted to learn the blues, there was only one way -- and it involved playing clubs and bars and getting drunk with the best blues players for a weekend. In fact, if you listen to some of the greats describe how they learned, you'll see that opportunity is hardly even around anymore.

Luckily, Mr. Jimmy Dillon -- one of most requested and respected blues teachers today -- has done that for decades. He's been there: playing on John Lee Hooker's tunes, sharing the stage with B.B. King, and jamming with an incredible list of blues masters.

He's soaked up the "magic", and in this all-new DVD set, he's revealing his secrets of the blues as he teaches 50 of the most classic blues songs in history. His method of teaching gets the real voice of the great blues players into your blood faster than anything else I've seen.

Get ready to play some
smokin' blues guitar.

Learn from a true blues pro
with decades of real experience.

Jimmy Dillon's been playing guitar professionally for over 4 decades. He's shared the stage and played alongside Bob Dylan, Sting, Carlos Santana, Bruce Springsteen and B.B. King just to name a few...

Eric Clapton's band backed him on his first CD. He's played alongside Bob Weir from the Gratetful Dead and was fortunate to record a duet with blues legend John Lee Hooker.

He's also recorded 5 studio albums, gone on countless tours across Europe, and has taught 4,000+ kids at Blue Star Music Camp, a nonprofit program for aspiring young musicians.

From a lifetime of playing the blues, he's now ready to share with you his knowledge and be your personal guide through this wonderful collection of songs.

Jimmy is one of the best blues teachers
because he breaks it down for you simply.

My favorite thing about the way Jimmy teaches is this: he breaks it down just as much as you need it, without getting you lost -- so you soak it up quickly. And he really dials in on each tune, showing you the secrets of what makes each of these classic blues songs really speak to the heart. You'll master exactly how to play them, and see how a blues veteran looks at them. You'll also end up with dozens of new ideas on how to phrase and arrange your own blues. That's where the magic really happens.

Jimmy shows you to play the blues,
and he makes it fun and simple.

"Level up" your chops fast by mastering
50 of the best blues tunes ever.

In this 4 DVD set, you're going to walk step-by-step through 50 of the most impressive, soulful, and classic blues songs in history. (If you don't believe me, just take a look at the list down below).

Some of the names on the list are the backbone many of the most popular songs you've heard -- you just never realized it. Others are from classic bands you didn't think really played the blues. Still others are guitar classics you've wanted to play perfectly since high school but never have -- until now. Jimmy has pulled together an eclectic mix of incredible tunes just so he can show you the secrets of killer blues guitar playing through the lens of the greats.

Get ready to possess a potent arsenal
of killer blues guitar styles.

Even if you learn just a small fraction of the tunes in this collection, you'll double your chops and massively beef up your repertoire. Dig into just half of these, and you could rock a blues club like a full-timer. You'll have your pick from many different kinds of blues tunes and styles. For example...

  • Classic "old blues" - Play blues from Albert King, John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Freddie King, Jim Croce, Otis Redding, T Bone Walker, and more. Playing these tunes virtually guarantees you'll develop mad blues chops, plus you'll have a solid list of classic songs everyone can tap their toes to.
  • The blues that built rock and roll - These are early hits from Cream and Clapton, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, Bo Diddley, even blues from rockers like Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Led Zeppelin. You'll love working through these early songs from some of the most popular musicians of all time... and you'll gain a deep understanding of the blues they were built on, and how to write rockin blues tunes yourself.
  • Major, or "sweet" blues - Here's a fresh flavor of the blues -- these "major blues" feel like more like a happy Saturday morning than a hard-driving Friday night. These songs have gorgeous chord progressions, incredible melodies, and they open up a whole new world for soloing.
  • Slide blues and alternate tunings - Most of this collection is in standard tuning, but there's a few must-know open tunings that are famous in the blues. I'm usually not big on alternate tunings, but these are super easy to use and you'll get the legendary sound of guys like Muddy Waters and Elmore James. You'll also get slide guitar riffs that capture some of the most sought-after and rare playing in history, and Jimmy gives it to you straight in clear, easy to follow detail. This material alone will give you fresh stuff to play around with for months.
  • Sophisticated jazz-tinged blues - Some of these tunes have sophisticated chord progressions, embellishments, modulations, and more. You'll see how some of the true greats worked in and outside the key, and used simple tricks to create truly incredible melodies. These songs are a study in songwriting itself, and they'll give you some mind-blowing new melodic ideas.

Boost your chops with choice blues chords,
classic fingerpicking patterns,
and rock solid riffs.

As you work through these classic tunes, you'll get lots of fingerpicking and flatpicking patterns, some incredible chord progressions, and dozens of individual riffs. Don't underestimate these vintage blues licks just because they're deceptively simple. These are the backbone of more than half the music we hear today, and injecting just a few of these licks into your next solo or chord melody really adds flavor.

This is the stuff you're not going to pick up at a guitar shop. You're going to love some of these essential riffs, patterns, and chords from great blues songs, and you just can't find such a collection anywhere else. You'd have to get wasted with some old blues guy in Nashville and pick his brain, or link up with someone who's had decades of playing and touring with the pros to get even half of this stuff. Luckily, Jimmy is that guy, and you can learn right from home :)

Enjoy these blues tunes on
electric or acoustic guitar.

Leave the "same old, same old" in the dust
with incredible chord progressions
that speak to the heart.

One of the best things about these DVDs is how many chord progressions you'll play. You'll open up all kinds of ways to play the blues as Jimmy takes you through simple I-IV-Vs all the way to more complex, incredibly soulful progressions you'll play over and over again.

These diverse chord progressions are reason enough to get the DVDs. There is a lot of excellent material here for making your own blues songs, or just delighting a crowd or that special someone. You'll be thrilled at the variety of chord progressions you'll master.

If you like slide guitar, you'll appreciate
these searing hot licks and tunes.

Get ready to have fun
with these DVDs!

Jimmy shows you how to play some killer songs and licks using either a slide or just your fingers. This is an excellent way to ease into slide guitar playing if you're new to it, and will give those who already play slide at least 5 new songs and some riffs that really groove.

You could easily build a few of your own blues tunes with these slide riffs alone. They just sound incredible.

Discover a whole new world of blues guitar
that will keep you entertained for months.

You'll learn some classic open tunings you can use to explore a whole new world of blues, and a couple songs for each tuning. This part of the DVDs is super helpful. Almost nowhere can you get such a simple breakdown of beautiful open tunings like this, and you'll see immediately how you can use them to write your own stuff.

I'm not usually big on alternate tunings, but if you're like me when you hear these songs, you'll find yourself saying "dang that sounds good" and you'll just have to play it yourself. Not only does Jimmy show you the songs, but he also introduces the tunings and shows you a few typical chord voicings to get you comfortable with each of them.

This handful of open tuning songs alone could give you good material to work on for months.

A whole world of blues guitar
is waiting for you.

Simple, powerful arrangements will
have you playing killer blues songs,
almost instantly.

There is an impressive mix of songs on this list, and some with pretty intense chords and riffs. If you had to just figure these songs out on your own, it'd be no small task. Jimmy takes you step by step, showing you each part of what he's doing so you start playing these tunes and riffs fast. This is the best way I know to soak up the licks, feel, and magic of the world's best blues playing, almost overnight.

Jammin with Dana Carvey.

On most of these tunes, Jimmy talks you through his process of arranging his version. This really helps you start to see how you'd approach the blues yourself -- plus Jimmy will show you a whole variety of styles, from chicken-pickin, boom-chuck, call and response, and more. This is really valuable because you see how to start creating your own blues from scratch, instead of always being stuck playing someone else's.

Nowhere else can you get such
a diverse mix of blues.

You'll be playing an incredibly diverse mix of blues -- everything from classic "woke up this morning" style moody blues to gut-bucket and delta blues, hawaiian open-tuning blues, major blues, and much more.

If you're like me, you'll thoroughly enjoy working through each of these styles and getting fresh ideas you can use to make your own blues with. Frankly, I've never seen so many good and diverse ideas for songwriting, chord progressions, soloing, and arranging all in one course, and this course isn't even focused on songwriting or theory! You just get to dig deep from the goldmine of these classic blues tunes and Jimmy's years of arranging.

Here's the complete collection of
50 essential blues tunes:

Blues Song #1

Before You Accuse Me - Bo Diddley

  • This tune has been covered by everyone from Eric Clapton and Robert Cray to Chuck Berry and more...
  • Essential riffs and turnarounds you can rely on. You'll get great ideas for "filling the bar" for whenever you feel stuck playing the same chord for a long time.
  • This is also a call and response blues, where you can solo after every lyric. Hone your chops by playing the whole thing -- hitting the chords, singing the simple lyrics, and following it up with riff after riff.
Blues Song #2

Cold Shot - Stevie Ray Vaughan

  • This is that thick Stevie sound. So good. He shows you how to do it with Stevie attitude and vibrato.
  • You really gotta attack this one. He breaks down Stevie's aggressive moves in slow motion so you can pick up all the subtlety behind Stevie's incredible groovy tone.
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Blues Song #3

You Aint Goin Nowhere - Bob Dylan

  • A classic lonesome country blues song that sounds great on acoustic or electric. You'll think of playing this one over and over again when you pick up the guitar -- it's really accessible, and a total treat to play.
  • Get the secret sauce to country blues guitar here. (Hint: walk-downs and licks in between the chords.) Tons of little examples that you can use all over the place in your playing.
Blues Song #4

Born Under a Bad Sign - Albert King

  • This thing grooves like you wouldn't believe. You'll want to play it over and over -- especially the main riff as it weaves in and out of the melody.
  • Learn one of the best ways of working from chord to chord using "passing riffs".
  • The old blues guys didn't have a band in the streets, so they had to create one using just their hands... Jimmy shows you how turn your guitar into a percussive and a melodic instrument all in one so you can keep your playing interesting no matter how simple the chord progression.
Albert King
Blues Song #5

I'm So Glad - Cream

  • A mysterious chord riff to -- a "chromatic climber" - is one of the hallmarks of this song. It's a cool zen-like melody that you can reuse in your own arrangements.
  • It also has a unique song structure to keep the crowd mesmerized right up till the end -- with lots of different flavors you can play lead guitar over. This is an incredible track to test out new licks and jam on.
Blues Song #6

Bring it on Home to Me - Sam Cooke

  • This one has a tasty opening riff you can use on any blues accompaniment.
  • More techniques for beefing up your rhythm chops and sounding like a pro.
Blues Song #7

Back Door Man - Howlin' Wolf

  • The head-turning opening riff on this one is a must-know. It gets attention and lets the crowd know you're about to say somethin good. This is one of many examples where Jimmy shows you how to make your performances more captivating, whether it's on stage or at home.
  • Discover how to arrange old classics and make virtually any song come to life.
Howlin' Wolf
Blues Song #8

Magnolia - J.J. Cale

  • This is a classic J.J. Cale tune -- revered by all, especially Eric Clapton. It's is a dreamy, sweeping 2-chord slow blues that is really easy to get into. It's sweet sounding, soulful and swampy. You'll thoroughly enjoy soloing on this one too.
Blues Song #9

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown - Jim Croce

  • With open chords combined with elvis-style blues power chords, this is one you'd play around a campfire or to start out a gig. It really moves.
  • How to infuse rock n roll licks into your blues playing. It's amazing how much we can learn from the classics.
Blues Song #10

Baby Please, Don't Go - John Lee Hooker

  • Classic John Lee Hooker bluesy rock that you just gotta know if you're into the blues.
  • The tonal secrets that make your playing authentic and impressive. One of the tricks of the trade is how to mute your strings . This gives you that muddy, nashville, soulful vibe.
  • Get raw and twangy withr the drone-style lick here, and you've got a whole new way to use the pentatonic scale.
  • Spicing up basic songs into masterpieces like this is a rare skill, and nowhere else have I seen anyone show you more clearly how to do this.
John Lee Hooker
Blues Song #11

Ain't No Body's Business What I Do - Taj Mahal

  • Here's a little boom-chika pickin' thing with unique chord patterns and slick riffs that you can start using immediately. This is classic Taj Mahal -- too bad people don't write songs like this any more.
  • NEW TRICKS: Pick up the country blues patterns, diminished chords, and modulations in this one and you've got some really good material to work with for your own tunes.
Blues Song #12

It Hurts Me Too - Elmore James

  • This classic rocks like a good blues jam should, and all the loose riffs he shows you just shine in this open E tuning.
  • A perfect tune to just rock out on and play riffs on like crazy. It's dirty, sassy, down-in-the-bucket stuff.
  • Jimmy shows you an old keith richards "sus" trick here with the chords that really gets you into rockin the blues
Elmore James
Blues Song #13

Driftin' Blues - Charles Brown

  • Toe-tapping delight. Hot riffs, pentatonic licks, and bluesy turnarounds. Can't ask for much more.
  • Jimmy arranged this from the original piano tune, which gives you some real uniquesounds and lines.
  • This is one of those you'd play on the back porch on a sweltering summer night. It'll get everyone nodding their heads. Can't have too many of those in your repertoire.
Blues Song #14

Walkin' Blues - Robert Johnson

  • The song literally starts with "I woke up this morning". Classic stuff, with a killer syncopated rhythm you'll fall in love with immediately.
  • Monster sliding riffs and turnaroundst. Learn how to work them in while alternating the bass; it'll take you a minute, but once you have this syncopated alternating bass thing down, your blues rhythms really take off.
Robert Johnson
Blues Song #15

Factory Girl - Rolling Stones

  • A Stones tune with a cool chord melody and a country blues flatpicking style. It's a good example of how to play the same chord for many bars without sounding boring. What's the secret? He'll tell you...
  • This one has an "interior melody" that Jimmy shows you how to play step by step. You can repurpose this sort of thing in any song that needs a little more magic in the chords.
Blues Song #16

Freight Train - Elizabeth Cotten

  • Wow. A toe tappin, chicken pickin' fingerstyle classic that just makes you feel like you're starting on a journey or hopping on a train.
  • This is Mississippi John Hurt style stuff, from a woman who played and sang the blues till she was 92 years old. It's a great way to lay down a nice" Travis picking" and "boom chick" bass and melody arrangement.
Blues Song #17

Layla - Eric Clapton

  • The one needs no introduction. It has some killer licks as an intro and then you can just riff on the blues scale. He moves into the classic layla riff and shows you how to do a fingerstyle version with lots of bluesy stuff in between the chords. He really makes the song come alive on the acoustic.
  • This is one of the greatest songs of all time, and I put Jimmy's arrangement right up there with the original. He plays it in a slower way like how Clapton plays it live. See what it takes to match the original classic.
Eric Clapton
Blues Song #18

Willie and the Hand Jive - Johnny Otis

  • A groovy jam in the key of E, with a nice bouncy strum pattern. Perfect for call and response blues.
  • You'll love these chordalicious inversions and the main riff is actually the backbone behind a lot of cool modern songs.
Blues Song #20

Knockin' on Heaven's Door - Bob Dylan

  • This is a super hit that everyone knows but you'll discover some new ways to really jazz it up, folk blues style
  • Once again, Jimmy shows you some awesome things you'll be able to do with just a little bit of experience. The way he works in and out of basic chords is awesome. Even better, you'll see how you can use suspended chords and connecting riffs to take any basic jam to the next level.
Blues Song #16

That's How Strong My Love is - Otis Redding

  • Play this one for your woman. It's got an incredible chord progression and deep driving riffs in between the chords. It takes you where you didn't expect, and has lyrics that'll make any lady smile.
Otis Redding
Blues Song #21

Jambalaya on the Bayou - Hank Williams

  • A nice and easy-going blues arrangement, made even better by a swingin bassline. You'll enjoy taking your skills to another level as Jimmy shows shows you how to do this using picking hand technique.
  • He also shows you some nice Louisiana style strumming using a pick and a lot of hammer ons within the chords. Plus, walking up to the next chord with bass notes; it's a go-to trick for playing interesting blues, and adds a lot of flavor.
Blues Song #22

She's A Woman - The Beatles

  • Jimmy shows you how to put a modern twist on this famed Beatles tune that actually makes it much more "bluesy" sounding. Master this, and you can make any basic "vanilla" song into an instrumental people will love
Blues Song #23

From 4 Until Late - Robert Johnson

  • This dreamy song has been covered by a lot of the greats, including Clapton with Cream.
  • A contemplative, sweet tune you'd play on a sunday night as the light is fading. It makes you feel like you're at home and life has been good.
Blues Song #24

Kansas City - Fats Domino

  • Although most songs in this course are in standard tuning, this one's In Open G. See ho the guitar really opens up for groovy blues. Jimmy introduces the style, shows you how to tune it up, and explains all kinds of ways it's used, including hawaiian blues and taj mahal-style stuff. You will fall in love with this sound.
  • This song sounds like the sun is coming up for what is going to be a very good day. One of the best "happy" or major blues tunes to add to your collection. Don't miss the chord progression either -- there's a lot of good stuff there.
Blues Song #25

Rollin' & Tumblin' - Muddy Waters

  • This one is real catchy, and sounds incredible with the bottleneck slide. Jimmy gives you some incredible licks here you can rock a slide with or play with just your fingers. Just a few of these will turn heads when you play them in your next live blues jam.
  • The melody on this one is incredible. Lots going on, and Jimmy shows you exactly how it fits into the blues scale for soloing.
Muddy Waters
Blues Song #26

Good Night Irene - Lead Belly

  • This song has a cool Paul Simon-style strumming pattern and some great walk-downs you can use on any tune that suffers from "too-basic" chords.
Blues Song #27

Corrina, Corrina - Boz Scaggs

  • A sweet, contemplative number, this one's been covered by everybody you can think of. Very delicate, with sweeping chords and a relaxing rhythm.
  • This is a perfect choice to play for your sweetheart because the lyrics and melody together are a fantastic love song. Jimmy shows you the best way to honor the tune on the guitar by yourself, even if you don't sing.
Blues Song #28

Motherless Chile Blues - Barbecue Bob

  • Another Paul-Simon-esque strumming style applied to blues. At this point in the DVDs you've learned at least 15 different strum patterns!
  • The rhythm here can be pretty deceptive. It sounds simple, but it's got teeth. Now you've got a classy syncopated pattern that'll spice up a lot of tunes.
  • Leave it to Eric Clapton to discover such a beauty and make it famous. Playing it on a 12 string, Jimmy shows you how to get that high-strung nashville sound on a 6 string if you don't have a 12 string.
Blues Song #29

My Babe - Willie Dixon

  • This is a fun classy chicken pickin blues piece that just grooves. A good one to study for its rhythm especially. Work the bass line and the melody in and you've got a whole band going with your two hands.
Blues Song #30

St. James Infirmary - Louis Armstrong

  • The truly classic A minor blues is done right here, with riffs included, and it's a fun song to solo on. You'll treasure these new licks.
  • A new rhythm with a slick, groovy "hit the road jack" kind of feel. Add the pattern to your list of killer tricks for spicy homemade blues.
Blues Song #31

Midnight Special - Big Bill Broonzy

  • This lesson is a good study in dynamics. How to take it from a whisper to a roar and keep it interesting.
  • Master the shuffle feel in the Texas tradition. Plus gain an essential right hand technique that Stevie Ray Vaughan made famous. Must know stuff for any serious blues student.
Big Bill Broonzy
Blues Song #32

Lonesome When You Go - Bob Dylan

  • A nice toe-tapping country blues tune fit for anything from a back porch to a sold-out stage. Learn how Dylan topped the charts with his simple tricks. (How you can get away with open chords and still blow everyone away.)
  • He shows you more of those juicy little riffs up the neck on this one that you can use to fill in between chords. You'll never be bored playing on the same chord for a few bars again. Instead you'll wish you had more free bars to do these kind of riffs on.
Blues Song #33

JD's Blues - Jimmy Dillon

  • This is one of Jimmy's own tunes, written ecently. It has the hallmarks of a true blues player all throughout it. Lots of emotion, great chords, killer licks, and a real groove to it. You'll see how he pulls everything he's teaching and how you can too with your own arrangements.
  • Use simple moves to really create a groove -- it doesn't have to be complicated. One thing Jimmy really does well is show you how to simplify and play with emotion and feel. So important.
Blues Song #34

Play with Fire - The Rolling Stones

  • Here Jimmy teaches what he calls the “secret sauce chord”. This mystical and moody chord puts a twist on the original tune that adds rich harmonics to your playing.
  • Make any song sound much better by using “interior melodies” like the one he teaches here. This weaves in a melodic line together with your chords. It’s a foundational skill that you’ll have after you play this tune.
Blues Song #35

House of the Rising Sun - Animals

  • A classic that isn't your normal blues progression, but its got a tasty chord progression that is a joy to solo to. Jimmy also reveals some smokin passing licks he calls "connective tissue" to get you from chord to chord.
  • You'll also discover the "drang strum" pattern which is easy to master and sounds killer.
Blues Song #36

Who Do You Love? - Bo Diddley

  • A super famous rhythm and melody borrowed heavily by everyone from Steppenwolf, to The Beatles, to George Thoroughgood.
  • How to create an awesome mix of melody and chords, plus news ways to come up with hooks and verses.
Bo Diddley
Blues Song #37

You Shook Me - Led Zeppelin

  • It’s Zeppelin, but this is total blues. With slick, sexy chords and lots of room for licks, you’ll find yourself coming up with some killer sounding lead riffs.
  • A Muddy Waters tune, covered by many artists. He steals a lick here from Jimmy Page and a few others. Do your own thing though - that’s what the blues is all about.
Blues Song #38

T-Bone Shuffle - T-Bone Walker

  • This is true, striped down blues. Even a beginner can nail this one within 5 minutes.
  • Here's a good example of how Jimmy breaks it down to where you can play it solo without a band, and cover all the band parts. You must know the differences if you're playing with a band vs. solo arrangements.
T-Bone Walker
Blues Song #39

Still Got the Blues - Gary Moore

  • One of the most heartfelt passionate blues songs you can ever play.
  • It also has a unique chorus and some modulation in and out of the key. This standard is a study in songwriting itself, so watch carefully.
  • Jimmy wanted to include this one because of its sophisticated changes. It's a real good example of a straightforward progression made better by adding some rch chords. He shows you you can even go beyond the original and upgrade the chords, which is a real secret to good arranging.
Gary Moore
Blues Song #40

Bright Lights, Big City - Jimmy Reed

  • A driving blues song with colorful Texas fingerstyle riffs.This songsis so instructive because Jimmy pulls it all together - chords, rhythm, right hand technique -- the whole package. Check yourself on what you're weakest at, and build it to a strength as he shows you each of them.
  • This is classic deep swampy blues. Learn how to make it groove with tight little riffs in between the chords that crossover well into all kinds of tunes.
Jimmy Reed
Blues Song #41

Bell Bottom Blues - Eric Clapton

  • This blues really moves you with some incredible chord changes. This is complex, yet melodic blues.
  • You will just LOVE soloing to this song. I had to stop typing here just to jam to a few times. It's just as bluesy as it gets.
  • Just playing the changes sounds great but you can also add riffs and licks. This one song could keep you entertained for weeks.
Blues Song #42

Reggae Blues - Marty Dread/Kris Kristofferson

  • Reggae blues mahn! This has some awesome Bob Marley feel to it. Jimmy shows you 3 ways to play it, including calypso style to finish it off. It's some colorful island flavor mixed into the blues.
  • Oh, and it's a blast to solo over. It helps you rethink the sweet side of the pentatonic; the nice major chords give the pentatonic riffs you're used to a unique emphasis when you solo in this song's relative minor.
  • Drop-two chords here are another nice touch. Makes you feel like you're on a beach with buddies, a breeze, a beverage, and life is good.
Blues Song #43

Clemency - Keith Crossen

  • This groove shows up like an outlaw walking into a bar. Everybody knows.
  • It has a solid feel to it with some "moody modulations" which give it a bit more magic. This is a master-level trick that can really open up a new world for your chord progressions.
Blues Song #44

How Deep is the Ocean? - Billie Holiday

  • This soulful, mournful blues really goes places. The chords alone tell a story you'd sit down to hear till the end, but when Jimmy adds in the melody, this is real sophisticated stuff.
  • Passing chords and jazzy changes really heat up this blues and make for great songwriting material.
Blues Song #45

Oh Darlin, - Beatles

  • A deep, pulsing rock groove that really hits you in the gut. It features some cool augmented chords that you don't hear everyday and you'll see how to swap out "plain jane" chords any time you want.
  • Jimmy also takes time to show you how to solo over this piece, which is different from your typical blues. Improvising on unique tunes like this will really open up your world of soloing.
  • This song is actually incredible on acoustic too. (Bust it out at a campfire or for that special someone.) Discover how to rearrange electric songs into sweet acoustic jams.
Blues Song #46

Sweet Pickin' Blues - Jimmy Dillon

  • This rich contemplative tune has a combination of major pentatonics some cold hard blues mixed in. A great song to try both major and minor pentatonic riffs on and work with the tension. Jimmy shows you how with some great examples.
Blues Song #47

Crazy - Patsy Cline/Willie Nelson

  • This one is such a classic that you forget how elegant the chords are; this arrangement really showcases them. It's perfect if you want to play a chord melody and not need a singer.
Blues Song #48

I Wouldn't Treat a Dog the Way You Treated Me - Bobby "Blue" Bland

  • On the original, the saxophones really add to this in-your-face blues jam. In this version, Jimmy shows you how to do it all on your own with the guitar. You'll want to play this live as soon as you learn it.
  • The chords weave in and out of a minor blues to a major jam, which makes it really interesting. You'll love working your way through solos on this hyped up song.
Blues Song #49

I'm Tore Down - Freddie King

  • Jimmy shows you a fingerstyle hammer-on riff here using "fat chords." It's a unique way to flavor up your accompaniment on any blues.
  • He'll show you how to start with the melody and then add riffs and licks on the end of each chord. Once you combine each of these elements, it starts to sound wicked good.
Freddie King
Blues Song #50

Badge - Cream

  • This Clapton/Harrisson collaboration has some killer chord changes a nice intro and bass line, and an awesome turnaround/resolving lick in the B section.
  • Jimmy truly makes this one his own. An incredible study in taking the best from the blues greats and making something fresh. You'll see how he does it and be able to rethink many of the songs you know, giving you new ways to play songs you already love.

Buckets of Rain - Bob Dylan

  • This bonus song has some nice "bluesy but happy" chords. A nice mix of contemplative sweet melody and classic "tell it like it is" blues licks. It's another one to trymixing major and minor pentatonic leads on.
  • Jimmy creates a great rhythm with his boom-chuck arrangement. It reminds me of a Taj Mahal style feel, but in true Bob Dylan fashion. What a sound!

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